Fast AF

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  • Deadly Reach
  • Flying Kick
  • Seven-Sided Strike
  • Shield of Zen
  • Inner Sanctuary


More Details
  • Legendary Gems

    • Seeping Bile
    • Blessing of the Worthy
    • Berserker's Eye
    • Fervent Fang
    • Ca'arsen's Invigoration
    • Everlasting Torment

Shal'bass 4-set effect gives you attack speed and primary attack damage, which will be a good portion of your damage.

Throwing out some Flying Kicks to get a 10% increase damage buff

Use SSS for continual AOE damage, and on single-targets it will still be pretty strong in conjunction with Grace of the Flagellant 2-set effect

Your mobility comes from Shield of Zen

For legendary gems you have

Fervent Fang to increase damage on single-targets

Invigoration for attack speed and damage

Everlasting Torment for critical "agony" effect which can both increase attack speed and kill enemies faster in the AOE

Bile and Blessing for increased AOE effects

And raw damage across them all with Berserker's Eye.

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