[Speedrifting] Desolacer's ARMAGEDDON DH-Build

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  • Rain of Vengeance Dark Cloud
  • Fan of Knives Assassin's Knives
  • Vengeance Seethe
  • Vault Action Shot
  • Preparation Punishment
  • Companion Wolf Companion
  • Awareness
  • Tactical Advantage
  • Ambush
  • Archery


More Details
  • Legendary Gems

    • Pain Enhancer
    • Gem of Efficacious Toxin
    • Bane of the Powerful

Paragon Priorities


Movement Speed
Maximum Resource
Primary Stat


Critical Hit Chance
Cooldown Reduction
Critical Hit Damage
Attack Speed


Resist All
Life Regeneration


Resource Cost Reduction
Area Damage
Life on Hit
Gold Find

Build Guide

* Added Armageddon Video Guide (06.02.2015)

Hi everyone,
did you ever dream of not having to play "Marauders-6", still have alot of fun and be efficient? THEN THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR! :P
This Build was created by >>> Desolacer#2339 <<< !

positive aspects:
- SUPER fast Rifting - Hardcore viable!
- very efficient (30+ Legendaries/h | 5B+ XP/h)
- fast Bloodshard farming (~1200/h)

negative aspects:
- You have to get used to the Gameplay Speed of the Build
- 2 Sets required (Danetta’s + Natalya’s)
- Only efficient when playing on Torment 4 or lower
(depending on your Equipment)
- alot of Ingame-Effects ⇒ not recommended if you have a bad PC
- Only effective when playing Solo (Group-Play only with other DHs using the same Build)

Video Guide:
>>> Armageddon Video Guide <<<

> > > LINK < < < (9 Minutes Gameplay Video)

Details on the Build:
This Build is NOT for efficient T6 or GR25+ farming!
We are currently playing this build Torment 3 & 4 on Seasonal Hardcore with an average clear time of 2-3 minutes per Rift.
The Build requires Danetta’s and Natalya’s Setbonus with Hatred Regeneration on your Weapons & Chest.
Because all of the Skills are Physical Damage and you will use a Physical Legendary Gem, you want to have some %Physical Damage on your gear (e.g. Bracers, Amulet, Stone of Jordan).

Action Bar Skills:
Rain of Vengeance (Dark Cloud):
- This is your Main-Damage source, you want to Spam this Skill everytime you can to have a high DPS-Output.

Fan of Knives (Assassin’s Knives):
- Fan of Knives is used to be your Burst-Damage for Elite-Packs to clear them faster, because you dont have to stop and cast something, it seemed to be a good Pick.

Vengeance (Seethe):
- This Skill is used to generate Hatred and do some extra Damage while you are Vaulting, nothing more to say.

Vault (Action Shot):
- Vault is your Movement-Spell you permanently use.
- You shoot 4 arrows to nearby enemies which are guaranteed Critical Hits so free Damage you pick up here.

Preparation (Punishment):
- Preparation is there to give you some Hatred back when you are running out of it.
- Nothing special but very usefull in some situations (e.g. no Empowered Shrine)

Companion (Wolf Companion):
- The Companion is a Damage-Boost you want to use everytime its up.
- 30% Damage for 10 seconds is nice to have.

Passive Skills:
- This Passive is recommended using in HC, because every now and you get into a bad spot where you want to have this up.
- A good Option for Softcore is the Passive Ballistics for extra Damage.

Tactical Advantage:
- Since you permanently Vault, this is a great Passive to give you some extra Movementspeed (60% for 2 seconds) ⇒ increases your Vaulting Speed.

- A great chunk of Damage that is very usefull against the Rift Guardian or Elites.

- Here you pick up some Critical Hit Chance and Hatred Regeneration, since you have the Danetta’s Weapons.

Helm - Natalya’s Sight:
- required for the Natalya’s Set Bonus
- CritChance > Dexterity > Vitality

Shoulders - Homing Pads:
- Homing Pads are very usefull for Speedrifting, because you can Teleport back to Town and dont get interrupted.
- If you dont want to use them or you want to swap them on everytime you recall, a good Option is just a good pair of Shoulders with the Stats below.
- Dexterity > CDR > %Rain of Vengeance Damage > Vit / Allres / %Life

Amulett - Hellfire Amulet / Haunt of Vaxo / Flavor of Time:
- The best Amulet you can pick up is the Hellfire Amulet, because a 5th Passive Skill is awesome. (You can pick up the Ballistics Passive for extra Damage)
- Haunt of Vaxo is a good pick, because you are stunning on every Vault (Rattling Roll, Danetta’s Revenge).
- Flavor of Time is good aswell, because it has 5 Primary Affixes.
- CritChance > Socket > CritDamage > Dexterity / %Physical Damage

Cloak - Natalya’s Embrace:
- required for the Natalya’s Set Bonus
- 3 Sockets > Dexterity > Hatred Regeneration > %Rain of Vengeance / Vitality

