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    I think u guys are sick calling runewords too common. My whole time playing d2 (at least 5 lvl 90-100 chars) i never found the top rare runes even once. The only reason I think they were too common was because A) people were duping them, B) chinese gold farmers puting millions of hours in to sell them. Finding one high lvl runeword by yourself was near impossible =P

    I like the idea what they are doing with runes now. Just wondering how 'rare' the rare ones are going to be. I like stuff to be rare but I always would like to be able to say I found it myself whereas I didn't find at least 75% of the high lvl stuff in d2.
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    One of the many things I like in a game is easy to use stat calculators. I don't like feeling in the dark about what stats do what and how much is going to affect my character.

    For example I am currently playing Anarchy Online.. for every 10 armor u take -1 dmg. So easy to calculate if I want to use armor with 900ac's and +100hp, or 800ac +200hp. Do i want the extra hp and take 10 more dmg per hit? It lets me figure out what gear will suit my playability best. My stats show my character at 3200 armor, which means -320 dmg per hit. EZ math =D

    For damage they get a little confusing but it works out to be Dmg= (1+(1*attk skill/400))*wpn dmg. So if my attack skill is 400, 400/400 = 1, 1+1 = 2. Then I take 2 times whatever my weapon dmg is lets say.. 1-300 i will do 2-600 dmg. Sounds a little confusing but basically for every 100 attack rating u do extra 25% more dmg of weapon damage. Of course u can't figure on doing 600 dmg hits cause targets ac's will reduce dmg but u get the idea. I know how the math works behind the scenes and I like this very much.

    I like knowing the math behind a game, how stuff works and how to build my character to my personal gaming style. I found this very difficult in diablo 2. I mean finding stuff with +100 attack rating.. what did that mean? Armor seemed to not even matter to me. 500 armor, 1500 armor, it seemed i always got hit just as hard. So my suggestion is some simpler easy to do math behind workable combat stats. Make it easy for us to determine what is what and post it somewhere in the manual or on the website please. I don't think I'm the only one who wants to see the behind the scenes math.
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    I'm all for less and/or no potions. I like the idea ur gonna have to think/scoot/shoot to win boss battles. NO potion popping.

    Way off subject.. i just noticed there's finally a 'LEG' slot for armor in the piciture posted above! WOOT for leg armor!
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    I actually suggested this very same thing to LoTRO when I was in their closed beta mostly cause a lot of the items classes were wearing were from quests and everyone looked almost identical. I suggested the look of the same type of armor should be varied and randomized so everyone didn't all look like clones. In the end they changed the colors.. but it all looked the same still =\ I'd like to see d3 do this..
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    I think some of u are missing the point. I didn't say permaban all spammers, just the damn botting spammers that spam gold/leveling etc... Although I do find people who sit and spam to make others angry for no reason i can just /ignore them.

    Why I would like a permaban on these darn annoying goldfarming spamming people is that they don't see this as a game or recreation they see it as advertising. The general rule of thumb in advertising is the more people that see it the more will buy it... so they have it autoboted to join peoples games, spam a bunch of nonsense then pop out of the game.

    This is very frustrating to deal with for me I am not sure about you. It's not like it happens once in a while it's ALL THE TIME!

    As to the guy who said "quit whining you're just letting others ruin your experience blah blah blah" man.. grow up. In an online game others DO affect your gaming experience. I'm not complaining about one or two guys who are annoying.. those are all over. These are 100's or 1000's of spamming bots that join your games to spam, give u /tells constantly and i'd honestly like to spend more time playing than /ignoring people all day.

    This is a place to discuss a problem. I see this as a problem and am here to discuss. Not get attacked by another kid whos answer for everything is "if you don't like it don't play it". That is NOT how things are accomplished. Regardless.. has anyone actually heard any information on what and/or if blizzard plans to do anything to these goldfarming spammers or not?
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    posted a message on Gold farming and gold spammers- save the Chinese children!
    So one of my, and hopefully some of your, most hated things in online games is getting spammed and filled chatrooms with "XXX gold for $$$, PWRLVL, cheap cheap cheap!" <-- insert bad translation here. I am sick of this nonsense. Not only is the spam unbearable to look at all the time it ruins the gaming economy almost immediatley, just as much as duping did in diablo 1 i remember around the 3rd month it was released.

