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    Quote from "akse" »
    I dunno I havent really seen an amazon anywhere. But most of the others are pretty much familiar characters from any kinds of rpg games, and imo thers nothing bad in it.
    Lol - how about Greek mythology? Same place they got Minotaurs (no, Blizzard didn't invent them either).
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    Quote from "DiablowMe" »
    WoW, some of you are dumb@sses. The whiners aren't complaining about the use of color and light, they're complaining about tone, feel, style, look, design, D3 does NOT have D1 or D2 aesthetics
    The asthetics of D1 and D2 are almost completely different, as is the feel. I've talked about this before - they wanted a larger market so they made the game less oppressive and terrifying - Diablo 3 is just a continuation of this trend.

    Quote from "Equinox" »
    Blizzard was never a totally creative company. They always stole ideas, which is what made their games good. That includes Diablo I was well.
    Yep, neither Warcraft, nor Diablo, nor Starcraft have at all original settings: Warcraft takes from Tolkein and Warhammer, Diablo from Semite mythologies and Legend (by the looks of it) and Starcraft from Alien and Warhammer 40K. This is because all of these series started at a time when games didn't need an original setting, production values were not as high as they are now. If Blizzard created a new IP perhaps they'd create their own universe but so long as they stick to the ones they have they'll never be original when it comes to setting.
    Of course, setting is worthless in a game if the gameplay is bad, and gameplay is something that Blizzard does exceedingly well.

    Quote from "Varth" »
    The instant I saw the gameplay trailer, I thought "Great, Blizzard copied God of War..." [...] Blizzard should make a Barb play like a Barb. Look at Kratos and see what makes a successful muscle-bound behemoth and then use that as a standard and exceed it. In my opinion, the Barb is just a poor copy of Kratos with whirlwind at this point in the game. Will I enjoy playing as a Barb? Probably. Will I give them style points? Aboslutely not.
    Lol - let's think about the 7 Characters in Lord of Destruction, are any of them at all original?

    Paladin = Extremely stolen
    Amazon = Extremely stolen
    Druid = Extremely stolen
    Barbarian = Extremely stolen
    Necromancer = Extremely stolen
    ... etc

    Why are we complaining about style points all of a sudden? Blizzard makes fun games, not original universes. Besides, it's not stealing - I think Blizzard have looked at what made God of War cinematic and exciting and added it to a game which, to be honest, could be a dull clickfest at times. It was good for exploring, for collecting loot and it had good NPCs and a story that kept you playing but the combat was really quite uninteresting, and if by "play like a Barb" you mean "sit in front of Diablo and repeatedly hit him with an axe" then count me out!
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    Kratos =P doubt I'll be the first though
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    Quote from "Ivaron" »
    Holy shit, that looks like an amazing game. Anyone recommend I should try GoW?
    If you haven't played God of War, you haven't lived :P

    What are you waiting for?

    Quote from "Bloodlust_Fox" »
    Guys, the barb is one of 5 characters. Okay, so 1/5th of the gameplay is god of war. The witch doctor didn't play like Kratos, plenty of others won't either.
    What about the orbs, the look, the huge monsters and the gruesome combat? Barbarian or no Barbarian it's still pretty GoW to me. But that's no bad thing.

    Quote from "Veritech017" »
    Just because they used a higher texture resolution in D3 doesn't mean they made a graphical landmark in the world of gaming. It's still going to have similar requirements to WoW and WC3. More-so WoW which is still 6-7 years behind in graphics development.
    You can only compare D3 to other Top-Down games, and it's the best looking Top-Down game I've seen yet. 6-7 years is a gross exageration and since when are the system requirements of WoW have any ressemblence to those of WC3?!

    I'm not sure why we bother arguing with you to tell the truth - evidence would suggest that we're stupid because you seem impervious to common sense. But, stupid person that I am, here's some more common sense:

    Warcraft 3 system requirements:
    • 400 MHz Pentium II or equivalent
    • 128 MB of RAM
    • 8 MB 3D video card (TNT, i810, Voodoo 3, Rage 128 equivalent or better) with DirectX® 8.1 support
    • 700 MB HD space
    • 4X CD-ROM drive
    World of Warcraft system requirements:
    • Intel Pentium® III 800 MHz or AMD Athlon 800 MHz
    • 512 MB or more of RAM
    • 32 MB 3D graphics card with Hardware Transform and Lighting, such as NVIDIA® GeForce™ 2 class card or above
    • DirectX® 9.0c (included) and latest video drivers
    • 6.0 GB available HD space
    • 4x CD-ROM drive
    • A 56k or better Internet connection
    In other words:
    2x CPU clock speed
    4x Memory
    4x Graphics Memory equivalent card with DirectX 8.2 -> 9.0c
    more than 6x Disk Space

