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    this app is against the blizzard TOS simply put. there is a very low chance for them to find out you are using this app because by the looks of it it just makes the mouse instant click an area of the screen and then go back to where it was so fast its not humanly perceivable, but it is considered a bot. def dont tell people you are using it if you are. and dont stream while using it or upload videos while you're using it just incase. while the chance is low there is still that chance. use it at your own risk.

    also people do get banned for using TurboHud. many streamers have been banned because they were stupid and used it on stream. back before they released seasons they explicitly state that "TurboHud is against the ToS". in fact they updated their ToS to more clearly state that programs similar to turbohud are against the ToS. a bot is anything that automates human input.

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