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    I'm actually rather curious whether or not zDH + Condemn Crusader could replace zMonk + Firebats WD. Condemn isn't that far off from Firebats, when I compared them it was something like 14T peak DPS for Firebats and 12T peak DPS for Condemn.

    Firebats has the advantage of considerably more Area Damage, but Condemn scales far better with damage increases from zDPS builds (as they're actually at -10% DIBS compared to +88% DIBS), and Condemn is able to create its own density meaning you don't need Cyclone Strike. Condemn is also able to reposition freely without losing DPS, Firebats is basically immobile by comparison with Endless Walk and Taeguk.

    Edit: Area Damage is pretty broken though, and AD is really hard to fit into a Condemn build, so none of this may actually mater.

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    It's not that 2+ DPS can't do better than 1 DPS + 3 support, the servers just can't handle it. There's no reason to even bother trying to push with a group comp that gives you 2000ms+ ping.

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    BattleTag: Lothrik#1573

    I'm looking for an active clan that has multiple groups running between 3PM PST - 3AM PST.

    I want to be in groups that are capable of speedfarming GR75+.

    I enjoy playing Support WD and would like to be competitive this season. I am an active theorycrafter and have been for years.

    Edit: Seasonal.

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    posted a message on Can we henceforth land on a max group vs solo xp level? - 15-20x the XP for group players is simply wrong.
    Quote from rebjorn

    I don't think anyone would object to group play being a bit more effective, but 15-20x better?

    It's a good thing that's never been the case then. Group XP after factoring in Bonus XP and +10 GRs is only 5-7x solo. Your group clears would need to be 22-26 GRs above your solo clears to get 15-20x XP, which is completely ridiculous.

    Quote from rebjorn

    There's no reason whatsoever that 4man groups should ever, in any circumstance, be able to earn more than 2x the XP than what a solo player would be able to obtain.

    You'll be happy to hear that in 2.4 if you're able to speed farm GR72 solo, speed farming GR81 in a group is exactly 1.99x more XP, well within the parameters you deem acceptable.

    With the GR HP changes a 9 GR gap between solo and group is totally plausible, as the gap is somewhere around 13 GRs in 2.3.

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    Quote from Mad_Tom»

    No, regular legendaries never get updated (unless it is a nerf like it was with PreRoS Furnace and Rimeheart).

    However, you can keep one of the interesting items you want, and put them in cube after 2.4 hits (50 Forgotten souls and 5 bounty mats per re-roll) and you get the item like it just newly dropped.

    You mean Pre-S1 (I definitely got an 8% Crushing Blow Furnace on my Crusader like 2 months into RoS), but otherwise yes, Blizzard strongly dislikes changing old items unless it's absolutely required to preserve game balance.
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    Those "lightning bolts" you're seeing have nothing to do with Area Damage, that's Nephalem Glory. It's a tiny bit of additional damage (something pathetic like 100% weapon damage) and movement speed (10% at rank 2 and 3) you get for picking up Power Globes.

    From what I've read Exploding Palm has all sorts of issues with Area Damage and basically doesn't work with it at all unless you applied the Exploding Palm manually (ie: you spent spirit putting it on a target).

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