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    Have you done 173 bounty runs this season?

    Well my profile says iv done over 800 bounties this season which is over 160 runs. So maybe not over 173 but im close.

    You also seem to be conveniently forgetting the fact that you can reroll items so once you have your item from the bounty run you can have 2 reroll attempts (+ a 1 in 5 at a new item) every 25 bounties if your following the bonus in tx. Which just on my bounties is about 60 rerolls on an item.

    Hopefully will never happen ("controlled and guaranteed drops", pity timers etc)

    We do have a pity timer. If you dont get a legendary drop in about a hours worth of play on any difficulty your chances to find a legendary start to increase. While on tx and speed farming grifts this doesnt really come into play its still there.

    but higher solo leaderboard positions are dictated to a good degree by item drops and crafting luck, e.g. Hellfire amu. What I would like to see is that anyone can achieve this kind of equipment if he plays for an excessive amount of time

    While it may rely on luck to a certin extent the average player seem to over estimate their skill and thinks that if only they had the same gear as X player they could be at the top of the leaderboards which isnt always the case. Having good gear is only useful if you have the skill to make the most of it. ie high reaction speed to move out of danger and being able to correctly position quickly to make the most of the skills you use.

    The other side of this which iv been mostly ignoring this season because it just makes me angry is that the top end players are typically streamers with a bunch of followers who (in previous seasons at least) provide mats and other boosts to the streamer by farming the bounties then inviting them in for the collection meaning they get a huge number of extra chances at these items without the same amount of effort or farming uber keys and then opening portals for them, inviting them into goblin rifts etc.

    So its not just botting that pushes these players ahead and im sure not all of them are botting.

    But enough on that. Heres my wishlist for d3 going forward

    Remove the death animations and mid fight conversations from boss fights in adventure mode. - I experienced all of this when i played normal mode (and hundreds of times since) to unlock adventure mode. Having diablo take 20 seconds to die just gets annoying when your doing bounty runs.

    Return to having actual community interaction from blues on the official forums- mostly bug reports and ptr forums. Check the current bug report section of the official forums and its full of the same 3-5 bugs. Innas health, DH custom engineering on HFs or the issue with inventory items taking ages to load with not a single blue post on any of them and despite being know for weeks the known issues thread hasnt been updated to include any of these.

    Put a diminish return on reavers wraps. Or alternatively create new items that promote other builds rather than this current meta of 1 dps and 3 support.

    Improved matchmaking in public games. I would like to see something like a realm of trials to prove that a player can actually kill things in TX with that character before being allowed in so games arnt full of leaches. But i dont think many people would support this.

    A 2-3 min window to rejoin a game if your disconnected or experience a game crash. POE has something like this and should held reduce frustration when your kicked from a private game just before completing a bounty or in the middle of a GR.

    I dont see why we cant have followers fill out the empty slots in any game. The dps they provide is a joke and the buffs are only a fraction of those provided by another player.

    Continued enhancement of old zones with new bounties and map features or points of interest.

    Improvement of old items to bring them inline with recent items. Only crafted legendaries should have no unique power.

    Continue to refine the sets. Ideally each class should have a speed, support and 2 pushing sets.

    More content like the set dungeons which add an interesting change to rifting. With a reward for compeleting this content solo.

    Ban botters. I still dont think anything to the guy who steamed hours of botting.

    Would also like to see an option for seasons to be a true solo player that connot group with anyone else with a solo leaderboard of its own.

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    The chances to get an ancient item which you can actually use from Kadala are astronomically low.......it has nothing to do with gearing once you've reached a semi-decent gear state. Kadala has become almost obsolete at this point.

    Wow its almost like bloodshards arnt ment to be your primary source of items and more a way of focusing your loot drops in 1 area if you are only searching for the last few pieces for your build. In a game that is all about the search for loot having 1 spot where you just click for loot is bad game design people will get near perfect gear reach the limits of their class and stop playing.

