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    posted a message on Need help pushing grifts, target 75-80

    Roll helm MS damage to vit. Vit rolls really high on helms so the MS damage is less useful because your quiver diminishes it returns. Use Visage of Gunes in your cube. This will work as long as you fix your vengeance.

    I don't see enough Cool down reduction. You need 36.33% overall or better for permanent Vengeance. Without this you don't have enough damage or thoughness.

    It looks like you have well over 55%CHD. So roll chd off your focus for CDR. Then use the numlock trick to keep it on.

    You also need to augment armor.

    Your Templar needs attack speed rolled onto his jewelry. You don't care that he does any damage, you care that he procs the ring and neck more often.

    You should be able to do at least 75 if you push. Don't get me wrong, you will have to get lucky with pylons, a little. And you have to be aggressive and push past mobs to aggro them and kite back.

    If you want to push into the 80s you need augments on all your gear. You also need as much Area Damage as you can get. Without the augments you will not have enough armor or damage. As you have seen things at about 72 one shot you. Once you get half your armor augmented, the won't 1 shot you until you push 76. Full augments at rank 75 should push you onto the 80s. Start by augmenting your gear to at least 72. Then after a couple don't augment below 75. You will have to redo those gems if you do all 70s.

    Good luck.

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    posted a message on Ancient Yang's - Stat Priority

    Stat Priority is

    Base Damage

    Max Discipline


    Bonus % damage

    Area Damage (this because it rolls to 24% on weapons)


    You don't want CDR on your weapon. Even though it rolls to 10% it doesn't help over another slot because you will still need 2 other slot.

    This the way the list works. You want the first 4 for a good weapon. If the weapon doesn't have one of the first 4 roll for it to be added. RCR is always there and cannot be rerolled but you can add. Don't do that.

    What it comes down to is you will either have Vit or Area Damage as your last priority. You want AD but the other stats are more important. If you don't have max discipline the weapon is garbage. But increasing weapon damage is more important than increasing Max Discipline from a lower roll.

    Weapon damage is what all your other bonuses multiply. You want something close to 3400 dps without IAS.

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    posted a message on Ancient Yang's - What's the Easiest Way to Get it?

    Yellows to Legendary is by far the easiest way. Craft the yellow and save any you pick up.

    I suppose if you had about a thousand forgotten souls you could gather enough bounty mats. My character has almost 2000. But I don't think you need to go that route for your first bow.

    Quivers are a better way to spend blood shards.

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    posted a message on Maximum discipline possible?
    Quote from blazyb»

    I counted it to 83 discipline. Anyone know if u can get higher than that? If yes tell me how? Does ancient increase the discpline range?

    Wep+ quiver = 24 disc

    Cloak = 12 disc

    Manald heal = 2 disc

    Preparation = 15 disc

    Base disc = 30 disc

    Manald Heal and Stone of Jordan have a range of 8 to 10.
    And you are correct cloaks can have 12 Discipline. But normal chest pieces like Cindercoat cannot have that particular secondary affix.
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    posted a message on Cursed chest Conquest

    You want the cursed peat event on Paths of the Drowned. It spawns often so actually check the map don't keep remaking games until the bounty spawns. The bounty is rare, the actual event is not.

    The event rotates with the the other large tileset events. It is on the same tileset as the King of the Hill event, so if you see a Unique Yellow Monster the wrong event spawned. The other tilesets are the crazed camp, the half built mansion, wickerman and the pillar. If you see the wrong tileset remake the game.

    UE works well with DHs positioned on the left and right. M6 is probably better. 2 DHs should be able to kill over 400. Wizards will struggle if they are using a current build. To be honest. A wand of woh build would work. But a serpent sparkler build would probably be better. You are mostly killing boggins. Not a lot of health. AoE builds work best. We aren't killing Rift Guardians.

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    posted a message on Pool of Reflection Bonus XP Disappeared?

    By the way pool can only accumulate to the XP of your current paragon or level. Each pool is 10% of your current paragon or level. So adding an eleventh pool will only top off to the max allowed.

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    posted a message on Looking to become a better player/step up my solo game.

    There will be things you don't like doing. For some people it's bounties. Some people avoid these. Most people split farm them. Join public games if you can't find 3 other players to speed this up. You don't have to be the fastest at clearing bounties but you should do your fair share. There are 25 bounties and you should do at least a full act of bounties by yourself or 5 bounties. Be mindful of act 3 and 4. If you complete either of these before it becomes the bonus act you could lose the bonus cache. So for these it is usually best not to kill the bosses but the others are fair game. Usually the group should be clearing the acts as they become the bonus. If the bounties are cleared or in process, move to another act and clear one of those. But check after you finish to see which is the current bonus act. You should pick an bounty from that act. Don't expect to make friends during bounties. Everyone splits up. Other than the last bounties where people don't have other bounties to work on don't expect to even be on the same map as them. Be mindful of the shrines in bounties. Some of them have a large bag on top as opposed to a flame. If you see it don't click on. Tell your team that you found a bandit shrine and invite them to your location. This shrine will spawn a bunch of goblins. If you get a rift to the vault similarly invite.

