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    Throughout these forums I keep running into the idea of the Barb, so I'm going to have a little fun xD

    The Bard:

    While his prowess with a Blade, Bow or Magic may not be that of legend, His Metal surely is. This warrior needs not such foolish equipment as armor, he needs only a Gojira Tee and his trusty Axe to melt even the most powerful demons with his ear-raping skills.

    Talent Trees:

    Progressive Metal:
    • Prying Open My Third Eye 1/1: All matter is just a fabrication of his own conciousness, for without himself to construct a form and idea of an object out of thought, It cannot exist. PASSIVE: Reduces all damage taken by 112.35813853211% All exess damage negated is converted to a buff that increases attack speed by X%.
    Death Metal:
    • Bloodrocuted 1/1: The Bard cuts his wrists and uses his own blood as a conductor to Bloodrocute and drown all those who dare challenge him. ACTIVE: Damages the Bard for 2 Percent of total life pool per second, Damages all ememies in a 15 yard radius for 10x the damage that Bloodrocute damages the Bard per second.
    Doom Metal:
    • Eat Fetus: . . . Yeah, He's that metal. ACTIVE (Requires Corpse): Increases health restored by Health Orbs by 10percent for each stack of 'Eat Fetus' Active. Effect lasts 15 seconds, stacks and timer refreshes for each fetus eaten.
    • Death Come Near Me 1/1: The Bard is in a constant state of depression so Brutal that at the very sight of him makes even the foulest demon slay themselves. AURA - Damages every monster around the Bard for X% of total life, where X equals how many Stacks of "Eat Fetus" are currently active. Refreshes Every 3 seconds.
    Going to bed now, I may keep on going if I am really bored sometime.

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    posted a message on I miss something in D3 classes...
    I think that it could be really cool to have like a "Vigilante" kind of Hero that goes through all these horrors and litterally walks into Hell just because he realizes that no one else is going to do it and someone has to.

    The only problem is how could this feeling be translated into a fun to play class.

    Maybe just some guy outcasted by society that sees sanctuary crumbling and tries to do something about it, 'For the children' :P

    If you like the basic idea, please expand on it if possible.
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    posted a message on Your Zombie Contingency Plan
    I live in northern Canada man, Ill just take a four hour trip north and watch those mofos freeze, even in summer. Hurray!!
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    posted a message on Your wishes for the Diablo 3 Collector's Edition?
    Quote from "Gamedead" »
    wirts leg XD

    Lol, A bong with the cube as the bowl and wirts leg as the shaft xD Now I REALLY want one of those.

    "You have quite a treasure there in that horadric bong"
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    posted a message on Other movies that have a Diablo vibe
    Quote from "Daemaro" »
    If D3 is a big hit, I can see a Diablo movie coming around soon enough.

    If they do then I am going to force them to take me as Zayl. If they dare defy me I will toss them in my oven and when they complain of the heat I will merely say "The sulfuric hell is working as intended . . . bitch"
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    posted a message on Legacy of Blood
    Personally, I could never get past the first 200 pages of the Sin War: Birthright. The other four books were amazing though.

    I suggest you pick up The Moon of the Spider for sure as it will/may have some impact lorewise in diablo 3 and is very interesting. . . Corpse Explosion FTW!!!
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    posted a message on Favorite Sounds from Diablo!!!
    Hey, I finished reading all of the books . . . again . . . so I started up diablo 1 again and I wanted to start a thread about the sickest monster sounds that you guys remember from D1 or D2.

    For me the 2 most powerfull and frightening are the sound that the mace wielding goatmen made in diablo 1. You remember that frenzied Baaa while locking you in combat. Getting stunned by 5 of them al losing all of your items beacuse your mother pulled out your computer cord right after you died before you could gather you stuff again. I hate those guys and that sound still makes me wary.

    Another is the Unholy Knights in diablo 1, when you were firing random arrows because you were to afraid to actually walk into a room in hell and you hear that echoes mettalic grunt followed by a succuby moaning, and knowing that you are so utterly F#%ked.

    Last one is the Rhino's from Diablo 1, when they charged and werent in your light raidus so all u heard was the ROAR!!!!! And then bam there were 6 of em on you.

    Good Times.

    P.S. Please Refrain from "Ahhh . . . Fresh Meat" :P
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    posted a message on Expansion packs D3
    They can't kill cain off!!!! If they do, whos gonna be the main go to guy in World Of Diablo? Tyrael? Never!!!! If they do make a WOD I hope all the items are still unidentified just to make it different than warcraft :P.

    I know its off topic but ima explore that a little. A WOD while enabling so many cool new things to explore in diablo is kinda the anti-god in a lore perspective. I mean after you kill every single demon ever mentioned what then? Do you really want to raid like Trang Oul and ruin the amazing lore. They did that with Illidan and now are doing it to Arthas in this expansion :(
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    posted a message on For everyone who hated the wailing in the Diablo III cinematic teaser

    Do you guys remmember this one? My favorite part is the pyro necro :P
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    posted a message on New character class to be revealed at BlizzCon 08.
    Truly, I really wish It was a pandarian Brewmaster. Just because, then there would be an actuall excuse to complain about the wow infuence. ;D
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    Quote from "Krow" »
    5 dvd's? That's over 20 damn GB's. That site is lying.

    Even though there is no way in hell it is coming out sept, 5 dvd's is entirely possible. WoW is 9 dvd's altogether and this game is 4 years newer so prolly bigger than WoW.
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    posted a message on Diablo Goodies at Blizzcon?
    Lol make look like a carebear and have a pentagram over his chest :P And make him really colorfull!!! I am the carebear of terror!!!
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    posted a message on "In Three Words" Game ....
    Grandma is dead :(
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    posted a message on New Darker Screenshot
    Getting flamed at no matter what he does because someone won't like it. That's not my dream job :(
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    posted a message on Graphics: Official Petition
    Quote from "Equinox" »
    I don't like using 2D vs 3D as an example, so I was toying with an old engine here, and just to show my point. There isn't even any green/blue here, I'm just explaining my issue with lighting.

    The way Diablo III seems to manage it: http://img180.imageshack.us/img180/4580/herlightjz8.png
    The whole room is lit with equal light (consider - there are no windows or sky in that room, it's basically a box with a chandelier), and the chandelier seems to emit basically nothing, just a bit of a glow like DIII torches.

    The way I'd do it: http://img177.imageshack.us/img177/340/herdarkjf5.png
    This is a bit rough sector work (the lines where the light is switching are very apparent) because I didn't bother doing it very neat, but at least you can feel that the chandelier is actually litting some of the room, with corners left in the dark. You can still see whatever you need to see, but there is no fake feel that the room is unrealistically lit. DII and DI kinda used this system, although I think they overdid it with the darkness.

    I really like your 2nd example. It reminds me of diablo 1 when you are going to fight him and you cn't see anything at all so you randomly fire arrows untill something moans in the darkness . . . still gives me shivers.
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