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    posted a message on ddos attack by Lizard Squad
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    got kicked out thx lizard squad and thx blizzard for making this online game
    sigh..... shut up, its not blizzards fault.
    Regardless, blizzard made the game. They decided to make it DRM. Thus, they have partial accountability for the instability of their product. No matter who is assaulting it.
    They are also obliged to ensure the game is up and running for some X% of time. For those of you who do want a refund, now is the time to consult your local consumer council. You will have good grounds for getting a full refund.

    If Blizzard don't play their cards right, this will be the beginning of the end. Although I do not condone internet terrorism, I have found it can shake up certain companies for their own good and also for the consumer. Companies can become slack, forget about the customer and become too profit oriented
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    posted a message on ddos attack by Lizard Squad
    A server client architecture is inherently vulnerable to attacks. If you put in some sort of measures, you will only move the point of vulnerability to somewhere else. It will usually always occur at the point where the system has to filter out / authenticate or where there is a performance bottleneck.

    There are ways to lessen the problem using sophiscated load balancing technology with algos idenitifying DOS, tunnelling, routing but theses usually only to lessen the issue rather than to prevent the problem completely.

    Internet terrorists are smart. If you step it up, so will they and they will always catch up.
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    posted a message on 1-2 hours and we have our FIRST world paragon 1000
    Quote from RoguexA

    To all the haters.

    Way to go and props for clan rep MMM. There'll always be haters - just let them do their thing. They can't effect you in the slightest ;) Atleast you're getting 'hated' on instead of doing the hating. Funny that eh? :P
    It is funny. You can really distinguish the losers on these forums ~ those who tend to attack others at every opportunity. Funny thing is, if we had our real identities up, bet they would not have the guts to say anything. Says it all.....

    I just pity them as they must have had an awful life to have their character shaped that way.
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    posted a message on Item/Option to reset weapon to original form
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    If you want to keep your current items forever, then you are clearly in the wrong genre. Patches come and bring new and better items. That's how it is and always will be in item based games. There will always be a carrot on a stick. Having the best equip forever is not an option.
    Yes, but the carrot and stick are mounted on the back of a ferrari travelling at top speed whilst I'm chasing it riding a donkey. But I tell myself, eventually, the Ferrari will break down or run out of fuel so I can catch up ;) . BUT then the new patch arrives and now the carrot and stick has been remounted on a Maclaren F1.... All I can do is whip my donkey.....
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