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    Paper Scissors Rock competition???

    hahaha I thought I was on the last page.....

    Is there a 'Stupidest Member' award??

    Ok, just to clarify, that was me responding to Silver's post on how we would resolve the votes....
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    I like summon necs for HC, but that's about it. They are mainly for PvM and I like to be able to PvP with all of my chars, even if they are PvM.

    So I like Bone Necs. Even though they are expensive, they are the best PvPers next to pure chargers I reckon.
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    Cheers guys. A lot of stuff has been happening around me lately. But I'll get through it, I'm tough......

    My mate is having a hard time too. His brother was in a motorbike accident and he is now in a coma. Which sucks balls cos his brother is awesome...
    Not to mention it happened two days before christmas.....

    So I guess I am not the only going through hard times.....

    As I said though, playing games and killing shit is helping ALOT lol
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    Hey guys,

    I am here to post an update on my status as I have been somewhat inactive for a period of time. Several things have been happening in my life that have made it hard for me to stay in the right state of mind a therefore I have not found myself able to post on a regular basis.

    First and foremost, my 14 year old cousin has recently had a heart attack and she is dying. Unless they can find her a new heart then I am afraid she is going to die. She currently has a portable machine pumping for her heart but she cannot be sustained for longer than a year or so.

    Secondly, I have been spending my time looking for wirk as I have been going insane staying at home doing sweet FA and as much as that sounds like a good thing I am finding myself getting angry at people for no reason. So I am am doing my best to get myself out there and occupied.

    And last but not least. I have recently broken up with my girlfriend and despite the fact that I went about it in the right way by trying not to hurt her, her family has put me through this absolute head fuck by saying that she is reverting back to her old "suicidal" ways. Not that it bothers me as such, it is more that I don't want her to hurt herself as she is a great chick, but I just didn't have those kinds of feelings.

    That's basically my predicament at the moment guys.

    I am still staying active on Xfire and in games. I am looking to deck out my sorceress and necromancer in SC of Diablo II so I will be becoming more active on there hopefully. It is just that killing people on Call of Duty 4 is such a good stress reliever so I have been doing lots of that.

    Sorry for the inactivity Carlos, I will do my best to remain active.


    P.s. Gratz on the promotion Jetrall. You deserve it man!
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    The only thing that bothers me about the later versions of Mortal Kombat (a.k.a DA, Armageddon) is that they move away from the original fighting style without giving much back in the way of fighting style.

    they gave weapons and stuff but didn't improve the speed and flow of the fighting. It is still hard to pull of impressive combos and stuff. They could take a lesson from Tekken and DOA fighting styles. In the flow of attacks I mean.

    I am all for the older games though. I still remember the original and second game on Sega Megadrive.

    DULLARD - Down, Up, Left, Left, A, Right, Down

    The best cheat ever made. Activates blood, one button fatalities and more.

    And of course, the best two fatalities ever....

    MK II

    Lui Kang - Down, Forward, Back, Back, High Kick - Dragon Fatality


    Scorpion - Hold Block + Down, Down, Up, Up, High Punch


    Lol, man I loved that MKII. It was the shizzle
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    posted a message on Jessica Rabbit, too sexy for disney?
    You said it, part of pleasure island. Case closed.

    How can something be "too sexy" in Pleasure Island?
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    posted a message on Old Legion Archives *CLOSED*

    I haven't been on for a bit but I do check in every now and then from COD 4 and Fury.

    I should probably update my friends list then....
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    I am glad to see you guys have settled in and have solved your issues.

    Under Ferrets guidance I am sure you can become a very strong legion.

    May your adventures be filled with the blood and guts of your enemies!
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    Jarhead, as I have said to Caliban, I do respect your decision to leave the SLAYERS as it was your choice. I know that this has been building up for sometime now and that some of you had been on your last nerve.

    The growing up bit was not pointed at flaming or childish comments. But more towards the bickering that is going on and the fact that some of you can't come to terms with what has happened and just shake hands over the matter.

    I have been asked if I wanted to join this new clan of yours and if I too was going to leave SLAYERS but I do not have reason too. And until I have been pushed to the point of no return I will never feel the need.

    So for now we will have to fight side-by-side as legions not as legionnaires. Which does not bother me at all because we are all fighting for the same cause are we not?

    Shit, why can't people just pop open a beer and watch the footy or somethin? It's so much easier is Australia, cos no-one ever gives a shit........
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    You guys are bickering like a couple of old fucking nannies!

    This is the deal.

    All of you asked to have Carloseus as your leader. Therefor you asked to have someone give you commands! He gave you a very straightforward order.

    Are you in or are you out?

    Yes, this was a very harsh way of putting things but that is what you get when you put someone else in charge. You will always get commands that you do not like. You can't cry at every hard decision that someone forces you to make

    And Carlos,

    I know that you have made sacrifices in order to keep everyone working together as a whole. And yes you are in Command, so the decision to make that order was your own. But you do need to remember that this isn't real life. People are not going to die and just because someone doesn't want to make the same sacrifice as you did, doesn't mean that they are not a friend.