    Doing group rifts. Just don't be that guy. Do your transmogs and enchanting offline. Don't make people wait 5 minutes while you go to the bathroom.

    Next season you want to do a few bounties before you reach level 23, do some bounties for the recipes and get the cains set that you can craft. This will get you a boost in XP.

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    posted a message on Console vs Custom PC

    How much RAM on the Graphics Card? I would hope at least 2 GB.

    Not sure if you can negotiate with them, but you should dump the optical drive and opt for an SSD.

    250 GB are about 75USD and is a huge improvement over running your OS on a HDD.

    TBH, 500GB are are going for close to 100USD, so better price point.

    But, if you are negotiating a trade, the 250 GB is good enough for the OS and a few games you play.

    I doubt they would go for the upgrade all the way to 500GB.

    Just a negotiating strat, get the 250GB and offer the price difference to get 500 afterwards.

    If you need an optical, just get a USB one, they are cheap, now. You only need them to load games.

    Most games are downloaded online these days and dumped to local storage.

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    posted a message on ADVICE ON GRIFT 60

    The fastest way would be to copy your character over to the PTR. From my experience UE won't get it done live. If you fish hundreds of grifts, you might get lucky with a perfect zombie rift. But the balancing between toughness and DPS is off. You either can't kill fast enough or you die too often. I just made a Monk during S4. After 2 weeks he was a clearing 60. I am still trying to clear 58 with my DH.

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    posted a message on Since RoS i can't find anyone in public games?!

    Lower right corner. The top one is your friends list. Communities is just below after it pops open. Type in "leveling" or whatever you are looking for. After you join a community enter the chat for community. The writing should be blue by default. Hit [Tab] until you see the community chat. If you don't see it available, go back to the community and make sure you have chat enabled.

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    posted a message on "Forfeit" button

    The current method works fine. The only time I see remaking a game as problem is during PTR. And if there is a 2 Hour or longer one, the exiting of the game opens the queue to others in the queue. So I don't see them fixing this.

    The issue with public games is an issue. They have eliminated the 30 second timer but retained it for regular ones. This is because of loot and blood shards. If someone closes it gives you time to run back to town and make room for these items. GRs have Urshi to block the close, if you leave loot or shards, you just don't talk to Urshi.

    While it does seem like a good idea to just add a button to forfeit, but, what is the mechanic to block it? GRs close immediately. Currently people just leave public games and remaining players continue without them. So what would happen if they could close the game? The others would forfeit their keys. So asking whether they they should implement a game mechanic without stating that the new mechanic is just as problematic is silly.

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    posted a message on Follower sets, should we have them? Do you want them?

    The gap is closing between solo play and groups. This is not the time to implement any follower changes. That being said sets don't make sense since they can't use anything but jewelry and weapons. The last thing I want is to add more jewelry to the drop pool. I have a hard enough time getting decent rings. If the want to create an amulet I would be tolerant of this. >90% of all builds benefit from a 5th passive.

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    posted a message on Perma Smokescreen build

    It may be possible again in 2.4 to have permanent smokescreen using the combination of smokescreen and the new hand crossbow that causes Shadow Power to also cast smokescreen. By alternating them and having enough CDR to to reduce the cooldowns, you can overcome the anti-invulnerable fix. It remains to be seen if this is changed on the PTR or if it will go live in that fashion.

    I would be very surprised if this made it to live servers. That being said it would be pretty expensive in discipline. So you would probably need Preparation Invigoration to fuel it. And 3 skill slots used up to just stay alive seems counter-productive. I guess you could go 2 piece Unhallowed and Blood Vengeance. Something that would need to be tested is whether the SS skill overwrites the Shadow Power proc. Because if it does, that overlap would further add to inefficiencies within the skill rotation.

    But this is valid. I forgot about that part of the shadow set change. I did try out the set. But forgot about since "it lasts forever." I may look into this just as a science experiment in the PTR.
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    posted a message on Cosmetic pets now pick up gold for you

    Now we just need to train the blue doggie to pick up DBs.

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    posted a message on Down with procs!
    Quote from Shapookya»

    As far as I know, procs can't proc procs.

    Really? Then how does bane of the trapped work?
    The level 25 secondary affix procs the primary affix.

    Anything that chills or slows procs trapped.
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