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    When reading over
    they make a really good point on everything...

    HUGE monsters? -

    wow much? how are u suppose to solo a monster that bites ur head off? Diablo was so good because of the fact u didn't need 100 ppl to kill one monster... They are turning a dark solo dungeon roaming game into some huge MMO that is gonna take 4 players min to kill something than building a sorc with high mf just became useless congratulation's you are now playing WOW for free!


    "I'm sorry, but rainbows don't exist in the Diablo universe. I have read all the lore, and there is not a single mention of rainbows in there"

    this is true... sure they say "color is your friend" but not in Diablo 2 it isn't.. The story is based on the ffact that your going from town to town that has be overflowed with monsters and havoc... killing and destroying towns is what they do... there are no happy days this is suppose to be a dark and "spooky" game....

    take for example the games
    DOOM 3

    Is color DOOMS friend, NO they dont have little bunnys running around in the meadow they got DARK GREY STEAL with even darker bad guys and hells breaking loose in here.


    again ... colors nooooo this is not a happy go have fun with ur pals game its suppose to be dark it gives that feeling of chaos.

    I'm sure everyone is frustrated/mad with something that Diablo 3 makes have done,
    let's all admit it now we don't want Diablo 3 its gonna suck ... we want a LOD expansion with updated graphics. harder punishments for hacking and clean up all the spamming bots that annoy the shit out of you.
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    The Hardest Boss is Hell Baal by far, Dureal is only hard because everyone just rushses past act 1 and doesnt even do act 2 and fights him and a super low level.
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    Personally i think it sucks .. its just copy and paste of pictures from around the net...
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