    You asked them to make a decision and they made it. Do not get angry at them because they didn't make the one you wanted them too.

    So listen everyone because I am just going to say this once.


    Stop blaming each other and just get over it. What is done, is done. There are now two Legions and I am sure that we can work together as separate Legions to keep SICK as strong, if not stronger, then ever before.

    And if we can't do that then there is no point in having a Guild at all.

    I shall await your responses and hope that we can bring this to a happy and swift conclusion for both parties.


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    posted a message on The Sick Video - Released!
    It said you love me!!!!!!

    That was awesome. I see what you meant about Carlos being in it. That hella looks like Cloud. And I thought I saw some HG:L in the previews.

    Nice job man!

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    Quote from "Carloseus" »
    Well, I was thinking heavily in taking several weeks if not months from the forum. For real this time. But I would not be me, I would not be a good example to those I give advice to, and I would not be a leader if I went away, no matter if it was to get my crap together. I will drag myself to my feet from the ground after this blow I've been dealt, dust myself off, and keep fighting.


    I'm starting out clean. If people want to leave, (especially the way they left) then they fell out of tune with SLAYERS, its purposes, and what it stands for.

    Also, lets start recruiting people. Preferably forum members, those who seem loyal, show great teamwork, and are up to the challenge are the ones you must target. The excellent recruit is someone like Winston, or Sofawall. Lets work on keeping the walls from caving after all this, I'll work on keeping myself in check, and communication is key people. Keep me updated on what is going on and any problems you may have, I'll keep an open ear.

    That is all, dismissed.

    Commander of SLAYERS

    SLAYERS is crippled, the sadness of the matter is that it was by my own hand. I am not suited for leadership of SLAYERS any longer I think, I am not worthy of leading this great legion any more. I will make all the arrangements to fix this, and if I cannot I will have to start thinking about temporarily handing over the scepter of SLAYERS to Fudlow and taking time off to find myself again. Something must be seriously wrong with me if all my leaders and legionaire, most of my active members left. If I pushed them to the point that they could not take it anymore, then there is something wrong with me, and I am not suited for rule of anyone.

    Sir I feel the need to interject.

    As a newer recruit of the Slayers Legion I have not been under your command for very long. But having known you for some time and having seen how you command and lead your troops, I know that you are well suited for the job as Commander for the SLAYERS.

    Yes we have been struck a very mortal blow, with several of our higher members leaving the legion but do not let that disband us. We can rebuild the Legion, making it even stronger than before.

    I know that you think that you have been too hard on your troops, but that is what a Commander does, Command! Do you think that in a battle where innocent people, with families and children are dying, that a Commander would would be able to keep his cool the way you have? All you did was tell them to make their choice. Be in or out. If they chose out then that is fine. They obviously feel hard-done by.

    So let them make thier choice, if they wish to leave then let them. Atleast that way you know that the SLAYERS is only compiled of the most trustworthy soldiers. Soldiers who would endure years of torture in order to keep the Legion's darkest secrets unknown.

    For those who have left us, I bid you farewell. I do not wish anything upon you but for you to find what you are looking for, because I know that despite your abandonment, you shall still be faithful to SICk and everyone within.

    So I am with you till the end Carlos. I will help you restore the SLAYERS back to its original strength and once again make it the backbone of SICK. Because what doesn't destroy us can only make us stronger!

    Long live the SLAYERS, and long live Silver!

    Proud Legionnaire of SLAYERS
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    posted a message on Geeeze
    I actually thought it was a virus or something when I first saw it.

    I opened my browser (because I have D3.com as my homepage) and all of a sudden a crack opens up in the screen and a big friggin snake comes out. I shat myself a clicked off the browser straight away.

    Then, I gathered up the courage and tried it once more...
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    posted a message on Differences in culture.
    Quote from "Jetrall" »

    As for self-names, if we aren't calling ourselves Candians, we're calling ourselves Canucks.

    I have heard that before actually, it would be interesting to know the origin.

    Quote from "OTC-esaul" »
    do ppl from france australia and shit kno where california's at on a map?

    Yeah, California is hanging off the western side of the states isn't it? I could point it out on the map. I usually get confused with north and south America.

    Quote from "Equinox" »
    I used the label "redneck" mostly for the simplistic people who do drugs, smoke, and "party", and have random sex; who have simple jobs, use slang and/or cuss a lot, have a distate towards people who are not like them, don't do well in school/college, tend to fight everyone for stupid reasons when it's not at all necessary, hold grudges, etc. And, most importantly, a true redneck, when confronted with all the above as being "bad", uses his unique deranged logic to explain how all those things are actually good...

    That's pretty much the exact stereotype I had in my head.
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