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    Why do you whiners feel compelled to post a dramatic exit before you cease playing the game?

    Stop playing the game if it doesn't give you any entertainment value; that's fair play, but seriously stop posting whiny shit as if to glorify your opinion, you're not a professional reviewer, nobody gives a shit.

    Actually, Blizzard has said many times that they read every thread. Ofcorse that's a lie but hey they want to seem like they "give a shit"

    It's obvious the type that are left playing Diablo 3 from this thread and I find it so funny how you all sit there and defend this game knowing that its all bull. There are threads after threads of about the same thing I stated and I post it in hopes it will make a difference. I am sure you wouldn't know anything about trying to make a difference in your life.

    It's funny how you assume I'm not a professional reviewer. As if you know me.

    Aw, an ad hominem attack right there in the second paragraph, how cute.

    Also you're right, I wouldn't know whether you're a professional reviewer, but I know for certain that if you happened to be, then I wouldn't be interested in your "professional" output anyway, I think I'd get greater intellectual kicks from visiting nursery homes for the mentally incapacitated, than listening to your incoherent babbling.

    If your not interested in what I have to say, then why do you keep reading what I have to say. This right here is the very reason I am sitting here "loling"

    For instance, you type as if you can hear my words. Do you have a text to speech turned on or something? I mean that's a neat trick being able to listen to text on a screen. Also, you type that I am incoherently babbling. What is this? babbling? I no such thing in any post I have made and I say quote this "incoherent babbling" I have typed.
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    posted a message on Really upset with Blizzard.
    I was so excited when Diablo 3 launched. I even had a LAN party with 25 people all to play opening night. Well, needless to say that was pointless as the game didn't even work. That weekend I tried again and had about 17 people show up. This time we actually got to play. You know that game I paid 60 dollars for. I got to play it!

    Now from the broken game play to the completely stupid game change designs they have been announcing I am the only one left out of the 25 still playing.

    Now I read that they are increasing the amount of money it will cost to repair 4 or 6 times over.

    Here's a pro tip Blizzard. How about you fix your ****ing game and maybe we won't die so much? I do not care how much resist or DR you have in inferno. There are some elites or rares you can not beat. Short of god mode and death zerging.

    Next I here there was a gold dupe exploit. Nice blizzard, really nice. Why would the gold farming companies even need to use bots when they can just invent gold out of thin air? And you wonder why I can't survive in act 2 inferno because all the good gear cost 4m+

    Then I see the disrespect towards your fans when they tell you they are honestly pissed off and you basically brush it aside like its a single person. Let me tell you its not just one person, it's not two or three. I have yet to talk to a person that doesn't think you screwed this game up horribly. It's so bad they can't even defend you. Most of these guys are hard core blizzard fans also.

    It seems like the design team is basically grasping for straws to try and salvage this game.

    In the end if you have any respect for Diablo as a franchise. You will issue everyone a refund and destroy this game. Rehire Blizzard North staff and make it right.

    I really hope someone from Blizzard with power reads this but unlikely... Anyways, I am moving on. This game is just .... crap and there are other better things to play. Never though I would ever say that.

    P.S. can I get a refund on my Authenticator and my D3 T-Shirt?
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