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    Well i was just play God of War 2 yesterday , and it struck me that having no health pots and loosing and regaining my hp from creatures actually kept me hooked to the action (something Jay Wilson swears by). Now when it came to boss fights , each boss fight was divided into sections where the boss would change his attacks and also give out some heath etc.Or he would summon minions that would give a 100% health drop rate.

    I would like to ask how is the health drop system being designed for bosses, also if bosses were likely to change attacks depending on health remaining.How would it be implemented in Hardcore as well.

    My best guess would be a mixture of random health drops and health drops after x amount of time / damage.
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    Whats really missing is a more stealthy class, something like a stalker similar to rogue.I dont know how well elemental/nature skills would work for it , however I guess a crossbow or something with enchanted arrows or coated arrows could go well.
    The only counter point against this is Jay wilson saying we want our heroes to feel and act powerful , I wonder if that is possible with something like a rogue.
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    Quote from "OathofChaos" »
    Okay, I've read a lot of threads saying that the last class will be some sort of Rogue // Amazon type thing.

    The whole point of this thread is to discuss how it won't be (or for you to prove me wrong). I will be using logic and citations to prove my case. Please be mature and discuss rationally.

    We've seen several archetypes thus far in what Blizzard has released:
    ~Barbarian - Sword and Shield type pure Melee warrior
    ~Witch Doctor - Enemy Manipulation, Damage over Time, and minion creator
    ~Wizard - Pure caster
    ~Monk - Speed Powerhouse

    And Damage Archetypes being;
    ~Pure Strong Melee (Barbarian)
    ~Disease and Fire (Witch Doctor)
    ~Lightning, Arcane, Cold (Wizard)
    ~Holy and Fast, Weaker Melee (Monk)

    Now, if you've seen any of the gameplay footage, we all know that each class can hold its own in both short and long range battles. Even the Barbarian uses Ground Slam and Leap Attack, and the Wizard uses something similar to Arcane Explosion.
    Barbarian Gameplay Video
    Witch Doctor Gameplay Video
    Wizard Gameplay Video
    Monk Gameplay Video

    Being that each class is capable of decimating its opponent at all ranges, we can safely assume that the last class will be able to do that very same thing. Based on this strand of logic, the last class cannot be a pure ranged class.

    Now, someone had pointed out to me earlier that a short bow was shown as a dropped item in the Barbarian gameplay trailer at around 3:55. That is an excellent counterpoint, but the only issue is that the game has evolved quite a bit since then. To illustrate my point, I challenge you to find a Staff, some type of Claw-type weapon, or a wizard's orb in any of the previous videos, before the class was announced. I watched each video closely and didn't find it at all. Why? The game has changed tremendously.

    So, now that I've finally laid my claim, I challenge you all to an honest debate as to why I'm wrong.

    I hope you do realize that some thing like a amazon is not necessarily long ranged fighter.The new class will according to me definitely have skills that will be very effective at long range using thrown weapons , but will also have powerful multiple hit melee skills, just like a amazon has the ability to go Bows/Jav Shield/Two handed Jav as well.
    It would be stupid to say last class is a pure ranged class , cause a pure ranged class will just get pwned.
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    You could post your reasons why you dont like 3D to see if we could find something interesting relating to D3
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    Did any of you thing whats goona happen in PVP with all this health blob happening ?
    Will they keep unlimited pots allowed in PVP ?
    OR is there goona be a PVP arena ?
    OR you hunt for monsters along with PVP so your chances of the monster dropping the health blob increase but what if som1 else takes it ?
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    WOW !
    Thanks for that.That was like really deep.

    I just hope my rig can handle all the action at ALL the time since going 3D = Good lot of load to the GFX core.This is what I was getting at. No point in having all that oogly details if it hurts the gameplay.

    Like i said , Its goona get much more difficult with hardcore fans like me playing on low GFX settings comfortable on certain levels but certain boss fights (and their minions) burn my GFX card instead of the Sanctuary.

    Reminder to self : Have to get used to using numbers to spill blood not drink blood.
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    Ok here is my bit for the Diablo 3 team.

    Well when I came to know that Diablo 3 is going 3D , it was an expected move and an essential one.It game more depth to the game (heh literally) and added some extra realism.Most of all it looked good and it reacted to the physics of a spell.But after a few days of research, I have found out that going 3D could have a LOT of negative impact on the gameplay. How ?

    Diablo is essentially known for its Hack n Slash game play along with re playability. Thats the fun factor.In the first two games , it used 2d sprites for animations that were very responsive and it actually make you feel that were hacking down zombies.I could execute as many spells and actions and the sprites took care of the animations.

    I have played a few other Diablo clones which are in 3d and although they were so much similar to Diablo, i have never wanted to play them as much as i wanted to play Diablo.I couldnt find the reason why.Yesterday I reached to the conclusion that i really never felt I was battling any monsters, because there was always a lag period from the moment i pressed the mouse button to when the animation cycle completed. I could never break the animation cycle midway , like cast a skill when already some other animation was going on.It may be realistic animation but it felt highly unrealistic in terms of controlling a player , it was rather like he was doing a set number of things i commanded one after the other than it being more like a puppet to me.I could not make quick changes to my gameplay decisions due to this.Hence the fun factor was for me completely lost.And when i say quick changes, we all know there are going to be lots since there wont be pot spamming now.

    Im sure they will be addressing this issue but im not sure how they will pull it off.I guess we will only come to know once there is a playable demo release of the game.Anyone has more insight on this , please take the thread along.
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