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    posted a message on No luck RAMALADNI'S GIFT.

    would be great if they added a cube recipe to make a gift, for those unlucky people that don't get it to drop

    1 max lvl regular gem of every type and a lvl 50 legendary gem would make sense (and no you do not need ramnaldis to get a lvl 50 gem, did gr 75 without)

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    posted a message on why primals are so bad?

    found a couple of primals with 2 or more wrong rolls, thus despite being for the spec i play, normal items outclassed them (helmet with armor and resist, ring with vit, regen, allres, shoulders with wrong skill, allres and ad)

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    posted a message on Lv 68 character in public T13, how?

    Simple, start a game with the underlvl char and then make it public, if others complete any bounty you got yourself free xp.

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    posted a message on Conquest: Boss Mode

    One of the easier conquests, once you plowed through things like gr70 solo you should be able to run this effortlessly even solo

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    posted a message on Rift Guardian Woes

    What i do on tough GR guardians is fighting them near a level entrance, and zoning in with spirit walk and zoning out before it ends, sure it'll only get a few garg/dog hits in, but with rank 79 stricken they will hit harder and harder (especially if piranado is up), worked on my most recent GR77 peridition and ended up killing him 1min20sec before the time ran out.

    Granted i play season softcore, but i rather spend a few sec inbetween spiritwalks ion a different map then having to wait for garg cd to be up again.

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    posted a message on Next Patch or Game Suggestions.

    More special events like Goblin and Cow levels.

    Higher torment levels, the gap between t10 and the gr70 season requirement is huge, 1 torment added per season, retroactive and for future ones, would allow for a smoother transition.

    New items that can only drop on t11 or higher, preferably with gameplay changing atributes (that can't be put in a cube). Things like if you cast spell A, you also cast B, which gains these 2 rune effects (possibly a cross class skill B ) or entirely new properties for skills.

    Wandering bosses that announce their presence when a game is made (but not their location) and or get spawned under specific conditions (SoJ selling, goatmen ritual, defeating bosses in a specific order)

    Conditional skill modifiers to give more reason to play with multiple damage dealers opposed to 1 dps+3 zdps ; examples: enemies hit by explosive blast take 400% extra damage from your locust swarm and 20% of its damage splashes to nearby enemies. Fallen sword deals 300% extra damage to targets affected by earthquake.

    Gemwords, adding properties to blue and yellow items based on the order they are inserted. Those could include some of the conditional skill mods described above aswell as other raised stats.

    To give people more incentive to wear yellows, a LoN like legendary could be implemented that gives you damage bonuses per yellow item that you wear. (kinda a mid-tier alternative, not as powerfull as LoN or other high end builds, but still worth considering when comparing it to gr 60 ish set+legendary gear)

    New legendary gems, including ones that can go in specific armor slots.

    Endless Dungeon, in which the mobs keep spawning with ever increasing powerlevel based on the amount of mobs you killed in the 3min prior to it and get awarded for the difficulty you reached when you get defeated. This would be a "no death zone" for hardcore as you'd be unable to get out of combat and the dungeon portal only re-appears once you got defeated.

    Monsterous shrine: spawning multiple bosses

    New cube recipes, including those requiring new ingredients from the aforementioned wandering bosses.

    lvl 50 extra bonus for legendary gems that builds up on the gems properties. Gogok then could be granting you area damage based on the stack count, boon of the hoarder could ad xp based on gold looted, bane of the trapped could get the frostburn passive, bane of the powerful the nemesis passive, enforcer could force your pets to prioritize things near your cursor, stricken could lower the damage the target deals and so on.

    Cursed items, while giving you a powerful legendary power, the same power also reduces something else. Examples, you deal 700% weapon damage to targets within 20 yards every second, but your movement speed from paragon/items gets capped at 12.5%, You randomly shoot arcane orbs at enemies, but you gain the chance on hit to be randomly jailed in place for 3sec.

    New level cap.

    A 7 piece set wearable by all classes that replaces your abilities with boss themed abilities, act boss depending on which item you do not wear. Including Adria, Mephisto and Baal from d2.

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    posted a message on Is progression too fast?

