Kranos’s Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter PVE META DPS

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  • Crossbow Shot
  • Multishot
  • Rain of Vengeance
  • Daring Swing
  • Vengeance


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Player Vs Everything Meta DPS Build


Looks like most new set items don;t exist here, here is an updated build


Crossbow Shot - Daring Swing/Multishot/Impale/Vengeance

Hawra’s Weave Under
Hate Sheath
The Excavator
The Hungerer or Puncta Obscura

4pc Urges, 2pc Shaal or Banq(if you use Obscura)

This is the best damage build for DH right now. You use Daring Swing to keep your urges proc up after using Vengeance, so you can keep pushing big damage out.

For Shadow War, swap The Hungerer off for Obscura and you’ll be pushing more damage on the boss. If you use Obscura you can get away with using Banq 2pc as it raises all damage, as opposed to Shaal 2pc which is only raising primary damage.

Also if you have the offhand awakened, then The Hungerer might be better than Puncta for Shadow War. 10% more damage on crossbow shot is more damage than the bleeds



Crossbow Shot - Vengeance/Multishot/Rain of Vengeance/Daring Swing, Strafe Helmet- Murdermost, Vision of the Lost, Hawra’s Heave-Under Hailfire Chest-Heart of Vengeance, Causticity Pants-Ruinous Path, Coff’s Unrelenting Fury MH-Flamespite OH-The Hungerer 4pc Urges, 2pc Shaal 4pc Shaal, 2pc Urges If you use 4pc Urges, Hawra’s Heave-Under will be effective as it can provide an Urges buff, this may prove useful in Shadow Wars since it gives a speed buff. Also use Coff’s Unrelenting Fury with Urges, since you can get more rockets off after activating Vengeance due to the attack speed. If you use Shaal 4pc use Ruinous Path, as it makes everything else like MS burn and RoV do more damage during Vengeance. It’s a choice between burst damage and sustained damage, Urges provides more burst damage, Shaal provides more sustained damage.

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