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    posted a message on The Worst Movie You Have Ever Seen!
    Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus looks awesome!:thumbsup:

    I thought I should share some great scenes from The Room
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    posted a message on Games to play while waiting for Diablo 3? (multiple merged threads)
    Modern Warfare 2 seems good. One of the kids I tutor has been playing it like crazy since it came out. The system of unlocking perks, weapon attachments, and ranks seems to keep the multiplayer interesting. I only played one match online, but it seemed good(although not $60 good)
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    posted a message on Are you a domestic terrorist?
    Haha, actually my brother got put on some watch list for having attended a libertarian rally(may have been one of the early tea party rallies).
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    posted a message on psychonauts on steam
    I just wanted to give everyone a heads up on a deal I just found. Psychonauts is currently on sale for $2 for any of you that use Steam to buy games. I think the deal is just for today and tomorrow.

    I hope this doesn't count as :spam:
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    posted a message on End of the world is near. (L4D style?)
    This reminds me of a fake story awhile back that was set up to look like it was on the bbc website. It was when the swine flu scare was just starting out on all the news channels and Mexico was still mis-reporting high swine flu casualties. Basically it talked about(rather convincingly) some swine flu infected people were attacking/biting people and turning them into zombies.

    I actually conviced a number of my students that it was real and they then went and convinced others that the zombie pandemic was upon us. That was a fun couple days at school.:D

    Unfortunately the site got taken down eventually.
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    posted a message on thought I'd get this in
    Yeah, I never got around to making an introduction either. A very belated welcome to you though.

    I swore off Diablo 2 several times. I'd play for several hundred hours over the course of a few months and then decide I was so tired of it that I should quit and never touch the game again. Of course 6 months to a year later I'd pick it back up and be amazed at how fun it was all over again.

    I'm currently in one of those spans of being tired of it, but I assume I'll play it again before D3 comes out, especially if the patch has anything interesting to me and fixes some of my gripes with the current version.
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    posted a message on How do we view our infractions?
    Good to know. Thankfully, I'm still infraction free. I don't think I've ever had any kind of infraction/warning on a forum and hopefully it'll stay that way.

    On a unrelated side note, what browser are you using Seth? I don't recognize it(not that I've tried many, just kinda stick with firefox, tried and forgot chrome once).

    Edit- Also, why does it show more of your recent reputation? For me it only displays the most recent 3(I have 17 total).
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    posted a message on Community Spotlight - Chapter I
    I like the idea. This kind of thing is always a nice addition since it helps to make the users feel like more of a community. I tried something similar on another site years ago but it never really took off. I'll look forward to checking these each fortnight.:)

    Edit- Don't go back to Zhar if you don't want to, just keep the Zhar sig or add "formerly Zhar" under a new sig. If people just don't want to type extra they can always just use Fuzo, which sounds kinda neat too. People that have been more active for a longer period of time will have a longer time to adjust, but they'll be fine as long as you continue to ween them off Zhar as you have with the sig/avatar.

    Another edit- hey post number 200. Yay and whatnot I guess.
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    posted a message on Is it me, or are D2's cinematics better than D3's ?
    Quote from "Kenzai" »

    My whole point is really just as simple as:
    The so-called `reasons' for the new style are only `excuses' given to the fans of the old style.

    I don't know that I'd call them excuses, more like reasons or explanations. But of course even given that reasoning, it doesn't mean people have any obligation to like it.

    People should approach the complainers with understanding; we are talking about opinions.

    Most definitely.:thumbsup:
    In fact, that kind of thing is part of why I like the Diablofans forums so much better than gamefaqs or similar sites. The community here seems to be better about that. Not perfect, but much better. It's always annoying to see on gamefaqs everyone flaming someone just for having a different opinion or being less informed on the game's news.

    But on the other hand, while everyone is free to express their feelings on the franchise, people should stop actually >complaining<, because the change in style has already been made; Blizz took their route and you got to accept it.

    So long as people do it in a civil matter, I've got no problem with them complaining about their various disappointments. I figure they can discus whatever they feel like about the game so long as they put in an appropriate topic to avoid going way off topic. Speaking of off topic, I'm afraid I have gotten a bit off from the original topic in my last two paragraphs, so I'll stop now.:P
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    posted a message on What would make you freak the hell out...
    Quote from "HARDCOREPOORE" »
    what would really make me flip out; player specific drops, health orbs, and autostats..... oh wait they are already in the game.

    There is a difference between stating your concern/disappointment in a relevant thread and just complaining for the sake of complaining in an unrelated thread. That was the latter.

    As for the topic, I played much more of D2, so for me it would probably have to be a revived, perhaps necrotic Duriel in a small room or as a random encounter. I think that would certainly take me by surprise,
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