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    posted a message on My WW barb hitting like a wet noodle? Help, please!

    I wrote that it hasn't updated yet, and that I use the standard solo 70+ WW by Chainer. This would give you an idea what gems I use and what skills as well. I've changed the %ele to physical as well.

    So far the paragon level and skills updated, my bracers and gems are still the same, unfortunately, but I've updated you on the matter above in this post.

    Anyhow, did 47 with like 5 minutes surplus, but I lost like 30 seconds by just looking for a pylon and some more by not skipping an extra health elite. Well, I guess the dmg is okay for low level gems (30,33,18) and a 2,3k dps mainhand, huh? Only 270 paragon level.

    //EDIT: Well, got a sword upgrade (2,7k dps now) and I've beaten 50 with a lot of time which put me in top901 eu. I guess I could push 53-54 ez but it's late so nah. Taeguk lvl 40, Stricken 32, Pain Enhancer 34.

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    posted a message on My WW barb hitting like a wet noodle? Help, please!
    Quote from DFslet»

    Your charachter shows sysmic slam as your dmg ability, mayb thats the issue? :D

    Chars should hit like wet noodles with that amount ofparagons. Do some more rifts :)

    Did you read the first post, like, at all? I'm not stupid, the skillset is before I started using the wastes set. The Seismic Slam isn't as bad as people make it to be, the 2h weapon + bracers and it's almost free and hits like a truck (200m without convention and about 500m with convention activated on using some lame gear). Anyway, I guess I don't hit "that low". I beat grift 45 solo ez with a 7 minute surplus. I'll see how much further I can push with low level (30, 33, 15) gems and pathetic mainhand/offhand weapon combo.
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    posted a message on My WW barb hitting like a wet noodle? Help, please!


    This is my character I currently play. The paragon level shown on the character page is not updated yet, I'm 246 atm. The same goes for my skills and the cube, but I use the standard solo 70+ WW.

    Cube items: Furnace, hexing pants, zodiac.

    What can I do to boost my dmg to hundreds of millions other than getting a better main hand, seeing how my current one is crap beyond belief? Which upgrade would net me the most DPS?

    The hellfire I have is currently the best I got, but I'm hunting for a better one so...

    I really need your advice as I feel like I hit like a wet noodle for like 60kk tops with dust devils which seems absurdly low?

    Thanks in advance.

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    posted a message on Extracted Thunderfury + Bane of the Trapped
    Quote from shinjiIkari666»

    i dunno i dont solo much i havent tried the freeze weapons and endochang or w/e...trying to 50 ue ...seems like fubar..( close a few times)..and i gave up on nats

    Ah, same here. Did 49 with my UE MS, can't be bothered to fish for a nice 50 yet and I loathe the Nat's playstyle.

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    posted a message on Looking for an active softcore clan! -p528 returning player-

    Not looking for a clan any longer. Joined Team Aftershocks.

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    posted a message on Looking for an active softcore clan! -p528 returning player-

    Hello everybody!

    I've decided it's time to end my World of Warcraft journey as this expansion is mediocre at best and just doesn't appeal to me anymore. Now that I have a ton of free time due to graduation and qutiting WoW, I'd love to make Diablo 3 my time waster. For now I have only gathered 528 paragons as Diablo 3 was my "play for an hour or two and go back to wow" type of game, but not anymore. My highest grift clear after returning is 45 on a Barbarian, may be higher but I didn't push yet as my gems aren't levelled and the current clan isn't the most active or even playing group grifts per se.

    I'm willing to play softcore only, preferably seasons, but I'd need a helping hand with gearing up as I was pretty much the non-seasonal type of guy. Having that said already, I believe a little description of me as a person is due. My name's Lucas, I'm 21 years old and I'm hailing from the country of the Poles. Like I was in WoW, I'm also going to be in Diablo 3, which is hardcore. I'm going to play a lot. I also like music and web design.

    I wouldn't mind playing support classes should the need arise, but I'd like the Demon Hunter to be my main class.

    Now you might ask - "Well, what would you bring to our clan? Why would we want you?":

    • Activity, because who doesn't love active players?
    • Playing more than one class, because who doesn't love variety?
    • Willing to help people out with gearing and levelling, because who doesn't love that one guy who wants to help?
    • Dedication, because nobody likes a guy who joins a run and decides to give up because reasons
    • A hardcore mind, because who doesn't want to improve and seek perfection?
    • Being able to take criticism, because again, who doesn't want to improve?

