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    posted a message on Arrows and bolts in Diablo 3.
    Quote from "FingolfinGR" »
    by the way, bows also have durability, no?


    even if u use a bow as a shapeshifted druid, i think it still takes away arrows, but i don't remember ever using a bow as a druid.

    I'm not so sure that arrows should suddenly be free, because I always find tons of arrows and bolts as an amazon, and i almost never have this problem of having to interrupt what i'm doing to go back to town and buy arrows/bolts. Then again, i usually used strafe in PvM (10 arrows for 1), and guided arrow in PvP (no missed/ wasted shots).

    Arrows/bolts having special powers would be interesting to see, though!:thumbsup:

    I think that for unique/rare bolts/arrows, it would work like javelins and throwing weps in D2: it would eventually run down to 0, but it wouldn't disappear and u have to go repair it.
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    Quote from "BrutalBarbarian" »
    Another thing, what do you think about hireable party members with randomly generated personalities? It could add an interesting element to the gameplay i think.

    That is a great idea! I really get tired of hearing nothing from my merc except "I can't use this!" and, the one that really annoys the shit out of me "I'll put that to good use." Mercs are supposed to be actual people, so i say let them speak!

    Having a larger city would certainly be more exciting, and having a town siege kinda quest would be awesome too. Seriously, the only cities in D2 with any protection we knew of were Harrogath and Kurast. Good idea! :thumbsup:
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    Quote from "Imperium" »
    +1 on Zayl in DIII

    i really hope so, i would love to see Humbart lol.
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    posted a message on Abd al-Hazir based on a real person!? Apparently NOT.
    Quote from "Izkrieger" »
    Yup, the Aztec and Mayan influences stand out in Kurast, you can see they took details from Tenochtitlan (Kurast Causeway) and Chichén Itzá, for example.

    Oh, and about Abd Al-Hazir, I see more of a hint towards the Lovecraft character named Abdul Alhazred, a mad scholar credited with the Necronomicon and assassinated by invisible demons at daylight.

    Wow, i just remembered Abdul Alhazred. That seems the most likely possibility, especially since, with the whole dark atmosphere of Diablo, it makes sense that the lore ppl may have gotten some inspiration from Lovecraft.:necro:

    EDIT: pay no mind to the necro emoticon, i just like it.
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    posted a message on Φ Ask Lore Questions Here (No Theories)
    The Ancients say they are the spirits of the Nephilim. Are they really nephilim, or are they just channeling nephalic spirits?

    Also, in the game guide, it says Bul-Kathos was the king of the barbarian tribes, and his trusted confidant / brother was Fiacla-Gear, the first druid. Is this the same Bul-Kathos of the firstborn? and is Fiacla-Gear also a firstborn?

    Finally, who is Vasily? Bul-Kathos mentions the name in Scales of the Serpent, along with Esu (presumably the matron of the Esu mage clans).
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    Quote from name="Elfen Lied" »
    Albrecht dies when the Warrior removes the stone from his forehead.

    But as to whether that was because the stone was removed I cannot say for sure, you did just inflict massive amounts of damage to his body. However based on the size of the stone it would appear that it is large enough to piece the skull and enter the brain.

    I believe that case case may be similar to when a shard of metal, arrow or blade has pierced a vital artery, and so long as the item is not removed the person will continue to live, should the item be removed the person will bleed to death.

    I'm pretty sure its the dark will of the Prime Evil inside the stone that keeps them alive. Even if u don't remove the item, they will still die eventually, but Tal Rasha was alive for centuries with Baal inside him, if i remember correctly. It probably works like the armor of Bartuc, they need a living host to survive.
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    posted a message on Act 4 Corrupted Tyrael End Boss
    I think tyrael doesn't turn evil, but imperius is offended by tyrael continually helping humans, so imperius comes to destroy tyrael.
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    i don't mind having no limits on names, although names like xxBiTcHfUcKc0KK7iTxx are really unnecessary. And having all the Xs on either side of ur name looks kinda stupid, i could never understand why people did that.
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    posted a message on What Diablo 2 Classes do you want to see returning
    i would really like the Druid, or a good shapeshifting variant in D3. a necro-like class (Witch Doctor i guess), if we cant play actual necros, would be cool too. no point in bitching if they're not there tho.
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    posted a message on Was D1 fun on Playstation?
    Quote from "pheX_2xT" »
    I would like to play with "consoleros", the more player , the more chars to pk xD!!!! and trullly.... consoleros wont stand a chance against a...."mouse" mice FTW

    lol, itd be funny to see D3 made on a console, if just for that reason.
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    Quote from "Handgun_Sonata" »
    I believe that Blizzard could learn about world instancing from Guild Wars. I think that the "outpost" mentality worked great for them, and would work even better here if tweaked.

