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    posted a message on Characters/classes we want to see/be in Diablo 3
    I always wanted to see an Achilles/Spartan type character whom could throw javelin and still be good with a sword/shield. Other than that i just always liked my necro.... Oh well im still gonna play
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    posted a message on Greetings all
    Been a long long long time diablo fan and am excited to see a forum. It looks great. Cant wait for D3.
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    posted a message on Φ Diablo II Moments
    I remember my buddy and I waking up at 530am when his dad left for work with one word slurring outta his mouth as we bolted up the stairs. Diablo.... and by muscle memory i was right next to him watching the opening character animations. The Necro was awe inspiring. And figuring out there was no load sequence when you entered the mini-dungeons.
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    posted a message on Φ Diablo I Moments
    Hearing that opening guitar strum. Just reminds me of easier times (I was like 12ish) when the friend who got me hooked on Diablo was still a good guy. I hear that chord and its almost like time travel..... And the butcher :P
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