Wrists - Nemesis Bracers:
- For Speedrifting this is the best Pickup, because you dont have the time to swap Nemesis Bracers on/off.
- CritChance > %Physical Damage > Dexterity > Vitality

Hands - Gloves of Warship:
» When you have 10 minutes Empowered Shrine it feels like a “Cheat” «
(Quote: Desolacer 2014)
- lower Cooldowns give you a higher DPS-Output
- CritChance > CritDamage > Dexterity > Cooldown Reduction > Vitality

Waist - Harrington Waistguard:
- Harrington is a HUGE Damage Buff that you get when using a clickable Object or opening a Chest.
- Dexterity > Allres / Vitality / Armor > %Life

Legs - Hexing Pants of Mr. Yan:
- You are permanently Vaulting / Moving so those Pants give you more Damage and increased Hatred Regeneration.
- 2 Sockets > Dexterity > Vitality > Allres / Amor

Feet - Natalya’s Bloody Footprints:
- required for the Natalya’s Set Bonus
- Dexterity > Movementspeed > Vit > Allres / Armor

Rings - Stone of Jordan / Ring of Royal Grandeur / Natalya’s Reflection:
- You want to have a Stone of Jordan for %Elite Damage and %Physical Damage (Dexterity > CritChance > Socket > CritDamage)
- If you have a good Natalya’s Reflection (Dexterity, CritChance, Socket, CritDamage/Average Damage) then use it.
- Otherwise you want to use the Ring of Royal Grandeur to have the 4-Piece-Natalya’s (Dexterity > CritChance > Socket)

Weapons - Danetta’s Revenge & Danetta’s Spite:
- The Damage you deal is depending from you Weapon used in the Mainhand, thats why you want to have the Weapon with higher Average Damage (not DPS) in your Main-Hand.
- Main-Hand: High Average-Damage > Dexterity > Socket > Hatred Regeneration
- (Example for a good >>> Mainhand <<<)
- The Offhand-Weapon is irrelevant for the Damage you deal, thats why you can reroll the Bonus Average-Damage to e.g. %Elite Damage (IMPORTANT: This can cost you alot of Gold!)
- Dexterity > Socket > Hatred Regeneration > %Elite Damage
(Example for a good >>> Offhand <<<)

Gem’s on Gear:
- You want to put 3 Dexterity Gems in your Cloak and 2 Dexterity Gems in your Pants, because it will give you 280*5 = 1400 Dexterity (with Flawless Royal Emeralds)
⇒ more Damage and some Armor.
- You also want to put a Diamond Gem in your Helmet, to get some extra Cooldown Reduction. Another Option would be the Topaz to get some Magic Find.

Legendary Gem’s (required for Torment):

#1 - Pain Enhancer:
- This Gem will Give you an insane Damage Buff for the build, because it also scales with Physical Damage and proccs from Rain of Vengeance. Try to level up the gem as high as possible.

#2 - Gem of Efficacious Toxin:
- The Poison Gem will deal alot of your Damage aswell and also Buff your overall Damage by 10%. Try to get this atleast to Rank 25 for the 10% Damage Buff.

#3 - Bane of the Powerful:
- This Gem is great because you kill alot of Elites (~2k Elitekills/h), so you have a permanent Uptime of the Buff. - 15% Elite Damage on Rank 25 is another Damage-Boost you want to have.

Paragon Point Priority:
- Core: Cap Movementspeed (at 25%) > Maximum Hatred > Dexterity
- Offense: CritChance > Cooldown Reduction > CritDamage
- Defense: Allres > Armor > %Life > Life Regeneration
- Utility: Resource Cost Reduction > Area Damage > Life per Hit

- The Rotation of your Spells is basically holding down the Vault-Button and pressing Shift+Rain of Vengeance / Fan of Knives to cast it.
- When you are facing Elites or the Rift Guardian you want to use the Companion for the Damage Buff.
- When you are close to run out of Hatred you want to use Preparation / Vengeance.
- Good Timing of your Skills will come with playing the Build yourself.

Q: Why are you playing this Build?
A: The Build is alot of Fun and feels very Rewarding, because you will get alot of Legendarys when Speedrifting.

Q: Why are you not playing M6 Build?
A: The Marauders-6 Set got boring to play.

Q: Do I have to care about Thoughness?
A: Actually, No. You are permanently Vaulting which makes you very flexible and you can react fast to Elite-Affixes. Sometimes you get in a bad spot, but therefore we have the Passive Awareness.

Q: Why are you not playing Torment 6 or GR25+? A: This Build is only for Speedrifting up to Torment 4, because Monsters take to long to kill above and its just not efficient enough anymore.

# Will be adding more upcoming Questions #

If you liked the guide, then check out >>> Desolacers Stream <<< and >>> k1ckd0wNs Stream <<<!
Thread created by Desolacer#2339 & k1ckd0wN#2959