    I definitely loved the Guild Wars outpost system. For those of u that arent familiar with world instancing, its when a town or outpost is filled with everybody who happens to be in that particular location, but when u leave the town/outpost, you get a world that is entirely ur own and ur party members. This could potentially work in Diablo.

    However, I think that we should have D3 multiplayer like the original D2 multiplayer, with maybe a slightly increased player cap per game.:thumbsup:
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    posted a message on 1 Item per Slot or Inventory Tetris
    tetris is what diablo players r used to, but if u notice, things DO stack in D2 (keys, scrolls [in the form of tomes], thrown weapons), so stackable items is really a moot point. in any MMORPG, u can't stack swords or axes on each other.

    tetris is not realistic either (the inventory is actually a backpack, u can't fit ONE bardiche in a backpack, let alone 3 or 4), but hey, there's no reason for the game to be realistic.

    but doppelganger is right, one item per slot is much more convenient. if u can shrink 4 bardiches into a backpack, why not 100? maybe ur shrinking magic is more advanced in D3 than D2.
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    posted a message on Should Demons Have Genitals/Privates? *read first*
    i think demons would have sex organs, because they're demons- evil, visceral things. Angels probably dont have sex organs, because they're just a bunch of light anyway.

    And to the dude who asked about Lilith and Inarius, isn't Lilith back in the void? she's probably not doing anything to inarius in the burning hells.
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    posted a message on Φ Diablo II Moments
    I remember playing on a lvl 20 or so barb in normal mode once. Some lvl 94 hammerdin comes in, hostiles everyone, and starts murdering us as we try to kill duriel. So i brought in my lightsorc (lvl 87 at the time) and killed him in 2 lightnings.

    Same lightsorc fought a ww barb in an actual dueling game. We sat there and sized each other up for a few seconds. Then, right as he's about to ww me, i hit him with a lightning, and he went down in 1 cast. It was pretty awesome, like one of those old western gunfights. she owned all the damn ww assasins too. those were a pain in the ass.

    i used my zealadin in my very first hell cow game. ofc, it was game filled with noobs like me, and we were all excited about hell cows. we finally open the portal, and the barb went in first. The rest of us followed, and what did we see? THE BARB BROUGHT ALL THE COWS TO THE PORTAL! needless to say, we all died many, many times, until we got a javazon to come in and clear the portal for us. good times :D
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    posted a message on Φ Imperius - The true threat to Sanctuary?
    Quote from "Lorfsor" »
    I really like this thread and the theory brought up in the first post and fleshed out through the entire thread.

    However another idea struck me while reading through the thread. Though the symbol on his chest looks like an upturned sword, it surely also resembles a cross; the two being very similar. Could it be possible this is actually the "Archangel Yaerius", whoever he was or may have been? This angel explodes in a burst of light and all we know about Yaerius, is that he taught the Zakarum to devote themselves to the Light. Also, the Paladins in Diablo 2 (which are Zakarum as far as I know, correct me if I'm wrong) do have crosses in their symbolism which lead me to believe the cross has some meaning in the Zakarum religion and it might have well come from Yaerius one way or another. This angel having a cross of light on his chest makes me wonder if it might be him.

    The problem is we really don't know anything about Yaerius and he hasn't been mentioned a lot. So it's hard to draw any conclusions, so it's just an idea I had to throw into the discussion.

    That's possible. Yaerius might want to come and use his followers to take over Sanctuary. And ur mostly right, the Paladin of D2 was part of a group of Zakarum Paladins who broke away during the Zakarum Inquisitions, because they felt the inquisitions were wrong.
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