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    posted a message on Beta Key Contest
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    posted a message on Inferno Revealed
    What's with the end-game in games these days being just the game, but on a harder difficulty (or similar)? Why can't they add in a real end-game aspect to the game instead of just this recurring copy paste bullshit?

    Same for D2, until the introduced Über D and the pandemonium events, which were/are great IMO.

    I just hope we get a version of the Secret Cow Level. If we don't, I'm afraid I may hurt somebody. Somebody whose name rhymes with May Filson...
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 Press Event Visit
    Oh nice, now I can make money when I play the game. And if I'm good, it can become a full time thing.

    and to those pessimists going on about "why play at all, they let you purchase stuff rather than earn in", just don't use the f'n system. We had the same thing is Diablo II, why let that ruin your D3 experience? Or are you playing for the sole aspect of "I played for hours and found something before you hahahahahahahaha trolololol?" Buncha candy-asses...

    And as for pvp, I do think they should work on it and give it backing. I mean, I know tournaments are going to be set up regardless of official backing or not (assuming you can make your own match and it's not some random bs). Sure, pvpers can buy items, but those are the same items that other people found (no different than Diablo II). You can spend a few bucks to save a few hours from my point of view...

    It's not like they will put Über Epic items on for $500 that are 50x more powerful than you can find in the game... They will be putting items on that you can find in the game yourself, and buying them is purely for convenience.
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    posted a message on The Gem Leveling Process in Diablo III
    Quote from Winged

    I obviously speak for the majority of the Diablo community when I say, Getting a lvl 14 Gem should be very difficult, and reward the player for it. I feel at most, they should let the lvl 6 gems drop, but very rarely. As rare as prefect gems did in D2 would be about right.

    You are dead wrong.

    Let's say you can get 50 lvl 6 gems per hour of play. (which is ridiculous to be honest, the game would be more about picking items up and combining them then anything else) To go from a lvl 6 into 14, you would need 6561 gems. At 50/hour, it would take 131.22 hours of play to get a single gem.

    Now let's go with what you want (you masochist you), "as rare as perfect gems did in D2". What was that then, about 5 perfect per hour of play, depending on what you were doing? You'd need 1312.2 hours just to get one gem. 54.675 days of playing straight (with no sleep, or anything BUT playing D3) for one gem. A full year of playing (again with no sleep, or anything else) would only yield 6.675 gems. Let's add some sleep and other-things time into that, shorten our play time down to 6 hours per day. 218.7 days for 1 gem. Basically, you'd be lucky if you got a gem after playing the game for a year, 6 hours a day.

    That's just not realistic. People would probably kill themselves trying to get the damn thing... Seriously.
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