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    posted a message on Yang's re-roll help thanks.

    The Unhallowed Essence 6 pieces set says :

    • Hatred generators, Vengeance attacks and Multishot deal 100% increased damage per point of Discipline the Demon Hunter currently has (6 pieces)

    Meaning that 2 points of Discipline , increases your damage by 200%, while the weapon base damage will...increase with few % at best. d3planner seems to not take into consideration the set bonus.

    EDIT: That if you have the Unhallowed set :)

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    posted a message on Old guy

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JE00eCIl1rM :)

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    posted a message on The meaning of TurboHUD and why it is much more than just a hack

    THUD will not get you banned, get over it. Is not "automation" game play and so , no ban.

    Now, is THUD good or bad ? Well .. the idea is that D3 random map generator is awesome , but the random mobs in the Rifts and G Rifts is shit , and I am talking about the density. Fishing for a decent rift is NOT part of the fun mechanism or game play. You have the gear, you have the power and yet, the "fishing for a decent rift" stops you to progress. That is the problem. I remember in season .. 7? or so .. I had good gear and all , but man! I fished for decent rifts like crazy. From a total of say .. 100 rifts , 10 were awesome and say ..15 decent. That is a very bad of 75% of time wasted.

    I always said , "block" us to progress if we don't have the necessary gear to progress, meaning not enough damage and all, but do NOT "block" us with shitty Rifts ( no mobs density ) .

    I was tempted in season 8 or so to use THUD. I didn't, but I have nothing against those who uses it. As long as is no auto game play .. is ok I guess.

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    posted a message on Fastest (T13) class/build atm?

    I still see Crusader LoN build as the fastest for T13.

    I mean , Monk and Wiz , after some run's .. with their teleport spam , will definitely makes you to "stay a while and listen" , while Crusader LoN build is fast, relaxing ( which is what I love ) and very easy to farm with.

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