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    posted a message on I got banned for botting when I never botted!!!

    I didn't created this thread to gather attention and form a horde of followers to take over blizzard neither to hear sympathy or borderline racist comments about botting.

    I did it in the case someone could offer some real advice.

    Certainly I am not lying the only thing related to botting is what I described : for another game. I would never risk to lose a 4 year account if I knew I cannot play another game simultaneously with a simple script (last time I check this isn't prohibited by the ToU as long as it's not messing with the |Game or the Service. And of course they don't tell me if this is reason I am accused for.

    Since all my appeals were constantly denied I just spoke with blizzard support. Pretty much the representative she told me the same things they wrote in their first email: can't provide additional information, thorough investigation, decision final etc etc.

    That's all enjoy your trolling.

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    posted a message on I got banned for botting when I never botted!!!

    I swear to my father's memory I've never botted or cheated in any blizzard games ever.
    I read the ToU again and again they use the term " a Game" when they are referring to their products which is vague and I am sure I never used any bot or software that reads alters or tampers with a Game developed by blizzard.

    The funny thing is that I received the aforementioned email when I was not even playing d3 for days (aprli 9) and I thought it was spam because they didn't address me by my first name as blizzard policy. Now that I am done with dark souls 3 and I wanted to collect my seasonal items I realized that its real.

    The whole thing feels like a bad joke or like last sweeps after their real ban waves are over and I will pursue this legally.

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    posted a message on I got banned for botting when I never botted!!!

    What in the world has that to do with diablo. It does not interfere with the game at all.

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    posted a message on I got banned for botting when I never botted!!!

    wtf can I do? They closed my d3 account and my appeal without even telling me what I did.

    I know I did nothing with diablo never botted or used any mods and as I told them the only thing that can relate is that I often ran in the background the Crusaders of the Lost Idols game with a simple autoclicker script.

    Nothing to do with diablo WTH is this!

    "Account Action: Account Closure
    Offense: Use of Third-Party Automation Software (also known as bots)"
    "While I definitely understand the frustration in this matter, we can assure you that a very thorough investigation was completed on this account. Even after an additional review, we have still concluded that we will be standing by our decision on this account and the action will not be removed under any circumstances. "

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    posted a message on Ban wave in EU and US

    How convenient to start a ban wave at the end of a season. I am sure this will teach those guys some manners until the end of the next season.

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    posted a message on We need a fix for leveling up gems - leveling 16 gems per character to level 70+ is a pain especially for multiple characters!

    Its a really very slow and boring process and the +1 so called "augment" feels more like a slap in the face to keep us occupied.

    If by any chance you play all the classes and you decide to augment all your items /sets with 80+gems you will grinding until the end of time.

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    posted a message on Diablo Patch 2.5 - A wishlist

    I like the general feel of those ideas and where they go but they sound a bit overpowered. And the more you give to a player the faster he get bored if he exhaust the game's content too fast.
    A parallelism for example, if you use a trainer or a CE table to any game its life span get reduced way too fast.

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    posted a message on Patch 2.4 means nothing, without abolition of paragon slavery

    It seems right to me like something similar that I've suggested in the past about upgrading items. I bet the paragon system will be the next overhaul with a similar upgrade system.

    And unless people are already over 2000p I don't think they will mind a 4000+buff to main stat from items. Its a lot faster upgrading gems to 50-70rank than reaching p2000.

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    posted a message on Sick of fishing for that perfect grif.

    Blizzard need to address the issue with the fishing because it has become really annoying and boring.

    Its not rng when you looking for 2 or 3 of a certain type of "harmless" melee stupid mobs and a rift layout that usually is act4 spire or act1 cathedral. Its called bad game mechanics.

    Its like "hey bliz, ima gonna skip all the retarded jumping flying and farting mobs you put in the game to piss us off for variety so me find the joy zombie rift".
    Jokes aside if its not bad game mechanics then the only reason that you do that 1 in 100 gr70 and you feel like a god then you get raped in gr50 like you were running naked is to stop people from progressing.

    I see 3 possible solutions : either normalize dmg and hp of all mobs, present better/mixed mob overlay in rift or at least double the amount of xp given of all the annoying worthless mobs.

    There's another solution, maybe more close to what blizzard is thinking /doing : new season/xpasion, new uber bane gem /sets, maybe new amulets that give another uber power/passive and then you have it, gr80 on farm people complain about fishing for 100 and the circle continues..

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    posted a message on Crusaders are the worst class?

    I must admit that the trolling name of the thread drew my attention but since I bought ros for the crusader primarily I can safely say that from all the classes with the exception of wizard that I have 0 experience (sorry its not sorceress) Crusader has the most awkward and dysfunctional builds.

    3 Sets (4 with Invoker lol)

    1. Akkhan was good for t6 no bonus to any skills besides the perma akarat /fire starter /prophet.

    Fate of the Fell build produced high damage (for t6) but with severe amount of stutter (if you break the animation) and minimal aoe.

    Darklight was good , simple. tons of aoe (and lag) but inefficient when mobs hps and dmg got up.

    Ponnies was something in between.

    Condemn (only holy runes) did very good aoe (low single dmg) but required you to constantly spam a button with an icd often leading to watch the button in order to not miss a cast and not the gameplay.

    All of the skill variations required perma akarat = emphasis on 56% cdr.

    2. Roland's. New set, but not much changed. Numbers got up but both of 2 the build variations are problematic.

    Bash do incredibly high amount of damage but is very single target restricted by aoe and resource (see the new barbarian hota build this is what bash should have been).
    Ironically, bash got nerfed when blizzard fixed the rift density.

