Last Chance Contest: Win 2 BlizzCon Tickets!

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    Last Chance Contest: Win 2 BlizzCon Tickets!
    You weren't able to buy a BlizzCon ticket? You didn't win a Box from our BlizzCon in a Box contest? You really want to go to BlizzCon, but are already starting to feel desperate?
    We have good news! You have a last minute opportunity to grab not one, but TWO (!) BlizzCon tickets by entering DiabloFans' easiest contest so far!
    And you can try your luck at MMO-Champion's and HearthPwn's contest as well!

    How to Enter and Rules
    • To enter - post a comment under this article letting us know What RoS piece of information posted on DiabloFans got you excited the most?
    • There will be 3 (three) winners selected, each of them will receive 2 (two) BlizzCon tickets
    • Deadline for entries is Saturday, November 2nd at midnight EST
    • Winners will be contacted via PM here and will need to respond with their shipping info within 24 hours
    • Tickets do not include travel and accommodation expenses. Please, do not enter if you aren't able to travel to California.
    • You may only enter once per site. More than one entry on this site will disqualify you
    • You may only win one prize, regardless if you enter on each site

    You can remind yourself the tons of datamined information we dug in the last few months from the following list: Don't miss your chance for a once in a lifetime experience for you and a friend/SO/relative!

    Ha. Bagstone.

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    LOVED the intro video, but the datamined info about class changes, loot 2.0, and new bonuses has gotten me the most excited for a new fun game to play!
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    The most exciting content DiabloFans has posted about RoS was prob all the datamined class changes so far... I know prob will have few more changes because it is under test but man it makes me excited for all the new builds. It seem like everything will be viable to play around with it rather than how it is now. Especially combined with the new items skills effect, I think finding new builds will the best part of RoS.
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    Hmm, hard question because there are so many new stuff in RoS.
    I guess I am most excited about the end-game things like Loot Runs (Nephalem Rifts), since I got a little bored with just regular farming (4 x p100 here :D )... The more game modes the better if you ask me. Just simple farming can't hold your attention for many years.

    And, great giveaway, congratz to winners, I guess Blizzcon will be cool this year !
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    The thought that I can finally kill Adria makes me really, really, happy. Especially after reading Cain's findings and Leah's notes in the Book of Tyrael.The new set of Wizard skills and the Crusader class are very intriguing (can hardly wait to play around with a pyro build). We finally get clan support, Loot 2.0 (smart drops are a godsend), a revamped Paragon system and more end game content which all increase replay-ability. The Mystic is probably one of the biggest highlights for me. Character customization and the ability to re-roll stats is simply amazing.
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    I'm most excited about the Crusader class and loot 2.0
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    I think I got most excited when diablofans posted that first bit of datamined information letting us know a huge amount information when internal testing began.

    We pretty much know most of the stuff we know about RoS thanks to diablofans.

    I probably wont win a Blizzcon ticket knowing my luck, but good luck to all the winners and keep up the good work diablofans.
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    I'm really excited for loot 2.0.
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    I think the loot runs or whatever they end up being called officially. If I had the time I'd grind plenty of hours a day, but with a busy schedule there's nothing like squeezing a 30 min playtime session and get something out of it
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    All the information about the new loot system, and especially the new stat system attached with paragon
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    I think that the information about the change of class skills got me excited, and the fact that we're having a crusader added in as a class
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    I'm really excited for Loot 2.0 and to try out the Crusader. Better looting and a new class to tool around with? Yes, please!
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    Excited for all the new class changes, all the paragon stuff, and the new 2.0 loot!
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    Loot 2.0. I play Diablo (and similar games) for the loot. Diablo 3's loot was not very exciting. Loot 2.0 looks like it should fix that.
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    I'm excited for all the class changes and the new loots
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    Personally, I am stoked about every aspect of RoS. Having a new character and act to explore, amongst the many other features, will provide endless enjoyment. But if I had to choose one, it would be loot 2.0 and all of the new item affixes! In the end, it's all about the loot! Amirite?
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    That's an easy question! The new models ofcourse,each diablo game i was always looking forward to the new models every new expansion. They are looking great new mobs to slay in Ros.Happy hunting xd. and 2 blizzcon tickets! So exciting good luck everyone, Nothing better to start Ros then a trip to blizzcon with your brother!
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    Just new content is pretty awesome. I definitely look forward to the story.
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    This is a tough question but I think for me the one thing I'm most excited about is the 2.0 loot. Really looking forward to how they will be redoing all the stats on pieces of gear. But also having new content is just plain awesome! :D
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    I am MOST excited about the class changes and hopefully the balancing of the classes... I really dont like using the barb for the fastest farming because of WW/HOTA, and hopefully with the x-pac they will make it even across the board for every class
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