[S12] Rathma T13 Speed Build 2.0

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  • Frailty Aura of Frailty
  • Bone Armor Harvest of Anguish
  • Blood Rush Molting
  • Skeletal Mage Singularity
  • Land of the Dead Frozen Lands
  • Devour Voracious
  • Extended Servitude
  • Fueled by Death
  • Overwhelming Essence
  • Dark Reaping


More Details
  • Legendary Gems

    • Bane of the Trapped
    • Boon of the Hoarder
    • Enforcer

Kanai's Cube

  • In-geom
  • Requiem Cereplate
  • Krysbin's Sentence

Hello and welcome to this guide. This is the new version of mine and Houdini's older rathma speed build (link)

Why is this version better? What's new?

We realized that we didn't need the damage/as provided by tasker (attackspeed on skeletons). This build is much safer and has less downtime. It also has nemesis! Do keep in mind that in order for this to work you need to have slightly more dmg than the first version (not that much).

In this build we have switched out Tasker with Requiem Cereplate which provides insane amounts of essence. We noticed that the chest gets stronger the more essence you can get. Yes Reaper's wraps would be good here but at this point it's just overkill but if you feel more comfortable with it switching nemesis and reaper all the time is also an option.

The only issue with this build is the "door issue" which is fixed by targetting the door with ur skeletons. The other issue is dying before the goldwraps start to roll off.

The chest helps you regenerate/sustain essence without "healthglobe farming" which gives you a much lower downtime because of the 3 seconds.

This is especially useful for bounties. The last build was much harder to manage due to the downtime. If you still struggle then you could go for Reaper's wraps instead of nemesis since you don't really need them.

You get essence from: Dark reaping in combination with Requiem Cereplate and Devour.

(Note: you need the scythe for Dark reaping so In-geom would not work for dark reaping, in that case either Fueled by death, Final service or spreading malediction would be better, (incase you need the dmg))

Devour; Voracious are you serious??

Yes, we don't feel the need to have any survival from any other source other than goldwraps. This is the strongest option for dmg out of all of them. Unsure about the math but according to the tooltip if you have 10 stacks from it then it will give you 20% reduction on the cost of your skeletons. If you have around 328 essence you would "gain" an additional 65 essence when casting skeleton mages.

Gold in a rift?

With this spec you could go for goldfinder in your secondary without much punishment (max essence is still required). I have had runs where i chain 150-200m gold before the end of the rift without even maximizing the goldfind.

What other things can you change in this build?

This build is very flexible,

You could use Reaper's wraps in bounties (as mentioned above)

Instead of Dark reaping and fueled by death you could use: Final service, spreading malediction (if you really need the dmg) or blood is power (for land of the dead)

Hellfire is the best because of the many passive options you could go with. This also makes it easier to farm for a good one.

Ingeom instead of the scythe (dark reaping won't work)

Lost time is bis because of the movement speed but it isn't required, any offhand will do.

Paragon Priorities


Maximum Resource
Movement Speed
Primary Stat


Critical Hit Chance
Critical Hit Damage
Cooldown Reduction
Attack Speed


Resist All
Life Regeneration


Area Damage
Resource Cost Reduction
Life on Hit
Gold Find

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