    Have you ever farmed a specific bounty cache ancient? I mean for real? I suggest you play a LON build and try to get a decently rolled Hellfire Amulet....If I could invest in say increased ancient item chance for my Jeweler, I would gradually have a quite ridiculous chance to get ancient hellfire amulets

    Yes and seeing how each bounty has 4-7 possible items (almost every item wanted comes from act 1 and 2 so 1:4/1:5) and tx has a 100% drop chance with a 10% chance of ancient you have a 1 in 40/50 chance of getting the item you want in ancient.

    Also hell fire has nothing to do with bounties and can be farmed way more efficiently than any bounty item can be. Running ubers in a 4 man with each person opening a set of portals gives you 8-12 organs so roughly 10 craft. Yes it can take a long time to get a well rolled ancient HF with the stats you wont or it could be your 1st 2nd 3rd etc its a random drop and gearing with your perfect gear shouldnt be a 10 min task.

    And as far as investing time. This season players were at gr100 in just a few days and your napkin math would put your lvl 100 gem at a 50% chance to craft an ancient. So really your just further rewarding the lucky and higher end players with better gear who are clearing higher rifts. And again as players are clearing roughly 10-15 lvls higher in MP than solo your further rewarding and making players feel forced to play in 4man to get these upgrades. Just as you dont want to play other classes i dont want to feel forced to play MP just to lvl my gems and get enough paragons to feel competitive.

    The issue i have is that you can then make the gem your suggesting and boost it to lvl 60 or so before crafting your first HF and have 3x the chance at getting an ancient. Its a design that favors rewarding players for waiting to craft something rather than giving them an increasing chance. It would be better to improve the craftsman so they gain some xp as they craft legendary items while at max lvl and the xp improves the crafting ability of the craftsman in some way. ie lower mats costs or improved ancient chance. Thereby rewarding players for playing the game and provides some feeling of progression while trying to achieve your goal.

    I understand that very well. They will need to adjust how creating items work or compensate for that

    So your argument is please redesign the entire loot system for the game to make it so that the (very small number of) off class items dont drop as ancient. Even tho every item is rolled separately and therefor you getting an ancient monk item on your barb will have 0 impact on the other items dropped in that game. You can have every item dropped in a rift be ancient or you could go 30+ items without seeing an ancient rng is rng removing some ancients wont improve your rng on other items

    Your math is off. The recipe is even more expensive. 25 / 4 = 6,25 so you are wasting:

    Ok fair point assuming you were taking the cost of empowering all those rifts into your upgrade cost for your gem.

    Also you and some other people are always pointing at diversity and making alts and wtf. How about some people don't want to do alts

    Yes in my 4 posts here im always talking about diversity.......

    As i said you dont have to play alts but dont complain if your playing a class who cant do something as fast or as well as another class.

    You said you did a design course so i would imagine you know that as developers they have made each class different and would like players to try all the classes. Yes you may only want to play 1 but you may like another but just never play it because you only play ranged classes or what ever arbitrary reason you like your class more than the other 5.

    This has nothing to do with lazyness, more than it being the same logical next step. Materials are mutually interchangeable through the
    cube any person who can think logically can come to the conclusion that you just need one.

    just because they are interchangeable doesnt mean they are the same... Gems can be interchanged why dont we just have 1 gem type drop and you just pick what it does when you socket it...

    The idea of the cube recipe was to balance your materials if you have a surplus of one type and none of another - mostly because people were to lazy to click armor racks for white items which almost never drop anywhere else once your in tx and grifts.

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    It is no longer possible to find off-class items from Kadala, e.g. a Barbarian will no longer receive Monk specifc helmets and any items
    purchased can not roll with intelligence or dexterity.

    i have never seen this happen and if it is i can only imagine it is a bug. I would like to see the option to buy for off class at kadala so when speed rifting i dont need to switch classes every 4 rifts to spend my shards when trying to gear alts.

