[2.6.1 PTR] (GR108+) DMO Channel Twister

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  • Teleport Safe Passage
  • Arcane Torrent Flame Ward
  • Magic Weapon Deflection
  • Energy Twister Raging Storm
  • Storm Armor Power of the Storm
  • Slow Time Exhaustion
  • Unwavering Will
  • Illusionist
  • Blur
  • Unstable Anomaly


More Details
  • Legendary Gems

    • Bane of the Trapped
    • Taeguk
    • Bane of the Stricken

Kanai's Cube

  • The Twisted Sword
  • Mantle of Channeling
  • Convention of Elements
  • Head: INT / Twister% / CHC / Socket (Topaz or Amethyst)
  • Shoulder: INT / VIT / Life% / AD
  • Chest: INT / VIT / EliteDmgRed% / Sockets (Topaz)
  • Amulet: Arcane% / CHC / CHD / Socket
  • Gloves: INT or AD / AS / CHC / CHD
  • Belt: INT / VIT / Life% / +Armor
  • Bracer: Arcane% / INT / VIT / CHC
  • Pants: INT / VIT / +Armor / Sockets (Topaz or Amethyst)
  • Boots: INT / VIT / +Armor / Twister%
  • Ring1: AS or AD or +Avg Dmg / CHC / CHD / Socket
  • Ring2: INT / +Avg Dmg or AS or AD / CHC / CHD / Socket
  • Weapon: %Dmg / AS / LoH / Socket (Emerald)
  • Offhand: INT / Twister% / CHC / APoC

Secondary resists where possible, resistance to cc effects, %ranged reduction, %melee reduction.

Topaz or Amethyst in helm. I prefer the RCR, but the life% would come in handy for more toughness.

AS is required on weapon and Gloves, and at least one ring roll. Doesn't matter which ring you use to put AS. Just know that you should fill in the other ring with either +Avg Dmg or Area Damage.

AD is between 70% and 110%. This is to increase the damage of your manually casted twisters. If you manual cast twister combines due to a manual cast, that combined twister will also be able to deal area damage. Note that your Etched sigil procced Twisters will not deal area damage, which is why AD doesn't need to be stacked so much.

AD on gloves (quad gloves) would be my preference for this build. However, I would probably prefer +Avg Dmg on my secondary ring slot.

LoH is a very important affix. I suggest placing this on weapon. In combination with Deflection, these two mechanisms provide good recovery.

Amethyst is an option in pants for more VIT.

Karini and CoE are interchangeable. Wear whichever ring you have with better affixes.

While twisted sword is preferred cubed (it has the larger legendary affix range, and therefore would be harder to get perfect), you can wear either Deathwish or Twisted sword, and cube the opposite.

Paragon Priorities


Movement Speed
Primary Stat
Maximum Resource


Attack Speed
Critical Hit Chance
Critical Hit Damage
Cooldown Reduction


Resist All
Life Regeneration


Life on Hit
Area Damage
Resource Cost Reduction
Gold Find

Build Guide

Channeling Twister. Retro feel to it, and not necessarily tied to melee any longer, due to our now usable defensive item, Halo of Karini.

The reason we're using Karini here is to fit more items in. Traditionally this build would run Halo + APDs with OID, which gave a huge defensive bonus. Since we don't have the weapon slot for OID any more, we have to make up the defense elsewhere.

Karini lets us slot an additional item, in this case, Mantle of Channeling, which boosts our damage and defense. We also use Flame ward, Taeguk, and Unwavering Will to give more defense while channeling / standing still. Other defensive measures include: Blur, Safe Passage, DMO4, Exhaustion.

Deflection and LoH on weapon give us some nice recovery as well. Unstable Anomaly for the second life.


All of these defensive measures make up for the loss of OID, and also let us slot Mantle of Channeling, CoE, and Endless Walk. These are big multipliers, on top of the already huge multipliers of DMO6, Trapped, Deathwish, and Etched Sigil.

Taeguk, Unwavering Will, and Deflection also supply a large chunk of additive damage to the build.

For mobility, we have both Safe Passage and Illusionist. Since we use both Slow time and Teleport in this build, both of them will be reset by Illusionist, which is really nice.


Etched Sigil has Attack speed breakpoints that you need to be aware of. See this link for a full breakpoint chart.

For this particular build, we want to optimize for Etched Sigil, but still put out as many twisters as possible. More twisters, specifically utilizing manually casted Twisters will increase damage and utility for a few reasons:

  • Raging Storm will combine and give us increased damage.
  • Twisters last up to 6s (more if they combine) while on the field of battle, and having more out when your CoE hits the arcane phase lets you deal increased damage overall.
  • Higher attack speed also shaves about 4 frames off the manual cast time of your Twister, letting you get back to channeling as quick as possible, which is a nice little bonus.
  • The higher AS helps us keep up Taeguk stacks easier.
  • Reset Slow Time, in case our Illusionist doesn't proc.

The particular Arcane Torrent breakpoint you want to be at is 1.818182818 to 2 APS (10 Frames / Tick). This ensures your Etched sigil is at a 60 Frame ICD (1 second), and not higher than that. It also gives us the attack speed needed for the build to manually cast twister as well.

How I play this build is a 1:1 rotation typically. I do one action, whether that be casting a manual twister, casting Safe Passage, or casting Exhaustion, in between Etched sigil Twister procs. The addition to this rotation occurs when CoE comes around.

When the lightning phase of CoE comes around make sure you output as many Twisters as possible. When the Arcane phase hits, try to just channel (don't interweave) if possible. This will ensure your Deathwish and Etched sigil multipliers are up when the CoE is, which will allow the Twisters that are out on the battlefield deal as much damage as possible.


Due to the very random nature of the Twisters, it's often beneficial to cover a wide area. Kiting backwards is often a very good strategy. Use Teleport to reposition and place slow time as you go, to keep up your set bonuses.

I really like that this build isn't considered ranged or melee. It allows the freedom to position yourself wherever could be the most beneficial for either damage, or survival. If possible, try to stand in the Oculus ring procs when they spawn favorably, however, due to the kiting nature of the build, this may prove difficult.


Power of the Storm, Hergbrash's, and APoC on source provide some much needed resource cost management. Topaz in helm is optional.

I prefer the Templar for his healing and Inspire abilities. I recommend Thunderfury with Oculus ring on follower. Place AS and CDR on your follower items.


Considering at least a minute ahead of the timer, not perfect play, good but not perfect rift, non-ancient source, missing 25% multi on Twisted Sword, no arcane% on amulet, and other gear being imperfect as well, I'll rate this build GR108+. That's at about 1300 paragon, better augments and items than seen in the video.



  • Time Warp (swap out Exhaustion rune on slow time)
  • Intensify (swap out Flame Ward): Lower defense, but gives a 15% arcane damage debuff. Higher resource cost, would likely require the Topaz.
  • There is an option to swap out Taeguk for Zei and UW for Power hungry. This sets the build as a ranged build. The multipliers are harder to manage, and the swaps are less defensive, however, the stuns with Zei are pretty nice, and not having to manage Taeguk makes it a little easier to focus on dealing damage at range. IMO though, Taeguk with UW is superior, since it doesn't depend on being at range, and offers the higher defense.