    Sweep is the opposite. Does medium to high amount of damage but its only useful for large packs and or when CoE procs. The single target dmg its the one of worse of any class /build I have played.

    3. Light. Only for blessed hammer. Falling sword still sucks as a skill.Too slow mechanic/landing, no damage.

    Tons of aoe (and lag) but at a cost (as always). Too low dmg . Its only useful with cube -furnace and CoE proc when you are followed by a train of mobs.If you go stutterstep the Hexing Pants path and you don't use a macro or infinite scroll wheel say bye bye to your fingers.

    All of the above creates a further dilemma to the players if they want to utilize the best dmg rings in the game : F&R + CoE. Half of the builds are not working with a generator and for solo almost none w/o unity.

    Its like blizzard put a candy in display that everybody desires but hey its not for your class sorry.

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    posted a message on How To Spend 1000 Souls - 20 Legendary Reforges (Video)

    lost 3550 souls that way during the bonus bounties weekend. imo its not worth it unless you set a cap where you will stop reforging or you sitting at 10k+ souls. Since its easier to hunt for normal mats maybe its better to try your rng with the upgrade rare item recipe.

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    posted a message on Unity needed 60+?

    Unfortunately some of the nasty affixes or 1 hit from a mallet lord /strong melee attack will insta kill you. This was observed with 200m (like 4k physical def) toughness + unity. Also since you playing season and you have henri's offhand that makes me think that even the mojo is not enough.

    Going with unity will set your dps way back unless you try a really defensive cc build of your choice including obsidian ring.

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    posted a message on Roland's Survivability in High GRs help

    Decaying strength is triggered by melee/ ranged attacks not by spells that are already been casted. With your gear you could easily do 50. When my law and ac pops I have 200m toughness +iron skin but that dont stop mobs 2shot me. Its up to rng mostly.

    From 50+ it matters less how much toughness you have and its more about fishing the proper rift /skipping mobs.

    You may want to swap to taeguk /rubies for extra boost until you have 50 on farm and get used to the gameplay of sbash (sort of like fate of the fell /fires of heaven build). Occasionally u may stubble upon rifts /packs that feels like the game is torturing you or punishing you or something. Its part of the rng. Just skip and retry. You may want to try also rrc instead of cdr (between 45% cdr and 20% its 3 more bashes to refresh law) and wings of angels for extra mobility.

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    posted a message on Rolling off strength from amulet for %phys?

    Import your char @ d3planner

    If you have a perf compact rose you will hit /crit harder but not against elites (assuming u dis soj and keep unity). Generally at those levels bonus % dmg is a ~ 5% increase over str.

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    posted a message on How to make Diablo 3 better

    @cying Your comment along with OP thoughts shows the real problem with diablo. Lack of an end game goal, infinite gameplay with minor rewards and boredom.

    The brick wall is not there because it' supposed to be but because blizzard don't know what else to offer to make it more appealing. Or perhaps they didn't expecting from us to hit that brick wall so soon and they are out of time to develop more content.

    As humans beings we don't stop researching or exploring because of an invisible brick wall. As gamers or diablo players as well we don't stop playing when the credits rolls or the "you have died" screen pops.

    Its in our nature to want and seek more specially when we know that theres no real end to the grinding.

    You ask "why' and "then what"? More. Better. Instead of creating toons every season (their latest brick wall if I may) and doing the exact same thing over and over again with a few new legs here and there let us choose when to pull the plug. If i want to reach lets say gr680 let me reach it. Tune it appropriately.

    I never understood why all the fuss with the jailer affix until I started playing a dh and everything started to one shot me. Great brick wall...

    That's no fun at all or balanced if you ask me nor its fun to standing to the other side of the screen just randomly shooting missing all the action and the crits.

    As with the op I agree many spells need to be toned down alot and as you say gear need to be upgraded exponential.

    They did a really good first (baby) step with ancient items but as Jay would say they need to double it.

    My recommendations for a better infinite gameplay:

    1.tune the aforementioned elite affixes (see op) and dmg (5+ minutes for grguardian is boring)

    2.improve the leveling curve and the paragon system: currently the only way to deal and sustain double dmg is to have the double stats (20k main and vitality). A figure theoretically impossible and finite when the exponential numbers caps you 5 or 10 gr lvs higher.
    Paragon points need refinement. Its dated. Maybe 5 per lvl instead of 1. A bonus that will unlock every x levels ie +ar, chd, etc.

    A sub bonus that will unlock when you have unlock all the previous ones that will benefit your class directly.

    3. Gear improvement and rewards. Like gem upgrading every time you reach, complete or pass a new gr lvl you will have a chance to upgrade your gear beyond its current limits. More sockets, a 5th , 6th affix, +more %skill dmg etc. That will cost a serious amount of resources and it will bound to the gr lvl and your paragon lvl. Oh and whie we are at it give an extra cookie to those top10 in the leaderboards.

    4. Runes. I won't talk about runewords but a combination of the suggested idea of the paragon system above. Under certain circumstances you will be able to blend 2 runes and /or different abilities to 1 with bonus effects.

    5. More variety in adventure mode and gr maps. I think they working on that.

    I think the above will give more juice to the gameplay for those who seek to infinitely pursue the evils of hell.
    They won't solve the end game goal but at least will they give more comfort the to infinite dimension of the gameplay.

    Many people could care less, I have friends who just finished the story unistalled it and never bothered with farming in d3v or adventure mode. But for all the rest who want to stop when they want to stop I think those are just some nice touches that will break the infinite exponential loophole (oh gr50 ok this is the end).

    I wonder if blizzard runs internal tests on gr with chars with double or triple the live stats. That will tell alot about their vision.

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