    Gee, they're exactly the same :rolleyes:

    Quote from "Veritech017" »
    But I've already stated previously that the physics is the only thing new they have brought to the table.
    Just because it doesn't have the best graphics out there doesn't mean it doesn't have good graphics. It's no Crysis but it still looks awesome, especially for a Top-Down WIP. This is not a game that will sell on eye-candy (leave that to the FPSs) but it looks good anyway, and I'm sure it will be great fun to play.

    I play CoH full settings and yes, it does generally look better than that screen, but Diablo 3 is better looking in my opinion. I went back and looked at the D3 trailer AND played a bit of CoH just to be sure.
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    Quote from "Veritech017" »
    I can tell that I can play D3 on a computer with a crappy graphics card, crappy motherboard, and a crappy amount of ram.
    D3 looks as good or better than Company of Heroes, and that's being very hard on it. I had to upgrade my computer from playing Warcraft 3 perfectly to play Dawn of War, and then I needed a new graphics card to play Company of Heroes.

    Warcraft 3:

    Dawn of War:

    Company of Heroes:

    Diablo 3:

    Forgive me if as my eyes move from top to bottom I see at least some improvement, and again that's being very hard on Diablo 3. I'm not sure what you hope to achieve by comparing the quality of Diablo 3's visuals to those of Warcraft 3, except to destroy all your credibility :confused:

    Besides, it's a ducking work in progress!
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    Quote from "Grimhound" »
    a nice little movie released in 1985 called LEGEND
    Sweetness, I have to see that. Tim Curry = God. Anyone ever play Sacrifice?

    Quote from "fuzz" »
    I was expecting it to be a DIABLO game, what an idiot I was
    Just because it takes inspiration from God of War's gameplay doesn't mean that it's got any more to do with Greek Mythology. Anyway, take a look at this:

    It shows the evolution of Diablo, from dark, frightening and claustrophobic: a hopeless mission undertaken by a few everyman warriors to free a cathedral from an army of daemons, to a brighter more epic journey which great heroes embark upon to save the whole world and then finally to - well, Diablo 3.

    Notice that in Diablo 1 fallen are a serious threat while in Diablo 2 you can stand in front of one without being in any real danger? In the movie the Barb just stands there checking his gear while being attacked! Diablo 2 is a world populated by massive breasted Amazons, scantily clad Assassins, heroic Paladins and Barbarians who kill their enemies by spinning around in circles while holding out their weapons. There are even talking cows in the game!
    When people talk about a "Diablo" game I think they're thinking more of Diablo 1 than Diablo 2, and the series veered away from there a long time ago. However, Diablo 3 does return to it's roots in one sense: you need to think about how you tackle the enemy!
    It has been said that Diablo 1 was won by clicking well, while Diablo 2 was won by planning a good build. In Diablo 3 fights will require more tactical thought, and the new moves, increasing the range and mobility of the barb, are in aid of this. This is more like Diablo 1 than Diablo 2.
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    Quote from "XxL2PxX" »
    If you want to compare/contrast on teh originality both games did, Diablo Storyline wins by a longshot
    Who said anything about originality? Don't put words in my mouth!

    Quote from "Daemaro" »
    God of War doesn't even have item drops. It's not really comparable.
    I gave you 7 good reason why the two games are highly comparable! What more do you want, my immortal soul?

    Quote from "Veritech017" »
    I actually don't see the similarities in art direction... Not even a little.
    The fact that there's more colour "to convey mood", something that GoW used a lot. Also, just look at that big statue holding up the platform when the Barbarian first enters the dungeon, if you still don't see it, well...

    Quote from "Veritech017" »
    Looks exactly the same as Warcraft 3
    Wow man, go see an optician pronto before your vision deteriorates further :o
    Okay seriously, yes, both have relatively flat game worlds, but the world needs to be relatively flat because Diablo is viewed from a top-down perspective, just like Warcraft. It's a totally reasonable design choice, nothing to do with art direction. Otherwise Diablo 3 is so much better looking than Warcraft 3 (trust me, I played it yesterday) that they're not even comparable.

