Spinning Chakram PVP/PVE

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  • Crossbow Shot
  • Multishot
  • Spinning Chakram
  • Vengeance
  • Daring Swing


More Details
  • Legendary Gems

    • Blood-Soaked Jade
    • Seeping Bile
    • Power & Command
    • Bloody Reach
    • Fervent Fang
    • Everlasting Torment

Crossbow Shot attacks faster than Explosive Arrow keeping you more mobile helping to kite.
Multishot has a good spread/damage/chilling effect.
Spinning Chakram is brutal using either Blade Thrower or Shredder Vane- the difference is a stationary Chakram to hold choke points, or a moving Chakram for more ranged options to hit multiple enemies in open world or PVP. Both deal massive damage.
Vengenace does great pure damage that pierces through multiple enemies.
Daring Swing is for primarily evasive purposes.

For sets, Shal'baas is great as it buffs damage, and damage is king with the Demon Hunter. However, personally I've found that Mountebank is nice when kiting and getting cornered in PVP or PVE for a little extra survivability if you get yourself in tricky situations. I know, it's not traditional and that is mostly personal on my part. But, it helps keep me alive while I run away.

Build Guide

You're a Demon Hunter- Damage is king. Kiting and knowing when to get in and out are the key points to this build.

Using Blade Thrower and Shredder Vane allow you to do massive range damage with Spinning Chakram with multiple charges using Shadowstalker's Spaulders. You have the option of equipping an orbiting Chakram hitting many enemies multiple times, or dropping a stationary Chakram for holding choke points - both are brutal in PVP and PVE