    "Well, that's nice, but how about you? You must certainly want something from us, don't you?" Of course I want something. Everybody does.:

    • Activity, because there's nothing worse than joining a clan in which everybody is offline
    • Friendly players, because well, nobody likes assholes, right?
    • Willing to help with gearing new chars or offering criticism, because if you're better at something, why not help?
    • Teamplay! Nobody wants to play alone, right?

    And there it is. You know what I can bring to the table and what I expect from your clan. If you like what you read, please let me know, my battle-tag is below, don't hesitate to add me so we have a chat. You can also post your clan thread in a reply, doesn't matter.

    Battle-tag: Vaehatiel#2903

    Yours faithfully,


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    posted a message on Black screen when going for Windowed(Fullscreen) and exiting the game.

    So, recently my old GPU died and I've bought a new one which happens to be the GTX 970. I did a clean install of the latest drivers so I don't think they are the issue here. What happens is this:

    The game loads and functions normally in Fullscreen mode, but as soon as I try to change it to Windowed (Fullscreen) the screen goes black until the confirmation window runs out of time and then it returns to Fullscreen mode which works perfectly. That is issue #1.

    Whenever I exit the game, either by using the Exit Game button or Alt+F4 or ending the task in Task Manager, my screen goes black, I can see the cursor and move it around, but that's it. Nothing, I repeat, nothing seems to help except for restarting the PC.

    Here's my setup, in case that's important:

    CPU: i5-4670K @ 4.3 GHz

    GPU: Asus STRIX GTX 970 4GB DirectCU II OC

    RAM: 8GB G.Skill RipjawsX 1.33 GHz

    Has anyone had those issues and perhaps found a working solution? I'd appreciate any suggestions.

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    posted a message on Rollbacks? Im curious!

    That's a pathetic punishment. Those shits should've been perma banned... cheat, break the rules? You're out from the season mate, see ya in S4. But no, why disqualify them... ehh, Blizzard. A giant pussy just waiting to get fucked.

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    posted a message on Grift exp multiplicative with gems etc?

    I've heard something about items with bonus exp and the red gem granting like a ton of experience in greater rifts - could someone please explain that to me? Also, is it only on S2 or it works that way on non seasons as well?


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    posted a message on You thought winged assasins were the worse?
    Quote from Albatare
    Jailer is still the most retarded of all, if you don't have a Julia amulet ,you're not going higher than 37-38, nothind to do, insta one shot, unavoidable
    You what, mate? Awareness / Spirit Vessel or any other skill which works this way and you can't get 1 shot as long as the skill isn't on cd. Also, moratorium, anyone? If you can't go past a certain point toughness wise, just drop some of your DPS to get that toughness...
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    posted a message on How do I go higher than 35?
    What about switching to a bow with the 2.85 BP? I have a bow with almost 2,7k DPS which would go to almost 3k if I had a ramaladni gift, but I don't have one atm. Another question - if I get rid of elemental arrow and use impale instead plus maelstrom cluster arrow, will I still benefit from cull of the weak and bane of the trapper or Maelstrom isn't slowing/chilling enemies?
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    posted a message on How do I go higher than 35?
    Hey there.

    My best is lvl 35 right now and I don't know how to improve. I feel like I'm doing something wrong. I'd like to go 36++

    Profile: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/vaehatiel-2903/hero/28031167

    Ingame stats: http://i.imgur.com/sUPfHZU.png

    I'm mostly playing solo grifts. I could get the barb to 2,85k or so if I had a rama drop but since 2.1 I only had one and that was used on my WD's SMK.
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    posted a message on Are you okay with the changes in the price / value of the equipment sold by Kadala in the recent update?
    Quote from boz0

    Quote from Mido

    I think with this change they should now increase the limit to 1000 shards. This would make it a bit more fun when spending all your shards on amulets.
    That was my first thought as well, but then, they've made this change specifically so that there would be less running between Kadala and the blacksmith. Raising the shards cap to 1000 would bring us back to the initial situation, where you have to run back between the two.
    Well, the change is pretty worthless anyway. The time spent running from the blacksmith to kadala that is now "saved" will be spent on picking up yellow items during rifts so the change does nothing really in terms of saving time. Hell, it maybe will make you waste even more time considering the post where someone compared the amount of yellow mats from a t6 rift and from kadala.
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    posted a message on Tasker & Theo Gloves and Kadala..
    Quote from Venaliter

    Quote from Tannhauser13

    I spent 10k (yes 10.000) shards with my WD and have yet to see one!
    That's nothing. I've spent 40,000 for The Furnace now.
    That's cute. I've spent exactly 51,3k on gloves alone to get my TnT which were... bad. DEX/VIT/IAS/LPS or LPH was it and 42% Pet. After rerolling I've got 8% CC on them and hey, shitty taskers are better than no taskers at all :D
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