Arachyr's Future Changes, Quin's Updated Uliana Guide

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Arachyr's Future Changes

John Yang shared a preview of a small change that we might see for the Arachyr Set in Patch 2.4 Read the tweet below.


Originally Posted by Blizzard (Twitter)

One Question do you plan to let the Arachyr set toads not eat your mobs. I think you already know how annoying this is.
In 2.4, Toad of Hugeness will not eat mobs if you have Arachyr's set equipped.

Quin's Updated Uliana Guide

Quin released a complete and updated Uliana's Monk guide, with all the information he used to clear a GR 72 solo and get rank #1. He also crafted a written guide on our Builds section for those who prefer that. A great compilation for anyone looking to push their Monk to the limits - check them out!





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