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    yea looks like wizard/necromancer is best for solo grifting this season,necro has best set in the game atm, do u smell p2w ?? lmao lol hahahaha im kidding lol but it does seem fishy lol

    Kinda makes sense tho as it is the newest char and they want ppl to want to play it(Pay for it lol)
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    Hey guys just want to know how are you feeling about D3 atm/near future?

    I am bit disappointed, triggered and jealous when I see what the guys from PoE are getting soon.

    ... and we are discussing about primal ancients...


    Looking at how much content PoE gets constantly, it's obvious that Blizzard chose wrong with a buy2play model. While D3 monetization was insanely high in 2012 and 2014, they barely make money these days with it. PoE on the other hand is a top100 seller on steam, years after its release.

    Yep. I used to be on the 'omg D3 > poe' train, but now not so much. I still think D3 FEELS better, but that's about it.
    Watching Rhykker's interview with David Brevik, I have to say I feel the same; D3 is in 'maintenance mode'. D3 doesn't even have a Game Director anymore, and the Necro is probably just a fill in because the team that's left doesn't have anything else to work on.
    Its in maintenance mode because they are working on D4. The necro is just a placeholder til D4 arrives. Expect a 2018 announcement and a late 2019/early 2020 release
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    PvP and adventure mode at start, No AH, no infinity paragon, all new classes!!! :)

    Forget about PVP. This is not a pvp game and it never will be. All you people want is the same shit that was in D2 , joining random games and messing with ppl.
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    Do you not know how to use google?

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