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    posted a message on "Diablo Archive" owners, can you help me?
    Um, I'm too lazy to take a picture. I don't really see what you need to know...

    1. It's 740 pages.
    2. It's 4.75 cm thick. 14.75 cm in width. and about 23 cm in length.
    3. There is very little included. There's 1 page about the authors, a title page, publishing information, and a page with all the other blizzard books, and the books themselves.
    4. That's it. The cover you can find online, and the back is just a short summary of each book.

    I really don't know why you need a picture. If you want to get a sense, print out the the cover and glue it to a paperback bible and that is pretty much it...
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