    As for the shard cap Bliz has always had the stance of not punishing a player for playing solo vs group. No it wont break the game to give players the shard cap of their highest gr of any group but at the same time the difference between solo vs group is about 10 ranks which isnt a whole lot of extra cap space. By making it your solo rift it means that your shard cap is based on your own performance and skill/gear and not that of the people carrying you

    You can no longer buy items for slots which your class can not use, e.g. the option to buy quivers is not availble to classes other than Demon Hunters.

    I dont see the point in removing the options you cant equip. Its dev time that would be better spent elsewhere

    As for the rest of your Kadala and the gem ideas i dont like any of it.

    Kadala is already self scaling in that players with better gear and running faster/ higher rifts get more shards meaning more items so more chances at ancients.

    while the gems are just an effort to avoid bounties to craft more ancients and generally avoid adventure mode where you get gems and crafting mats.

    The only thing i like is an additional roll on the enchantment but i think that should be tied to the re roll X number of times achievement rather than a gem or item.

    If any item rolls ancient (no matter if drop/kadala/crafted/bounty cache), it can not roll off-class

    I dont think you understand how items are rolled now. An item is dropped and then determined if it is legendary and then if it is ancient so your just asking for any off class item to roll non ancient with no trade off.

    This punishes players who want to play multiple classes (primarily at the start of season) where these items can provide a boost.

    Changing paragon now that we have the new cube recipe would be overkill. The players near the top of the leaderboads are running over 5k in bonus stat but have about half of that in paragon stat.

    New jeweler crafting recipe (drops from bounty caches): legendary gem rank 0-24 + 7 GR keystones = legendary rank 25. The level gained is not additive, just set to 25. The amount of GR keystones is also always the same

    Your maths here is bad 7x3 is 21 so your getting 4 free ranks by doing this, why would anyone every want to level them normally. But this just seems like an extension of the "the new recipe is really hard to enchant every set for every class so please make it easier" argument. I have a fc barb i use to clear gr 50s in 3-4 mins meaning it takes about 25-30 mins to level a gem from 0 to 25 in empowered rifts. If you choose to only play one class or one build that isnt fast thats your choice but it means you wont be getting the benefits of those other classes/builds.... This encourages diversity and gets players to try other classes.

    Arcane Dust, Reusable Parts and Veiled Crystal are consolidated into one crafting material.

    Are you so lazy that you cant/ wont pick up blues and whites when you need them?

    Your reply said its a space issue so perhaps it would make more sense to have a crafting mats tab or space on the crafting/ cube UI that can hold an infinite amount of each mat. The same could be done with gems clearing about 1/2 of a stash tab

    As for followers i do think they need an overhaul suggesting that just the Templar ability needs to be buffed without comparing it to the other followers makes me think you just want more resources and dont actually think its because the Templar is unbalanced (despite being the most widely used follower).

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    -Each attack you make against an enemy increases the damage it takes from your attacks by 0.80+x%.
    -Gain 25% increased damage against bosses and Rift Guardians. (Requires Rank 25)
    -After applying 20 stacks you gain a 1+x% damage buff and 15% movement speed while active. (Requires Rank 50)"

    this makes no sense the only time your stacking sticken is elites and rgs when you dont need additional speed. It also doesnt really fit with the theme of the gem (killing high hp targets)

    -Increase damage against enemies under the effects of control-impairing effects by 15.00+x%.
    -Gain an aura that reduces the movement speed of enemies within 15 yards by 30%. (Requires Rank 25)
    -Reduces the amount of damage enemies affected by the aura do to you by 10+x%. (Requires Rank 50)

    This is already a op gem giving it dr would only make it even worse. If the lvl 50 perk was going to be defensive it would make more sense to reduce attack speed of enemies to keep with the slowing theme.

    -While under any control-impairing effects, reduce all damage taken by 30.0+x%.
    -Heal for 20% of maximum life when hit by a control-impairing effect. (Requires Rank 25)
    -Your Defensive skills now hold 2 times the amount of charges.(Requires Rank 50)

    This gem is to broken to tweak, it needs an overhaul. Theres plenty of classes that can block cc so it does nothing. Also not all classes have charges on defensive skills.

