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    posted a message on GPU Replacement - Need help !

    I'm playing pretty much the same games as you. I recently upgraded from an nvidia 660 to a GTX 1060 and really like it. That card is a bit above your price range, but a GTX 1050 would be right in line with your top end, assuming that prices in Europe align with here in the states. It would be well enough to run the games you listed at top settings without a sweat.

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    posted a message on PTR 2.4.0 | Holy Shotgun LoN | Gr 65 (Video)

    That is correct. While set items will update to the new set powers, legendaries are locked in to what they were in 2.3. New items have a new item ID

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    posted a message on Cube weapon Furnace or Johanna's

    I still don't think we are answering OP's question. He HAS an ancient 2h weapon he is using. He is asking if he is better off using a0 that weapon plus Johanna in cube, or B) that weapon plus Furnace in cube.

    I don't have math to back me up, but I would say Johanna. Furnace benefits you on elites only, whereas Johanna buff is active all the time

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    posted a message on Needing advice about my new crusader build.

    It depends a lot on what gear you have now, and what content you intend to do. Some build have absolute requirements (you can't run a Stampede build without the shield and you can't run Condemn without a Blade of Prophecy and Freydahr's Wrath. Pick the 2-3 items you have that synergies with a skill and go with it.

    If you have absolutely nothing, Blessed Hammer and Blessed Shield builds will at least let you run the low Torments without having to melee things while you farm.

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    You didn't mention the amount of wrath returned on the Golden Flense, but unless its really bad, you have three options:

    1) Use the Flense. Probably the better choice. The amount of damage you sacrifice is offset by actually having the wrath to use the skill.

    2) Concentrate more heavily on Wrath return skills like Shield Glare (Zealous Shield), Law of Valor (Unstoppable Force) or Provoke. You didn't link your profile, so I can't tell if you are using them now. If you use them well, you may be able to keep your Wrath up. If you can't, well, a Wrathless Crusader isn't terribly useful to anyone.

    3) Use the Grandfather, but move to a Shield Bash build, as it relies on the shield slot for Wrath return and you can use whatever weapon you want.

    I'd lean pretty heavily to the Flense. Keeping Wrath up with the Sweep build is a challenge as it is against single targets with the Flense. It will be a challenge to do it all the time.

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    posted a message on Reroll advice

    It is an ancient Furnace. I had an extra Gift drop this morning, so I'm doing something with this thing.

    Trying to decide between replacing INT with STR, or keeping the INT and rolling AD as +Damage per RiffSphere's suggestion

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    posted a message on Reroll advice

    Hi all, I'm looking for some weapon preroll advice. I'm playing a pretty typical Fire Roland Shield Bash build.

    I'm currently using a regular Furnace with the following stats:

    3392 DPS

    1268-1545 Fire damage

    1028 STR

    5% IAS

    CDR 9%*

    Socket via Ramaladni

    The CDR is the reroll, and is still there from recent switch from Stampede build.

    While playing around on a seldom-used Wizard (of course), an ancient Furnace dropped with the following stats:

    3821 DPS

    1815-2178 Fire damage

    1250 INT

    1237 VIT

    24% Area Damage

    I have one spare Gift to place a socket.


    1) Stick with current Furnace, reroll CDR to +Damage

    2) Use new Furnace, reroll INT to STR

    3) Use new Furnace, reroll INT to +Damage

    4) What are you talking about? Use that baby on the Wizard where it belongs!

    I only have one Gift, and I have a devil of a time finding them, so I'd rather not waste it on "try it and see mode".

    TIA for advice

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    posted a message on Fastest way to level from 65 to 70?
    Try doing rifts now. When you hit 70, take greater rifts when you can, as these will give you the best chance of upgrading your gear.
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    posted a message on What do you think gold prices will do on the RMAH as it approaches closing?
    Quote from Andarus

    Only retards pay real money for virtual goods. But because most of the people are retards...
    And yet you yourself pay for "virtual goods" all the time. Ever pay to see a movie or a concert? Was there anything tangible left for you that you got to take home at the end of the evening? Do you pay for cable TV or internet access? Have you paid for a membership tp a health club so you could sweat off the calories from the chocolate cake you paid for and ate the night before?

    Games by their nature fall under the category of entertainment. If it increases a person's entertainment to buy gold, or a legendary weapon, or whatever, who are you to judge?
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