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    posted a message on Maximum two players in public games!

    Hey guys,

    i think this issue have annoyed most of us by now!

    I hope blizzard technicans will solve this problem, it is very bad..

    Fortunaly i have notice a workaround for this:

    Join a public bountie game
    it will be only you and one more, ask that person if you may invite him/her to a /4 game

    leave that game, join a new
    =you and a new one
    invite the first one
    he comes into the game
    and the automatic starts almost directly for an /4 person to enter

    i rly cant understand why, this will be hard for them to solve!?
    Have a nice day!

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    posted a message on Diablo 3 20th Anniversary Panel at blizzcon is only 45 minutes. Don't get your hopes up.

    Keep in mind that the blocks that are shaded in before 7pm pst are often times filled with whatever their surprises are.

    Not saying it is Diablo related, but those slots, especially on Saturday, will be filled with something.

    And this:

    *Join the Diablo III development team for a look back on two decades in Sanctuary, and get a first look at our plans to celebrate the occasion.

    This pretty much tells me it is not going to just be a "Yay, happy 20th guys, dim the lights" and it is going to be something elaborate.

    I really hope so, i mean, it must be some "Fireworks" for Diablo, not just for the other Blizz games..
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    posted a message on Blizzcon 2016 Schedule + Map revealed

    Omg.. only like 45 min for Diablo 3... on a 20:th anniversary.. for Diablo, ( DI,DII,DIII, right!! 1996 )

    Well, i already bought a ticket, and awesome T-shirts..

    So, if not my "rockstar" isnt play'in.. it "should" be fun watching :)

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