    So what is blizzard planning on doing to prevent it here? I'm sick of the BoP and BoE crap in games, that just ruins the economy too. When I'm done with a weapon and found better I would like to be able to trade/sell it off. Why should chinese goldfarmers ruin that gaming experience for me? I say just start going banhappy on accounts that spam ANY type of selling XX for $$$. No tolerance policy. First offense = ban.

    Essentially the more farmers we got runnin around, the more high lvl gear they have they drive up prices huge for stuff... "20 sojs for this, 50 soj's for that" .. i mean what the hell? I found 2 sojs my whole diablo 2 career and everyone wants no less than 10 sojs for any item that is halfway usefull? UGH! Duping/goldfarming.. both make me angry as they ruin the economy but goldfarmers spam constantly which makes me dislike them even more. So is there any plans on what blizzard is going to do to prevent this or just let it run rampant like in diablo 2?
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    posted a message on Realistic In Game Suggestions
    So I'm confused are we all for the 'rarest' of rares being better than uniques? cause I don't feel that way.
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    posted a message on Should gold be important for D3
    So gold really is usually pretty worthless in Diablo games. I for one would like to see gold a lot more rare and usefull other than repairing gear. It would be nice for once to be able to sell items to people and have the gold usefull for something.

    Maybe make gold drop a lot less, increase cost of items immensely, don't drop so many useless crap items off monsters.

    Your thoughts?
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    I posted my thoughts here.. http://www.diablofans.com/forums/showthread.php?t=12375

    But to reiterate I think there really needs to be an end game secret level, filled with nothing but boss type monsters all running around. Somewhere, where when you hit max level and have max gear, you are still a noob in this area. It's only available when you beat hell mode, so difficult it may make you pull your hair out even attempting to do it, but if you can beat the basic mobs there.. even the basic drops are more powerfull than 95% of the best drops in the normal game. They could even be soulbound to the zone so you can't bring them to PvP or into the regular part of the game or something.

    I would just like to see something that is still challenging after you reach max level and max gear.
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    Quote from "akse" »

    Btw there is a thread in game suggestion area with "What we want to d3" I guess this post should be in there.

    The thread was Locked...
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    posted a message on Φ Diablo I Moments
    Some of my fondest moments of Diablo...

    First of course was the Butcher. He was so flipping HARD to beat when you first play through the game. I thought to myself "HOLY HELL this game is gonna be HARD!" Sadly the game seemed to get easier and easier as you found gear and potions..

    Second Moment was that it was the first game I ever played over the internet with others! This was such a huge jump in gaming.. I was addicted from Day 1.. even when some jerkoff snagged my first ever unique drop.. unique crown.. dang what was the name of it!

    I was 16 I think when I first got the game... my first character was "Conan" LOL!!! I saw 100 other Conan's running around and thought hm.......... need a new name. Shortly after many characters and many names in Diablo.. I found out about this little game being released called Ultima Online and Have been Vergoth ever since.

    My fondest memory though of Diablo 1 was when we started channel "Legit" on B.net as opposed to the "hackers" channel. We all gathered around one day and none of us cheated and we decided to start what we called Ironman Runs.

    Ironman running was where you started with a group all new characters.. and played the game straight through without ever hitting town. It was probably some of the best gaming time I've ever had in a game. And yes we did Kill Diablo. It was probably one of my most satisfying moments while playing a video game to kill diablo with a group of people without every buying items only using what you find. I mean you had to get real strategies down since group didn't share experience. Blocking doorways. Letting the mage smack off the zombies in early levels to gain experience etc... it was not easy.
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    posted a message on Realistic In Game Suggestions
    Since the game is still in development I'd like to make some realistic suggestions that shouldn't be too hard to impliment. A lot of things people are suggesting look like a lot of time consumption so I will keep mine to shorter happier game playability stuff. After 15 years of gaming and some of my fondest most fun memories from D1 and D2...i ask

    1. Loot- Make loot drops only lootable by certain players in the area. I have always hated trying to rush and loot stuff off bosses trying to snag it before others in the group or watching people group with you always lacking in combat just to make sure they are ready to loot something if it drops off a random mob.

