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    posted a message on FPS issue only in A3:Rakkis Crossing
    You're not alone. Myself and all of my friends that I've played with have the same massive fps drop in the area as well. I haven't searched around yet, but I hope it is a known issue. I have a single R9 290 card, and with tons of effects on screen in any other area, my fps NEVER drops below 60fps at 1080p.

    I've also got a SX900 SSD, 16gb of 1866 Mushkin RAM, and an 8350 OC'd to 4.6Ghz.
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    posted a message on Zombie Bears back in action?
    Funny you should post this, since 1.03 has broken Zombie Bears, and Blizz said they aren't gonna fix it till 1.04.
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    posted a message on Will this build work in Inferno?
    Cool. Thanks for the input guys. I'll take your advice, and keep playing around with different passives and runes and such. See if I can find the sweet spot.
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    posted a message on Will this build work in Inferno?
    So since I've switched up to this build, I seem to just be cruising through Hell. I'm lvl 58 in Act 3 and just mowing through mobs now. I was just wanting to know if it will be viable in Inferno, or if I should try practicing with a different build.

    My build: http://us.battle.net...djUT!bTX!acZaZc

    My stats:
    5.8K Damage
    26K HP
    400 HP/sec
    1550 Armor
    864 Mana
    30.62 Mana Regen
    100-115 All Res
    35% Dmg Reduced

    All of the choices feel right except for maybe the Gargantuan, who dies fairly often. But I still want to have something to take some attention away from me, as he's saved my life countless times.

    I'm curious as to why I haven't seen anyone use Grave Injustice. It seems to work really well in this style of build. I spirit walk in, Cast Soul Siphon (9-10K Dmg), and spam Zombie Bears. Everything dies nearly immediately, so my Spirit Walk CD runs out and I recast it and run to the outskirts of the mob. Then I can cast a couple more Zombie Bears until I'm down to just a couple guys left and then I use Poison Dart Splinters. Basically, Grave Injustice when used with Damage boosting gear, Soul Siphon for Dmg, and Spirit Walk for Mana and mobility, it allows me to never run out of mana with Zombie Bears and pretty much continuously spam it for as long as there are enemies.

    Obviously my other 2 passives also help out with Mana costs, and between Grave Inj and Blood Ritual, I gain a lot of life every enemy killed and every second. The only time where I actually need to slow down is during boss fights or annoying Champ/Rare mobs. The nice thing I've notice about this build, is that I actually don't have a problem with any Champ or Rare mobs. I can usually kill them on the first try, and will only die maybe 1 out of every 6 Champ/Rare mobs.

    So basically what I'm asking is if I scaled up my Damage,HP, Armor, and Res, would this build be Inferno Viable?
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    posted a message on Open Beta Weekend!
    Okay, so I got on at around 4pm today Pacific time, cruised straight on through the beta, and beat the Skeleton King. The only problem I noticed in game was 2 times it clearly lagged by about a half second. Luckily this section of the game is an absolute cakewalk.

    Aside from that, the game is AWESOME!! I can't wait for the real thing!! :D
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    posted a message on Open Beta Weekend!
    HELL YEAH!! Finally!! Sadly though, working until 3pm today, at which time I will be sure to play straight through until work tomorrow. :D
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    posted a message on Diablo III Launching May 15 – Digital Pre-Sales NOW OPEN
    My god. Do my eyes deceive me? This game is actually going to be released?! Finally. :D
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    posted a message on DiabloFans Calculator Build Contest (ONE POST ONLY)
    So here is my design for a PvE Witch Doctor build meant to be able to make it all the way through Inferno. (Funny how there aren't many Witch Doctor builds in this thread)


    The game plan for this build is to keep the enemies slow and distant with Haunt, while letting my minions take and deal the majority of the damage. This build is primarily a high damage fire build with some good survivability.

    Haunt- Grasping Spirit
    I decided right away, that for Inferno I'd need a spell that I could cast repeatedly that could slow down enemies. The advantage of Haunt over other spells with slow, is that it can be fired from distance, keeping me out of danger. And possibly more important, the spirit can jump to another nearby enemy without me casting the spell again, thus saving mana. This is the spell I would be casting the most and will rely upon, so it is on my left mouse button.

    Locust Swarm - Searing Locusts
    For my secondary attack, I knew that I'd need a high damage medium to close range spell that hits multiple enemies in close proximity, and something that could get me out of a jam. With Searing Locusts, it accomplishes all of these.

    Fetish Army - Tiki Torchers
    This is a summon ability that I'll need to keep casting fairly often. These guys will help stop damage coming through to me, and can deal some good damage with the fire casters. These guys act as the first speed bump that the enemies have to get through to kill me.

