[2.6.1] UE Danetta's Grenades - T13 Speed/Bounties/Speed GR 90+ (Guide)

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  • Grenade Grenade Cache
  • Marked for Death Valley of Death
  • Vault Tumble
  • Preparation Invigoration
  • Vengeance Dark Heart
  • Companion Wolf Companion
  • Grenadier
  • Cull the Weak
  • Ambush
  • Archery


More Details
  • Legendary Gems

    • Bane of the Trapped
    • Bane of the Powerful
    • Simplicity's Strength

Kanai's Cube

  • Dawn
  • Hunter's Wrath
  • Ring of Royal Grandeur

This build is viable for speed T10-T13 Rifts & Bounties, & Speed GR 45-90 (2-7 mins avg) depending on your Gear, Paragon, Augments, & Legendary Gems.

Hellfire Passive Options:

Awareness (Cheat Death) (For Hardcore or GR 70+)

Tactical Advantage (More Movement Speed) (For T13 Rifts & Bounties)

This build is pretty straight forward. Activate Vengeance, Vault to an Elite, Mark it for Death, activate your Wolf Companion, & hit it with a few Grenades, then Vault to the next pack. You can kill trash on the way, if you want, but try to only do it when you need to refill your Hatred.

If you're dying too much change Archery to Awareness!

Paragon Priorities


Movement Speed
Primary Stat
Maximum Resource


Cooldown Reduction
Critical Hit Chance
Critical Hit Damage
Attack Speed


Resist All
Life Regeneration


Life on Hit
Area Damage
Resource Cost Reduction
Gold Find

Since you will be rolling Vitality off most of your gear, feel free to put some points into Vit instead of Dex if you need the extra Life. (You want enough Life to prevent getting 1 shotted, if you aren't running Awareness.)

Max CDR first if you're playing this below Paragon 600.

Build Guide


  • Helm: Diamond
  • Armor: Diamonds (Emeralds below GR 60-65)
  • Weapon: Emerald


    • Discipline is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT on this build!
      • Make sure you have 12 Discipline on your Chest, both Weapons, & 10 Discipline on your SoJ! You should be at 96 Max Discipline if you have everything rolled correctly.

    • CDR
      • You need at least 36.5% CDR to achieve permanent Vengeance with Dawn Cubed.
      • I would highly recommend getting a little extra (38-40%) so you have a few seconds of overlap otherwise you might end up dying.
      • Getting three 8 CDR rolls + the 10% from Paragon will put you at 38.67%. (8 CDR on Shoulders, 10 CDR on one Weapon, & 8 CDR on one Ring = 39.99%) or (8 CDR on Shoulders & 10 CDR on both Weapons = 41.31%)

    • Life Per Hit
      • Having Life Per Hit on your Bracers or Weapon will boost your survivability a lot when running GR 80+.

    • Crit Chance
      • If you have very low CC (~40%) you can switch Mark for Death - Valley of Death to Caltrops - Bait the Trap.

    • Hellcat Waistguard 3 vs 5 bounces
      • Having only 3 bounces on your Hellcat Waistguard is actually better when running very fast rifts.

    • Grenade Cache vs Cluster Grenades
      • After playing with both Runes extensively, I've found that Grenade Cache works much better for this "Elite Hunting" style of game play.
      • Hitting with only two Grenades is 1.6x more dmg, hitting with all three is 2.4x. But keep in mind, it will hit less targets
      • So, if u want more AOE and less Single Target Dmg, feel free to use the Cluster Grenades Rune instead.

Jewelry Options

    • Greater Rifts
      • Travelers Pledge, Compass Rose, & SoJ (Best)
      • Travelers Pledge, Compass Rose, & Convention of Elements
      • Hellfire Amulet (Passive: Awareness), Convention of Elements, & SoJ
      • Hellfire Amulet (Passive: Awareness), Focus & Restraint (If you use F&R you must swap Mark for Death - Valley of Death to Multishot - Wind Chill.)

    • Normal Rifts
      • Hellfire Amulet (Passive: Tactical Advantage), Avarice Band, & SoJ

    • Bounties
      • Hellfire Amulet (Passive: Tactical Advantage), Convention of Elements, & SoJ

Ring Stats

  • SoJ: Max Discipline, Fire Dmg, Elite Dmg, CD > CC > Dex
  • Compass Rose: CC, CD, Dex, Socket, AD > Avg Dmg (Ancient) > iAS > CDR
  • Avarice Band: CC, CD, Socket, AD > Avg Dmg (Ancient) > iAS > CDR > Dex
  • Convention of Elements: CC, CD, Socket, AD > Avg Dmg (Ancient) > iAS > CDR > Dex
  • Focus & Restraint: CC, CD, Socket, AD > Avg Dmg (Ancient) > iAS > CDR > Dex

Greater Rifts 75-90+

    • Gear
      • Swap Nemesis/Strong Arms to Wraps of Clarity

    • Passives
      • Change Archery to Awareness

    • Skills
      • You can switch Grenade - Grenade Cache to Grenade - Cluster Grenades for more AoE Dmg & AD Procs when running High GRs. Grenade Cache's single target dmg starts to become less effective once mobs start living longer. This is why it's better to stack AD and use Cluster Grenades in high GRs.
      • For more Toughness swap Mark for Death - Valley of Death to Fan of Knives - Bladed Armor.

    • GR 95+
      • Toughness becomes an issue in the mid 90's. At this point you'll want to swap your Danetta's set to the Dawn, Fortress Ballista, & Buriza-Do Kyanon combo.