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    posted a message on Huge 12-man Season Reset Team

    Running 2 of each class, the leveling groups will be split semi-randomly but don't want to load clear heavy on any 1 group.
    Once 70 hits, we'll be splitting into STR/STR groups (Barbs/Saders) and so on so that 2 people can loot share amongst eachother and that all 4 people in the group can LS between off-pieces (rings/ammys)

    We will be using Teamspeak 3, and playing as soon as reset hits until ???

    Spots available:
    Barbarian: KidProdigy
    Crusader: FILLED
    Crusader: *
    WD: Rationales
    WD: Macaw
    Wizard: Malekith
    Wizard: FILLED
    Monk: Vortak
    Monk: FILLED
    DH: Jod_d3
    DH: Avatar76

    (I will fill as necessary)

    * indicates interest expressed in the role by someone else but isnt filled yet

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    posted a message on Request your Stream to be in the Stream Section

    Stream Name: Pidgeon Jones

    Link: twitch.tv/pidgeonjones

    Plays: Diablo 2, Diablo 3: RoS

    Info: Monk speed runner and support monk, dedicated to helping new players get into GRs and farming effectively.

    Schedule: At least once a day, 3-4 hours minimum.

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    posted a message on Please help. Need a 2 click build for wiz.
    Quote from Craticยป

    You might try something like this:

    Tal6/FB4 bonuses w/ Blur, Unity, Halo / APD, Esoteric for some added defense.

    Keep FN:Mists on autocast and Use the ranslor's pull to help proc apds better. Most of the rift will just be using Teleport and channeling AT:SD.

    You can also swap out Ranslors for Mantle of Channeling or Goldwrap. Goldwrap would probably be better swap now that I think on it, since you'd be able to tank moltens in TX.

    Am going to play around with this myself. Nice link.
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    posted a message on Will ever be PvP in this game ?

    Short of giving the inflated level 20 characters legitimately good sets of gear, cube included, they'd still just get crushed. I think that they'd need to create an alter mode, similar to story and adventure, PvP mode where across the boards the item scalings are different.

    I do like the idea of scaling stats back but I'm not sure why people are calling for PvP "balance" in reference to previous Diablo titles. Diablo 2 was suuuuper imba in PvP and most kills were 1 shots, lol.

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    posted a message on Please help. Need a 2 click build for wiz.

    Out of curiosity, did you rush her to 70?

    If so, I recommend sending her solo or creating a new character and leveling it in story mode at least a few play throughs starting on Normal. You can't really expect her to grasp advanced mechanics if she's never really played prior.

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