    2. Skill Tree- It looks like you guys are sticking with a skill tree list in D3 where the more points you put into a skill the more usefull it is. If you look at the D2 skill tree many of the skills are 90% usefull with just a few points into them and don't become much more effective later on making it a total waste of points. I suggest if something is 100% usefull at 20 points (lets say that's max) that's like 5% per point. So make the last few points, double value to make people want to max skills out. So for instance...

    first 5 points Skill is 15% capacity or 3% per point
    first 10 points Skill is 35% capacity or 4% per point from 6-10
    first 15 points Skill is 60% capacity or 5% per point from 11-15
    16- 65%
    17- 73%
    18- 81%
    19- 90%
    20- 100%

    So to do 100% max damage with say whirlwind you would need 20 points in it, which really means you want to add that extra point from 19-20, rather than before it was pretty useless going from 19-20.

    3. Immunities- Lets be carefull with these please. In D2 it made the game horrific to play in some cases where things were double and tripple immune to stuff. Remember the average Diablo player is really a soloist at heart.

    4. PvP- Arenas/Events. Somewhere people can meet to fight PC. Gain status, rewards and items according to online rankings!

    5. Item Sets/Uniques- Not only did I find the drop ratings rediculously low in D2, I never found 80% of the high end uniques even with full magic find gear on. I think it's kinda silly to play a game for 2 years and not have found an item. More realistic drop rates would be nice.

    6. Item power- In a lot of instances finding some uniques or set items was extremely rare and extremely unexciting because of their lack of power compared to many other items. If the items are as hard to find as D2 i vote for more power to those items cause they honestly weren't ALL that great.

    7. Elite Level- Upon completing D2 and the Expansion I felt something was still missing. I think you guys should make some kind of Elite Level or fighting arena type place or something for those who have finished the game on all difficulties. Somewhere where every mob is as strong as a Mephisto on Nightmare or something to that extent. There should be something that is still "CHALLENGING" and near impossible or very difficult even for those of max level with all maxed gear. What's the point in max level and max gear if everything is easy after that? Give the mobs a small chance to even drop anything at all and even a common item is powerfull as hell.. and rare/unique items are ubah! Diablo = all about the LOOT!

    8. Expansions- Yah it's a ways away I just want to add this to keep this in mind, we gamers blow through content thousands time faster than you create it. If you made an expansion as big if not bigger than the original D2 i'm sure all of us would have bought it at same price as the original game. Like selling the game twice with the same engine..

    9. Small Customization- We don't even need the extents of Oblivion but some small character customizations would be nice along with armor/cloth dying posibilites.

    10. Randomziing- the dungeons always randomize which is good, drops always randomzie which is good, so how about randomzing bosses? It would be nice to go to some areas and get randomized uber bosses so we couldn't always plan on fighting certain bosses who deal fire or melee or whatever. Getting randomized areas of Mephisto/Diablo type bosses would be fantastic and make people have to come prepared for anything. I'm voting for a higher scale of difficulty in the game basically as much fun as Diablo always has been I think most of us are ready for a real challenging game at higher difficulties.

    11. Storage- Make storage space 4-10 x's as large as D2, shared across all characters. I HATE throwing crap down on the ground in someone elses game to log back in with another character to run and grab it all. Lets make it easier to give new characters gear! Thanks!

    12. Duping- Good lord duping ruined D1, and pushed trading to crap in D2 and made the game unfun when everyone had all the goodies. I have always and never will use duped items it takes away fun of the game for me. Normally I'd say if it doesn't affect me then I don't care what others do with their game. When I'm trying to trade online though and everyone wants 10 SoJ's for this and 20 SoJ's for that... cause they all bought them on Ebay... this is rediculous I could never trade for anything. Lets erase duping please! Which brings me to the last one I can think of at the moment...

    13. Ebaying- Seriously one of the last games I thought people would buy stuff for real money in is a Diablo type game, it's not even an MMO. But they did. It kills the economy for those of us who don't think we need to spend an extra $100 cash just to have stuff in a game. Can you please make and ENFORCE some kind of non real-world selling of items.

    Thanks for reading..
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