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    posted a message on Possible 5th Class - DHAMPIR
    bleh not a huge fan of the whole half demon/undead/vampire/whatever deal. All of the heros need to stay human
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    posted a message on Will you make a Demon Hunter ?
    Barb or yet to be revealed class.. none of the others really appeal to me atm
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    posted a message on Demonhunter
    Quote from "Seniri" »

    lets start seeing how many ways we can spell illidan
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    posted a message on Amazon pre-purchase... does it mean anything?
    didn't they accept pre orders for starcraft ghost?
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    posted a message on Set crafting idea/suggestion
    NOoooo i dont want any crafting. Kill bosses for phat lewts only please... no horrible grinding for mats
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    posted a message on Death Knights are a required monster type
    They Better Not Have Fucking Deathgrip!
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    posted a message on Diablo III Announced !!!!!
    Quote from "Whiplashr" »
    I guess now, instead of arguing over whether it's a protoss head or Arthas, or Diablo's head.. we will argue about the quality of the graphics.

    Actually I won't be, said what I will for now. I like what I've seen so far. And there is obviously still much to see.

    looks like a protoss head imho:D
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    posted a message on Blizzcon 2008 Announced
    uggg i hate reading these threads it gets my diablo boner moist and rubbery
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    posted a message on The Problem with World of Warcraft
    Quote from "Equinox" »
    I think Phrozen is pretty correct about why people play WoW so much. Their lives are broken. It's quite understandable - people pressure you all day and make fun of you, why not play WoW where you can be what you want yourself to be? That's a very strong aspect that attracted people to such games. Considering how much crap life has to offer to some people...

    It surprises me, tho, I don't consider myself a very involved person, but I don't get sucked into games... my schoolwork always comes first.

    schoolwork can be just as big an escape as games, well for some people anyways. i know plenty of people who neglect other aspects of life because they HAVE to make the honor roll, HAVE to get top scores. O well, to each his own,


    i know doing school work is alot more productive than wow,
    i would probably be happier with dual wielding warglaives than excelling in classes <if i still was in school>
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    posted a message on Blizzard Acquires Diablo3.com - Feelings?
    Quote from "Robosexual" »
    I knew this was going to be it, I chose "It's ok" because I'm pretty sure its going to be announced on th 29th, so any news disregarding the announcement up until then will be immune to me.


    /pray its announced on the 29th, a trailer would make me grow a big rubbery one for diablo.
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    posted a message on Zann Esu's Dark Side Cover
    Quote from "Umpa65" »
    tht chicks from.......ya!!shes with skeletor!

    meh not dark enough, cant imagine a diablo cover without a red/black color scheme, ok art though the faded logo doesnt work though.
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    posted a message on Who is the Hardest Boss?
    Quote from "wdfam" »
    now are we talking only the boss himself? (or herself) or the general people who you have to fight with the boss? because thoes stupid evil knights (the ones who practicly kill you instantly {they shoot the purple ball}) ya know the ones before you click on all the symbols before diablo comes out, were extremely difficult (even with hero editor i had some trouble)

    lol ur bad.
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    posted a message on Who is really behind all the evil?
    Quote from "darkjay" »
    wirt... he cant do anything... i mean we took his leg

    er he is very crippled since that..

    anyone played WoW?

    we even got his third leg for christ sake.
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    posted a message on Diablo 1 deserves are respect
    omg iwould love to have this on xbl.. dont know if i would like the controls but i would still <3 it
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    posted a message on Would you pay to play Diablo III?
    Quote from "JohnRambo" »
    People know that Diablo is a HNS and that it is repetitive as hell once you pick up a cookie-cutter build. Once you get to a certain level Hell difficulty is a damn joke. Warcraft was an RTS and they made it into an MMO and it became the number 1 MMORPG in the world. I don't see what the problem is with making D3 a MMORPG.

    i dont disagree.. but i would hate to see WoW with different character models and bosses. dont get me wrong i play WoW.. alot.. but i miss the diablo feel
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