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    posted a message on My experiments with patch 2.7.0 followers

    mutilation guard / esoteric alteration gems - work to increase toughness
    royal ring - does reduce set item requirments properly
    fire walkers - boots work as intended
    hexing pants - movement does not effect damage
    molten wilderbeast gem - does not add life per second or shield
    leoric crown - properly adds helm gem bonuses
    harrigton waistguard - opening chests doesn't increase damage
    aquila chests - does not boost toughness from 90% resources
    st. archew's gage - taking damage from elites does not create a protection bubble
    bane of the powerful - killing elites does not increase damage
    goldwrap - won't increase toughness from picking up gold
    sash of knives - it does throw daggers when follower attacks
    moonlight ward - correctly makes arcane orbs in close range
    ice climbers - does work to prevent ice crowd control
    stone gauntlets - do not increase toughness or attack speed on hit

    legacy of nightmares - does not make them stronger/tougher
    captain crimson set - 2pc gain 6000 life per second works / does not increase str/tough due to cooldown reduction

    (I do not believe cooldown reduction works on followers)
    sage set - 2pc 250 stat increases do get the 2.5x bonus on followers for 2500 total stats
    aughild set - does not Reduces damage taken by 15% nor increases damage dealt by 30%

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