    The set was a headstart to get on your way to do the actual progression= gr, hitting t10 and farming it is what many considder the base of the game.

    was it too much to get a full set? perhaps, how about getting 2 parts of all your class sets instead? that way you have less of a power jump but get a comparable helping hand to start, with a rorg and getting 1 of the missing pieces for 2 of the sets you'll be sporting 4p+4p.

    solo gr70 as a season journey requirement was the hardest part for me as dh

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    posted a message on Season 5 Set Dungeon Difficulty Equivalent?

    Did the DH and Crusader dungeons on master, found the Unhallowed Essences dungeon to be the most frustrating as the mobs simply spawn in a way that hitting 20 with 1 multi shot was impossible to do often enough while still killing everything within the time.


    Marauder: Boring as hell, place a turret in the direction you are walking, spam your ability of choice and vault when you see earth crumbling beneath you.

    Shadows Mantle: make sure to have a generator to break shields with on the bearers so you can impale-kill them rather then having them potentially soaking an impale for another mob and dropping your objective stack, impale dagger, lightning rune and resource cost reduction are your friends

    Natalyas: crashing beast belt and longest duration rain, stafe as trigger recomended, obsidian ring in cube to keep your rain cd refreshed.

    UE: pray for enough occurances of 2 packs spawning on top of/ near eachother for the objective


    Invokers: watch stuff suicide by attacking you, pop iron skin + bed of nails when you see an elite

    Rolands: due to the stupid amount of mobs, specifically imps, i recommend asking someone to join and kill stray mobs for you.

    Akhan: run the map twice, 1st round just condemn (instant explosion recommended) and after you did the condemn objective, slaughter the place with akhan up. (kill mobs on the 1st round if there are less then 10 in a pack, do not waste time pulling stuff together)

    Light: Cains Rebuttal sword, falling sword ontop of elites to avoid mortar, slaughter the place with whatever hammer rune you like

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    posted a message on No Furnace yet: weapon to cube?

    For me the problem is finding a ramnaldi, my weapon just looks weird without a gem. http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/darkscion-2895/hero/66520991

    Cubed the gavel, was cubing for furnace and spend lots of shards on 2h weapons, ended up finding one myself.

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    posted a message on Potential Generator Build with the Revamped Shenlongs set and Kunai's Cube

    Am i the only 1 that hates the kk and kkk abbreviations? You do not run around irl saying "a thousand thousand" or "thousand thousand thousand" you call them million or billion respectively.

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    posted a message on Is (this) Buriza worth using ?
    loh to 10% dmg and ramnaldi, nice weapon
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    posted a message on Etaryu vs Demon machine (cold build m6) (profile added)

    Etaryu (bow)
    2695.0 dps
    1.4 speed (reaching the 2.84 attackspeed treshold with it = 3.3333 attacks/sec sentry)
    1398-2452 damage (of which 1128-1414 cold as weapon bonus)
    17% cold
    749 dex
    10% dmg
    7185 life/kill

    Demon machine (xbow)
    2567.7 dps
    2104-2565 dmg (1151-1408 fire)
    1.1 speed (2.16 breakpoint= 2.5 sentry attacks/sec)
    9% dmg
    713 dex
    10 cdr
    8750 life/kill

    Edit: added profile
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    posted a message on TnT(int) 7 ias 10 crit 41% pet or magefist(dex) 16%fire 6% ias 47%chd 9.5%crit
    yes the tnt is rolled allready, used to have armor instead of 10 crit
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    posted a message on TnT(int) 7 ias 10 crit 41% pet or magefist(dex) 16%fire 6% ias 47%chd 9.5%crit
    Bit torn between the 2, especially since the TnT has vit, which would allow me to equip a 499dex 492 vit 7 ias 4 elite hellcat instead of the SoE


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    posted a message on Proposal to reintroduce trading
    Changing it to be trade-unlocked after you found a certain number of said item, like one of the posters (mis)understood from your post, would be a great solution.

    I know several people that have found several copies suposedly rare items, i myself salvaged 12 serpent sparkers but have yet to find a wand of woh, more or less gave up on wiz as i spend 40k shards on woh and even with 2.1m paper+sparker+mirrorball+ 80% fire+30% hydra i was slower in t6 then my 89% jeram 41% twofecta t&t WD with 1.6m paper and 19% phys, aswell as having lots more survival issues as mobs are more likely to hit me, @ wd there are tons of pets as eligeble targets.
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