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    posted a message on Race to the Top
    Wait, you arent 99 yet Ferret? Shame on you
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    Quote from Jetrall


    To become a member of Sons of Ohr, one must send a DiabloWiki.com - Private Message Private Message to the Guild Leader with the following information filled out (as applicable):

    • Forum Username
    • BNet Realm
    • BNet Username
    • Email (Optional)
    • Instant Messaging (Optional)

    Can i just send you Nude pics? :D
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    posted a message on Brotherhood of Destruction
    <3 Jarhead

    it's true, i am overconfident and a mad shit talker to new people, im sorry :(

    I do enjoy both PvM and PvP but learned everything i know from Ferret(even though i helped him with his first assassin HAHAHA)

    as much as i was hoping you would talk more shit nektu, i see that you're a pretty sincere guy and would love to play on US West with you sometime. Your clan seems like it could be a good one also considering you're their leader. I'll get started and work my way up, if you ever want to kick it in game let me know. Not sure what my new account name will be though.

    and like Bambi asked, what is your highest level ATM and the highest in your clan? also how many steady playing people do you have?
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    posted a message on Brotherhood of Destruction
    Yeah, SICK died a long time ago.
    when i buy the game again i'll play and 2v(insert any number here) rape anyone with bambi, so anyone can hit me up if you're not busy and you feel like crying by the end of a match.
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    posted a message on Goodbye All(my resignation from staff)
    It happens to all of us man. There is just that point in life when it's just something that needs to be left for others to work at/enjoy.
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    posted a message on Birthday Bash!!!
    Happy Birthday Carlos!!
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    posted a message on Teehee
    Quote from "Jetrall" »
    See you around, man!
    I hope so :)

    Quote from "Bambithegreat" »
    i say we all play private games with just us, that would be chill as fuck.

    someone gotta get ahold of winston, carly, ferret, and so on.. sjould be fun..

    cept for you cali, you are too ugly..
    I dont think we should seclude others like Genesis said, i never intended for anything to be private or pushing others out of anything that has or will happened. but... I can talk to both Winston and Carlos, but i havent found a way to stay in contact with Ferret unless he gets on here or Xfire.

    Quote from "Stormcat" »

    Caliban's back - or are you just visiting again????? You are missed.:)
    Hopefully its longer than just a short visit, i wanna get to know all the new people and get back into touch with the older members.

    Quote from "temporalsky" »
    Welcome back, Caliban. :)
    Thanks man, it's good to be back. Hopefully we get to know each other and can be future friends.:):)
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    posted a message on Teehee
    THE MAIN REASON FOR THIS THREAD IS FOR WHAT IS BOLDED AND UNDERLINED IN THE MESSAGE TO MAGISTRATE, if this is in any way spamming, flaming, or trolling i do appologize and ask that this thread be deleted immediately.

    i saw that sadly my other thread was closed, and what could have been a heated discussion is no more. But i make this thread to address a few of the things on my old post, and to ask a couple questions.

    For those of you that said SICK sucked, i agree for things like the Religion, the whole Lord God thing, but not the idea of having a solid guild ready for when D3 actually does come out, which was the main thing that i was looking forward to.

    @Goodguy, No, i was not banned, i just like to take very long breaks since a lot of my good friends off of this place are now gone.

    its funny that you caught that whole "The fact that you didnt notice doesnt bother me" and "Its the fact that no one notices anymore that makes me angry" i was just stating that i didnt care that he personally didnt notice, and that its when the general population doesnt notice that gets me kinda mad.

    @Genesis, i really hope we do have a new guild eventually with a better name than SICK. and i wasnt trying to make it a private club, i was just simple stating that i was sad that something that could have been great is now just kinda sitting back in the dark corner where no one see's it. oh, and how have you been, I havent talked to you in a long time.

    @Jamoose, no hard feelings? i understand that what you said was probably in just anger towards what i had put, which is the exact same reason i made that post, was in anger of seeing SOOOOO many new people that i had never seen before, and seeing tons of new mods that i had never heard of before. thats all.

    @Magistrate, I appologize for Flaming/Trolling, i dont know what came over me, but i had a lot of pent up anger that i needed to unleash and for some reason, i did so in that post but i feel much better now. As to the new Patch coming out for Diablo II, when is that gonna happen do you know? i would like to join you all in getting to the top of the ranks. Oh, and i thank you greatly for not banning me, i still hold my streak of never being banned :)

    (P.S the kids can look like you but i want them to be Hung like me :D)
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    posted a message on Negative thoughts/Downers
    Haha, nice negative thoughts/downer. here's a downer for you, Diablo III probably wont be released for years to come, no matter what Blizzard says.
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    posted a message on *sigh* really???
    Quote from "Jamoose" »
    I got no idea what your talking about but i want to post in your thread just because you told me not to.

    i came here when diablo 3 was announced so you hate me and want me to go fuck myself... Well, fuck you.

    LOL sad to see you leave / come / go / goodbye? / welcome?

    yeah, like Bambi said, it's people like you that give new members a bad name, and Redbandana59z made me think that i was wrong and that 90% of the new people were not complete ignorant little kids, but now it just reminds me that he is part of the smart, considerate, and progressive 10% that will be liked here in these forums.

    Quote from "Jamoose" »
    Im sorry Bambi but all that interests me is Diablo 3, and thats why im in these forums.

