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    I think the graphics on Diablo 3 should be better for how long blizzard takes to make a game... every time blizzard makes a new game it takes them so long by the time it actually comes out the graphics are ancient. I always have very high end graphics cards and they are talking about corpses that disappear, I think Blizzard needs to offer more graphics options for people who have $2000-3000 gaming setups that are going to be able to run this game no problem. Blizzard always focus on the people who can't afford good computers and never make any high end graphics options for people who actually have high-end graphics setups. Now that Blizzard is partnered with ATi now I would hope ATi would push them in this direction so they can sell more graphics cards too. I really hope that Diablo 3 in Direct X 10 will be a entirely new experience from Diablo 3 in Direct X 9. :rolleyes:
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    Simply cannot deal with 800X600 resolution on a 30" monitor.
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    the first time I dropped the potion from my belt and out popped 2 items, It was magic :)
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    I think all the old classes should return :(
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    Good Luck!
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    I am a long time Diablo Fan , and I loved the concept of being able to Loot duel people for their items. The thing I did not like was, people would leave the game or try to uncheck the loot duel tab during the duel so they would not lose their items when they was about to die. I would really like blizzard to implement some sort of loot dueling system where the hardcore players such as my self could put everything on the line to duel the best players for items. I understand this would not be a feature for the faint of heart but I like the aspect of hardcore gaming and the rush of knowing the outcome of losing. I also did not like that blizzard later removed this feature from normal mode and only allows looting corpses on hardcore mode.

    I also hope that blizzard keeps the HardCore mode, I like this very much, but I would also hope they make better control of the hostility/dueling feature as I don't like when people hostile me and try to kill me every 20 seconds so they can laugh at your character dying when you're fighting 50 monsters. Perhaps designated fighting areas could help this as people would not be able to hostile you when you're killing monsters.

    Please tell blizzard to implement loot dueling for me!!!

    P.S Tell me what the damn gem in the chat room does!! "The gem is working properly" SHOVE IT!!!

    Thank you
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