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    I'd like to speak concerning Diablo's trading features. This is a bit detailed, but bear with me, as I think you'll like it.


    In January of 1997 when the Diablo series made its debut, it was primarily the game's loot system that brought players back to Tristram time and time again. In today's World of WarCraft, millions of players enjoy a slightly modified Diablo loot system in which in-game economies have sprung and thrive.


    I propose Blizzard Entertainment incorporate into Diablo III an auction house where players can hawk and bid upon the items they seek.

    In addition to having an auction house in Sanctuary, I also propose Blizzard take in-game trading to the next level via web-site trading system that allows the buying, selling and trading of in-game items outside the game itself and between characters on the same account.


    In Diablo I, there was no formal trade system. You'd simply drop the item on the ground and trust the other player to do the same. This presented some complex morality issues, but this was later overcome by players when an unexpected exploit that allowed players to "dupe" or duplicate items became widespread.

    In Diablo II, the trade system was flawless. Trade windows opened, each player inspected the other's item(s) in a safe, private window that allowed players to accept or reject the other players offer. Once both accepted, the trade was made. One minor flaw in this design was the overlooked matchmaking system - matching a buyer to a seller. This caused players that are looking to buy/sell/trade their items to create a new instance of the game with a unique title and hope another player will bite. Diablo II's trading system was better, but lacked match-making capabilities.

    Although Diablo I and II could be considered MMOG's by the definition of the term itself (Massively Multiplayer Online Game), it wasn't until World of WarCraft that Blizzard got the trading system right. In a persistent world where players would find, craft, and "farm" items sought by other players, an auction house made perfect sense - Blizzard's very own eBay within their vibrant, virtual world.

    The auction theory in and of itself is perfect - allowing for a player to set a price at which they feel the item is worth, while another player offers how much they are willing to pay for said item. Matchmaking for sales was no longer an issue as the item would be seen by any other player seeking an item via the auction house.

    The next level for the auction house system is to manufacture a system that would allow players to trade in-game items from outside the game's interface. Many World of WarCraft players log in for hours on end just to buy low and sell high, evaluating the auction house or looking for that one item before quickly logging off. Even then, each server is limited to a set number of players, limiting the overall World of WarCraft economy to individual servers. Incorporating a system outside the game that is capable of handling all aspects of the auction house would alleviate the game servers' load, allowing for more auction house activity, and ultimately, more accurate, player-driven auction house pricing.


    As players return to Sanctuary time and again for that one elusive drop or with their friends, they are bound to find good gear and items that another player could use. By including an auction house in Diablo III, players will be able to sell these items for the price they want, while buyers pay only what they are willing.

    In order to lighten game server loads and broaden the audience and activity of the auction house, players should be able to buy, sell and trade items via web-browser without having to log in to the game itself. Web-based trading amongst characters on the same account would also alleviate repetitive logging in and out of the game severs simply to transfer items.

    These proposed additions to Diablo III would create more accurate pricing as the audience of the auction house would be broader than any single World of WarCraft server, bringing each and every one of the estimated millions of players together to create the ultimate virtual game economy.
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    I conclude from his remarks that Battle.net will be gearing towards providing endless amounts of statistical data and anti-cheat measures to ensure a positive experience for all players. This would also allow for players to be better matched with equivalent competition so as to not become discouraged and stop playing online altogether.

    This may come as a disappointment to many, perhaps a lock-down or bandwidth issues, but I've always trusted Blizzard to make good decisions regarding their franchises and player-base.
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    You must enter your birthdate to view much of the content - indicating Diablo III is aimed at Mature audiences. But this is no deviation from its predecessors - so no surprise there.

    Also, at Equinox - Diablo 1 and 2 both had topless creatures (forget their names - the chicks who spat red, glittering orbs at you), therefore nudity was present.
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    I read an article earlier this morning on this site - I recall it being an interview with Rob Pardo - where he stated that they've been using Will Wright's philosophy of a sequel: 1/3 new, 1/3 old, 1/3 improved. This could mean that we'll likely see one other class that is brought "back". But again, I'm only using what Rob Pardo said as a basis - nothing solid.

    That being the case, I'd like to see the Necromancer back, but can almost guarantee he won't reappear as he is so similar to the Witch Doctor. In a way, I see the Witch Doctor as a hybrid of the Necromancer & Druid. Instead, I bet we see a sorcerer/sorceress in D3 or some sort of Ranger, Archer class similar to the Amazon, but not the Amazon itself - because I recall them being a race where the women played the dominant role in society.
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    I'm getting the same message. But to help you narrow it down some, it only happens after I log in, so it has something to do with the live stream of WWI. When visiting as a guest or a normal patron, the front page is fine.
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    Quote from "Matt07" »
    I am downloading the high-res version right now!
    20' left, hopefully no fake
    There are many links out there (just google it)

    Regards, Matt

    Are you using Blizzard's Downloader? Did you do anything else to get it? Please link - all the .torrent links I see are dead, but I have the 195MB and 560MB versions :P
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    Quote from "Variance" »

    Gameplay Trailer, but smaller version

    195MB version - better than nothing right now! Confirmed working.
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    I've extracted the torrent and everything. Now using uTorrent to DL and of 2500 connections, not one has anything downloaded :(

    It seems we need a new tracker from those who have been able to download it. Anyone wanna share?
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