    Oh and i didnt notice that it was a special section for SICK clan, so if thats what offended you im sorry.

    Other than that, i dont care.

    Thats another problem, all you are here for is Diablo III, you honestly dont care about the people here, or the community that Diablofans should be, your just here for the info that this site possesses, which disgusts me, and reminds me of the good old days when this place used to be a tight knit community of people that loved the Diablo series and couldnt wait for the release of Diablo III

    the fact that you didnt notice doesnt bother me, SICK is nothing now. it's the fact that people dont notice any more that makes me angry, because it used to be such a big part of this place and it was a very noticable section. now, even i who was looking for it had to search to find it.
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    posted a message on *sigh* really???
    Quote from "RedBandana59z" »
    dang. now thats what i call a heatfelt message
    Thank you, thank you very much. i dont know you but im starting to like you already.

    Quote from "Bambithegreat" »
    i fucking love you dawg

    and to tell you the truth, i'm sure some of these new kids aint bad, remember when i first got here and everyone hated my guts?

    i do lol

    but.. fuck it.. shit happens.

    kinda, i remember i just wanted to be your friend, then i found out what a softy you really were. and idk what your talking about, i still hate you, im not on your legit baal runners list yet nigga!
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    posted a message on *sigh* really???
    Man, it's a sad day when i come back and this (what used to be it's own section) sub section is under "Guilds and Clubs". Man does that make it sound gay, and new people will never know how big it used to be, has been, and could have been. No matter what you haters say, this could have been a really good and fun Clan had Elfen and Silver not been the leaders of it. I could easily see it being the biggest Clan in Diablo III when it comes out. People who would play that game would see us and know exactly who we were, but thats all gone now, thanks to our awesome leaders who knew they didnt have the time or dedication to SICK, but wouldnt give it up. But dont get me wrong, they were pretty good in keeping up the forums and doing their job as Mods, they just didnt care about the Clan enough to surrender it to someone more willing to grow.

    Anyways, thats all i had to say about SICK. I want you all to know that, yes... im still a hater, and no, i still dont give a shit as to what you think about my opinions.

    :offtopic::offtopic::offtopic::offtopic::offtopic::offtopic::offtopic::offtopic: Offtopic message incoming.

    AAAAANYWAYS, im back to remind the ones i love that i still love you, and the ones that i hate that i still hate you and i dont feel like making a new thread to where i end up spamming up these here forums.

    Of course, to my closest friends here at Diablofans.com, Ferret, Winston, Carlos, Bambi, Roo, Teh, and Siaynoq if you guys are still part of this forum, i just want to let you know that the only reason i come back is too see if you guys are still here and to possible say a few words and catch up, i love you guys.

    Then i gotta throw a shout out to my peeps LinkX, Stormcat, and Magistrate. Much love for you guys, you guys are also awesome to see when i come back here, and i know that you all are still as active as ever being mods and badasses and whatnot. LinkX, it's cool to still see you on xfire every now and again, and Stormy, i thank you greatly for that birthday message you sent, and i miss talking with you about life and other important things. Magistrate... i want to have babies with you someday.

    Elfen and Silver, i hope you gentlemen are still doing well and living prosperously.

    To all the people that i hate, and yes, if you have to ask yourself if i hate you, then i probably do. Go fuck yourselves.

    To all the new people that came into this place and thought they could make themselves accepted by not yet waiting for acceptance, go fuck yourselves

    To all the new people that came here only when Diablo III was announced and wasnt devoted to this place from the time they started playing Diablo Seriously, Go Fuck Yourselves

    and to all the new people who came here when Diablo III was announced, flamed and trolled their way through the forums in search of being accepted and causing lots of good members of this place including me to leave and rarely come back, GO FUCK YOURSELVES!!!!!!!!!!!

    Last but not Least, Jetrall... you my friend were one of the few that I actually got along with. You are an insperation to me and many others. back in the day, you came to these forums and damn did you work hard to get to the top. I hear that you are now one of the main forum overseers and you play a huge role on this place now. I first want to say Congratulations on getting really far here and making this place much better than it used to be. Second, i miss talkin with you man. Third, i love you. sorry this message to you is so long, i was just surprised to hear that you were one of the top dogs here now... which is awesome, and i wanted to recognize you for it.

    Oh, and to anyone i missed, if you know i love you, then yeah, i love you, and if you know i hate you, then dont post in my thread bitches.

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    posted a message on Official SICK Lounge
    Quote from "winstonthe4th" »
    Forgive us Cali!!! <3

    What's up man?

    just kidding, i love you guys, i could never hate mah family!

    and not much, just chillen, gettin through my last year of highschool, having more girl problems than ever! but Bambi and I talk on a regular basis, and i would like to do the same with you all. so i decided to come back for a while.

    whats been going on in your life?
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    posted a message on Official SICK Lounge
    Screw all of you guys. every time i start up a certain game, everyone had ended up leaving like a week before. thats what happened with D2 when i started back up again. only Bambi was playing. I HATE YOU ALL!!!
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    posted a message on Once upon a time....
    Quote from "Ferret" »
    You guys are doing this to lure me ain't ya? Good times :D

    I'll be on tonight unless I gotta work late again.

    You know it sexy lady!

    How you doin??!?!?
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