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    Personally I liked what I saw. As much fun as it is to fight in the depths of hell, in caverns filled with elongated shadows and pitch black corners, we need some light. I think the vibrant colors that I witnessed, especially in the Leoric Highlands, was fantastic! It was simply a nice change to see beautiful landscapes, yet, it retained the horror theme we love about the Diablo franchise, especially when the Gameplay Trailer neared the ending courtyard. Personally, I say balance it, just because you have some dark and spooky type areas doen't mean the whole game has to be gloom.

    You are a Diablo fan who is not like "diabloic athmosphere".
    I think game developers have to be loyal to what they have created on humanities brains. Diablo is a game is affected all the new cultural waves. I think gothic wave is effected from Diablo game.
    Diablo series give the enegy of "red blood and darken ashes and the charismatic evil"

    People knows Necromancer looks and feels like the magician of the D2 cinematics.
    Where is the CHARISMATIC EVIL MAGICIAN? He must be a cool, aristoctaric lookin Evilish man. Where? I see only Tyrael flash logo like it. But "we need a class who seem dark, cool and evilish". If it will not be in the game, D3 will be a huge disappointment. I am afraid.

    LOOK IT:

    Diablo series give an impact on the worlds waves. It gives the impact on music bands, and gothic culture. This impression was "The Charismatic Evil".
    If you are creating a funny cartoonish child game, anybody will not play it. Becouse, if i am searching a funny athmosphere, i can play WOW. Diablo players need a Hellish and "EVIL" thing. This game needs BAD ENERGY. Not the positive ones. The positive energies? Only charisma, braveness are intelligency are allowed i think. Diablo is a mature game. A serious game. I play Diablo II, becouse it is really serious and fearsome.

    Players need a devilish character or class. But this class has to have a royality. Players have to have a respect for this evil class.
    It is an equilibrium. If your evils are not cool, then your good side is not cool..

    Sorry for my poor english.
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