    Wall of Zombies - Zombie Rush
    Since I expect there to be massive swarms of enemies in Inferno, having a "Zombie Nova" to hit all enemies around me is going to be necessary. Again, I'm going with the damage boosting ability as a way to take out the monsters as fast as possible. It is relevant that this ability does Physical damage as opposed to fire, in case there are a lot of fire resistant creatures that I run into.

    Zombie Dogs - Burning Dogs
    These guys will be doing a decent amount of damage while taking a large majority of the hits. Choosing fire damage to kill the enemies quickly is a recurring theme here as well. The fact that any enemies surrounding the dogs will get burnt is a big plus, as dealing with multiple enemies is necessary.

    Gargantuan - Humongoid
    I knew that I'd want a tank on my side to take the brunt of the damage. I decided to give him Cleave as a way to take out multiple enemies, increasing his kill speed. He also deals physical damage, so I'm again splitting up how my damage is dealt for resistances.

    Jungle Fortitude
    Keeping myself and my pets alive is a primary concern in the Inferno difficulty. Reducing damage by 20% seems like a sweet way to keep alive longer in the hardest difficulty.

    Zombie Handler
    This also increases the longevity of my pets, by increasing health by 20%. This and Jungle Fortitude combine to give a 40% resistance to dying in Inferno. I foresee keeping my pets around longer to be the most import thing in that difficulty.

    Spiritual Attunement
    What would a caster be without Mana? This gives a significant boost to Max Mana and Mana Regen, allowing me to continue dealing death to my enemies.
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    posted a message on Activision Blizzard Q4 Conference Call
    I hate to say it, but I called June 29th 2012 a couple years ago. :P
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 Opening Cinematic
    Hmmm. So its Tyrael that falls from the heavens. I suppose the Angiris Council kicked him out finally for helping the humans too much. Very interesting. :D
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    posted a message on ScyberDragon's Live Stream
    We really do appreciate the effort you're putting into streaming this Scyber, but I think a different streaming site might do better. As a heads up, this is what we are seeing half of the time.

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    posted a message on Naked Barb Playthough (by Vesmar Entertainment)
    I know a lot of you guys are getting bored with watching the same old playthroughs of the DIII Beta. So I found some incredibly awesome content by the guys at Vesmar Entertainment on Youtube. If you guys haven't seen this yet, you should. Its so epically funny! Enjoy!

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    posted a message on Archie is back!
    Quote from Ullion

    Archie! I hate to put it like this, but the most prominent memory I have of you was your wanting to always rape and pillage people in ikariam. Rofl <3

    Nice to see you round' though, brah.
    lol I'm glad that's how you remember me. Man, what a time that was. I sure did get kind of heated for a while there, didn't I. :hehe: Its nice to be back amongst the community again. :)
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    posted a message on Archie is back!
    Thanks Mag! Yeah, the wizard hat smiley was nice. So sad. :QQ:
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    posted a message on Skills and Guns
    Quote from mocaorca

    I'm confused how it was cleared up that there were no guns. Bash's comment:
    "Demon hunters are able to pepper the battlefield with scores of arrows and projectiles, or snipe distant enemies with a precision undreamt of by other heroes. Their arsenal includes longbows, guns, grenades, hand-thrown weapons, and even dual-wielded crossbows."
    That wasn't bashiok's comment. That was the post on the Diablo 3 character page. Bashiok's post was the one saying that guns are not in D3.

    For the full battle.net forums discussion and further clarification, read this:

    Quote from Ranim


    They don't have any reason not to dick around with the idea.
    IMO, the way the Qual khek says it, it is a joke. Basically, during the early stages of Diablo 2, people were having the same discussion over guns as we are now. That whole speech is just a form of easter egg for those people. And at the same time, declares guns as a strange and implausible idea. It is just an in-game way of saying that games won't be in the Diablo series.

    Quote from LinkX

    Quote from ScyberDragon

    IMO pistol xbows are guns. Just skinned and made to fit in the lore of D3. Not that I have a problem with that.

    I'd agree with this. I think the evidence points to them originally making the Demon Hunter a gun class, then with the uproar of the Diablo community in general, they reskinned the guns and made them crossbows.

    I wouldn't care if they were guns or 1h crossbows personally.
    I have to disagree with this notion. With skills like Impale, Entangling Shot, Bola Shot, Rain of Vengeance, I'd say that the weapons started out as bow weapons. Besides, I dont' think guns would hurt demons much if at all. We need magic to slay the Evils. Isn't that the whole concept behind Diablo. Humans have this innate magical power that is ultimately more powerful than Angels or Demons.

    The Sin Wars spoiler
    The Angiris Council made everyone on Sanctuary forget their powers, so that humans didn't stop both the Angels and Demons. Plus, mankind wasn't quite ready for the powers yet.

    BTW, its nice to see you again Linkx. :)
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