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    I don't know if someone has asked this already (it's a really long thread now) but I want to know what's harder to do, dungeons in heroic mode or running karazhan in terms of gear needed.
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    Hmm. i don't think a MMO of Starcraft would be viable, i mean, how can you gear your zerg? maybe with protoss and terran, but the differences between the races are so huge that only the itemization issues would be enormous, for example: if you remove a terran's gear in the middle of Char he would die? what kind of weapon upgrades can a Zerg have? or if the zerg would be a playable class, what type of zerg can you be? finally, the races are so different from each other that interaction between them would be really complicated IMO... if Blizz can make this work would be something worthy to look at...
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    The butcher no doubt, good think they didn't include that vid with him chopping some poor guy as an intro for the fight... that would have screwed my childhood for sure :confused:
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