    It should be more like

    -When targeted by a cc spell (even if your immune) gain 10+x% increased damage and take 30+x% reduced damage for 30 seconds

    - You become immune to all cc effects

    -Gain an absorb sheild for 100% of your hp when target by a cc spell

    -25% of all damage taken is instead staggered and dealt to you over 3.00+x seconds.
    -10% chance on kill to clear all staggered damage. (Requires Rank 25)
    -While suffering from staggered damage your blood spills outwards in
    all directions, dealing 1000+x% of the amount of damage you are taking.
    (Requires Rank 50)

    Again needs to be altered

    - 25+x% of damage is staggered over 15 seconds

    -1% chance on crit to clear all staggered damage

    -Clearing staggered damage causes your blood spill thing or alternativly transfers the staggered damage to all enemies in 10-15 yards

    -Gain 10.0+x% melee damage reduction.
    -While below 30% Life, you may move unhindered through enemies. (Requires Rank 25)
    -Gain 500+x% Thorns damage and gain a 10% chance to ignore incoming melee attacks.(Requires Rank 50)

    Thorns is getting its own gem. Sader builds with the new thorns set are already quite strong so not a great choice

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    Quote from aztec91x»

    Quote from yurmy»

    I'm totally not trying to m2+potato = you. Just trying to get the idea behind BP effectiveness. Lets say I got 2.00 to attack speed and 50% CHC. In theory would you not crit once per attack? two attack with 50% chance would/should be 1 crit. Why is this more effective than simply trying to crit once per attack? Someone mentioned a huge dps gain from BP crit. Why? Does it rng to max chd or something? IIRC this maybe old data, doesn't chd rng from 1-X, X being your cap on chd? So one crit from BP could actually be pretty weak compared to more crits which would give a higher chance at a big chd? Not to mention it could happen once per attack instead of once per five?

    What am I looking at wrong? I too looked at BP and my mind started pondering ideas, after some thought the above was my conclusion. What am I missing?

    For a lot of builds its not worth it but imagine having a bunch of DOTs stacked on an enemy that are critting every single tic. Or a meteor shower with a 100% crit chance. Like I said this ring needs to be built around, you can't just throw it on your favourite build and expect to work
    The benefit comes from 2 main things
    1. Skills that cant crit factor in your chc and chd into the damage on every hit. So if bp has a good uptime you can have a higher average crit chance which means more dmg. This also goes for skills with a CD that contribute heaps to your dps like SSS so if your able to time your skills well you can give your main damage dealers near 100% crit while your filler skills proc bp and dont benefit as much from chc
    2. in order to get max crit (excluding bonuses from skills and passives) you need to use a spot on 6 items (7 if you have an offhand) which can be replaced if your using bp.
    And no CHD is not a range its a fixed number. So if you have 50% crit and 400% chd 1/2 of all hits will hit for +400% dmg the other 1/2 will hit for not crit dmg. Skills that cant crit will hit for 1+ (.5 x 4) dmg per hit or 3x normal dmg
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    posted a message on The State of PARAGON and an example how to fix it (Paragon Leagues)

    First off im happy with the way paragons are now and dont really want to see any major changes to the way 800+ works.

    So as an alternative id suggest something closer to a daily run that works something like this

    - At fixed points in the season a static grift becomes available - in a 3 month season perhaps the last week of each month

    - All paragons are equalized to be 800 in the rift preferably with the main stat page reflects your current paragon (point in speed and resource remain the same and the remainder put into main stat and vit at the same ratio up to 200 points)

    -Rifts would be static like the new set dungeons, density and mob type to be ideal for all classes - possibility of changing every few ranks to keep it interesting.

    - A set number of attempts per day or cycle would be allowed per solo class ie 5 as a wd, 5 as monk, etc etc. and a separate amount of attempts in mp ie 10 2man, 10 3man and 10 4man

    This would still give a slight advantage to player who log more hours with better rolled items but would eliminate the huge main stat paragon advantage. With the static rift the ranking become more about skill and less about spending hundred of hours fishing.

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