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    Here's what i am doing, trying to go for the angel soldier look, purity dye makes it look a little shiny and its got a very white knight look to it. I tried to get armor that didn't look to garish, for some reason i can't transmog the shield into one that i like, so im stuck with "ascended shield". I think a very popular (and boring) way to transmog your crusader is to go full ascended look and then dye it all black. I've seen quite a few people go this route and i wanted to stand out just a little bit.

    i dig the wrathful golden knight look! Nice skycutter (that's what it's called...right?) too! I wish i had that weapon! or a weapon good enough to use AND transmog into it!, i personally dislike the hallowed helm, and in my opinion the gold is just too showy. But if you were going for the whole golden knight thing, i think you got it down!
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