    Quote from "Nihilanth45" »
    Please stop about diablo 3 and realism.
    Yep - one word: Whirlwind. And don't get me started on those poison cloud javelins. Mabye Diablo 1 had a sort of "realism in the fantasy world" but Diablo 2 has strayed away from it's roots, and you can't really complain just because Diablo 3 isn't returning to them. Diablo 2 was epic and God of War was epic - their love child is Diablo 3, and it's gunna be epic!
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    Just to keep this discussion on track, this thread is basically questioning the hatred people have for the art style, huge monsters, ranged magic for melee characters, strong player characters and health orbs, all things more likely borrowed from God of War, not from WoW, as many people have suggested.

    Show me somebody who's seen God of War's look and thought "that's homosexual - where are the care bears?" and I'll show you a crazy person.
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    Quote from "Veritech017" »
    I've played, and hate, God of War. I wouldn't suggest it to anyone that asked about it.

    There are better action games without attempting to be OMFG EPICXNESS which seems to be invading everything. You can't just be a normal hero who saves the day anymore, that wouldn't sell or something.

    You're right about the rise of epicness, the heros in Diablo 1 were pretty everyman and vulnerable, which gave the game and air of fear and oppression rather than "I am teh awesome and you guys are all corpses waiting to happen", but Diablo 2 had already done away with that: you don't have a "warrior" anymore, you have a "barbarian", you don't have a plain old archer, you have an "amazon" warrior. Epicness invaded the Diablo universe long before GoW.

    Quote from "SSJ5Broly" »
    Wow... this was the most retarded dumb game I have ever seen. All you do just run arround and cut off pieces of monsters with cartoon spray and jump around like a monkey on drugs... typical console user dumb entertainment.

    Rules of Logic do not apply, only people who turn off their brain can enjoy this.
    Seen mabye, but played? I'm sure you'd love it if you did, you seem like the sort of guy who's brain has been turned off since birth :D

    God of War had a far deeper story and combat mechanic than either of the Diablo games: you had to, you know, dodge? block? Not just take it in turns to cudgel each other over the head and drink potions when your health is too low. Don't get me wrong, I really love Diablo but its combat has never been what I'd call deep, it is after all and RPG not an action game.
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    Quote from "SSJ5Broly" »
    I absolutely agree with you that it does look like God of war. I also consider God of war a stupid console slasher that should be avoided.
    Obviously you have avoided it because you couldn't be more wrong. This is exactly what I'm talking about: people make judgements about things they don't understand.

    Some believe that to be intelligent is to make judgements, but the Philosopher understands that wisdom is judging well, not simply judging. He is humble in the face of knowledge and thus knows when to speak and when to keep quiet.

    - Article Philosophe de L'Encyclopedie, César Chesneau Dumarais

    In case you've never played God of War here's a trailer for the second game:

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    Quote from "Palisade" »
    I guess God of War = WoW then. Because God of War has color and vibrancy.

    By relation, according to the petitioners, God of War is gay and WoWish because it's not dark and brooding enough.

    Everyone obviously thinks Diablo III looks like WoW for having color, but it actually more closely resembles GoW. The Barbarian especially should have a God of War feel to him. He's supposed to be the most brutal melee fighter. Who wants a wimpy Diablo 2 barb when you can have this one?
    Yep, that's what this thread is all about: don't be so superficial! Course, I wouldn't say that the Diablo 2 barb is wippy, but I watch that gameplay video and "the colour is wrong" is not what pops into my head - what pops into my head is "Holy shit this is so ****ing awesome!"
    Fan = Fantatic, and I think some people have watched that video so many times that they've gotten sick of it, and started looking for things to complain about. Go to a rave. Hug some strangers. Live a little.

    Quote from "owningypsie" »
    ya, the original Kratos actually had blue war tatoos like the barb from D2. I'm mad that the new one doesn't have them, but ya, very GoW like. I made this topic b4 they admitted to it btw. ill link it in a sec
    EDIT: scratch that, it was 7-2. apparently they had the interview b4 then
    I'm sorry if you already posted something like this, I did search for it but didn't find anything.
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    Quote from "Daemaro" »
    Blizzard even admitted they liked God of War and it was cool to take some of the feel from games like that and bring it to Diablo3.
    True, and that annoys me, because I thought of it long before they admitted that it was an influence, thus making me look less clever.

    The moment I saw those ghouls man!
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    A lot of people are having a fit saying Diablo 3 is inspired by WoW, the gaming world's Anti-Christ, but I think they're very wrong. No, Diablo 3 borrows far more heavily from God of War, the gaming world's Jesus, and this can only be a good thing. God of War had brightly lit environments, floating orbs and magical powers, all things many people hate about Diablo 3, and yet was one of the most visceral, captivating and downright fun games I've ever played:

    This is Diablo 3:

    And this is God of War:

    So, apart from the obvious, here are a number of ways in which Diablo 3 takes after God of War. I'm assuming everyone has seen the gameplay video so they'll know what I'm talking about without me desperately searching for a good Diablo 3 screenshot. Not everyone has played GoW though (shame on you!) so I'll post some images of this so you know what I'm talking about:

    1. "The stench of Ghouls"
    As soon as the Barbarian enters the dungeon he is assailed by "Ghouls" which climb up the walls from below. This was the first things that reminded me of GoW: the way they climb, move and look is very similar to the "Undead Legionaires" Kratos must face! I'm suprised they're not infringing copyright law!

    2. It's not "violent" - it's "visceral":
    Our Barbarian litterally smashes his foes to pieces, blood and gore flying in all directions. Later in the gameplay video we see bloated zombies exploding in showers of eels, maidens exploding in showers of gore and a giant quadrapedal nasty biting the Barbarian's head clean off and throwing the rest away in a shower of Barbarian juice. I shouldn't have to explain how this is God of War, a game where you constantly disembowl, blind and mutilate anything that gets in your path.

    3. Shiny baubles:
    God of War is full of shiny baubles: health shiny baubles, mana baubles, Rage baubles and experience baubles: Kratos doesn't need elixirs: his awesomeness is such that he tears his enemies to bits and uses their life force to keep fighting! Granted the ones in GoW are much cooler and shinier looking that the Diablo 3 ones, but it's a work in process! Give them time and the orbs in Diablo 3 will look cool too.

    4. I'm a magic man - I have magic hands:
    Some people think that being the biggest badass ever to have lived, died, lived, died and lived again means that you can't shoot lighting bolts out of your armpits or pull giant magical hammers enchanted with evil spirits out of your rear but Kratos proves otherwise. These moves make him versatile, able to tackle enemies from range as well as close up, use tactics. You don't have to sit imobile in front of your enemy and take it in turns to hit eachother to prove that you're a man: nobody's going to accuse Kratos of having anything but a mammoth apendage.

    5. Epic Monsters:
    Epic monsters are what God of War is all about, and when I say epic I mean really really big. Over the course of the first two God of War games you'll kill a massive multi-headed sea serpent, a massive armoured Minotaur and the Collosus of Rhodes among others. Now in Diablo 3 we can see the Thousand Pounder and the aforementioned hideous Death-on-four-legs monster!

    6. Coz I was blinded by the lights:
    In God of War you'll repeatedly tear enemies to bits, smash their heads in doors and against walls, drown them in ponds, burn them alive, pull off their skulls and... but I digress. Despite all this darkness the game is often very bright and colourful, with a lot of bloom. This made the environments far more interesting and pleasing to the eye, because of the variation in mood the tempo, but Kratos's Greece is about as far from Care Bare land as it is possible to be.

    7. No, not that sort of strong:
    Diablo 3 will feature stronger character personalities who drive the story, participate in conversation, meet old friends and express opinions about their situation. Kratos doesn't so much drive God of War's story as violently pull the driver out, break every bone in his body, empale him on a spike and then lead the police on a high speed chase through 12 states!

    Obviously I love God of War, and so while I achknowledge that making a good game's sequel more like another good game is no recipe for sucess, the game that Diablo 3 is emmulating with it's colour and magic is not WoW but God of War, and in my book it's not possible to be too much like God of War :D

    Here's a trailer for God of War 2

    What are you waiting for - flame me already :P
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    Quote from "Kapang" »
    think about the huge army in formation outside the Arreat Crater.
    Think about that huge army in formation in the intro of Lord of Destruction? Would be cool though, I'm thinking AI director à la Left 4 Dead, but then I'd rather have Diablo than lots of new fangled wank and a bad core experience.
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    Quote from "valok" »
    While perusing the blizzard store today, I noticed something interesting. The first letter of each of the Blizzard franchises are


    Now we all know the standard movement keys in most games are WASD. With Blizzard hinting towards maybe making a new franchise, it is possible that it will start with the letter A.

    What do you guys think?
    rofl :D hahahahahahahahahahahaha *gasp* hahahahahahahahahahahaha *choke and die*
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