Closed Beta Players - "One of the Chosen" Feat of Strength

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    Happy days!
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    that is some serious BULL. a feat of strength is one thing, but awarding people with a sigil based upon random draw where (probably) millions of people never got in? i was opted in, i entered a ton of contests, and never got in. thats LLAAMMEE!

    should be the opposite. people who did the open beta should be awarded something for participating, because there was no limit who could play. it wasnt based on some rinky dink 'if your lucky' system
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    As someone who was in the beta, I'm really surprised that they did this. A feat of strength I can understand, side it's nothing really special. It just shows you had the beta. But a sigil is something visual that everyone can see. It should be something you earn, that everyone has access to, or were able to have access to.

    Getting something by random chance doesn't sit well with me. It should be everyone who wanted the beta, or some other criteria that shows you as a dedicated fan.
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    always the same bs from blizz
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    yay.. this is really nice :D
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    I like when its small, neat, entirely cosmetic things that not everybody have.

    Back when I played WoW I had a Gurky (pink murloc pet) that very few had in Europe. Of the 148 pets I had, it was the only one i cared about. Maybe this sigil will be the same
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    This is one of those "feat of strengths" that will mean nothing once the real game comes out and no one thinks about the beta ever again.
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    Wow, i was in the beta, and i greatly oppose this. It's actually completely fucking terrible/dumb. For one, it's based on complete LUCK, so you're just screwing people out of this who weren't as lucky. Wasn't getting into the beta and playing it reward enough? Sure, in theory, they're "testers", and as such they could be rewarded for "working" for Blizzard to test the game. But let's face it, it's a game, people were PLAYING this game, people were LUCKY to get into this beta, the fact that i got into the beta was lucky enough, there's really no need to get anything post-release that others can't get.

    Dumb move indeed.
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    Quote from scwormy

    lame....I think you should have needed to have obtained Betamax or above in order to get the achievement.
    Someone who was randomly selected but didn't participate gets the reward?

    What's next....the banner for "purchasing the game" (although I guess that's the one way to get a banner anyway).

    I'm glad they didn't require it. Because the only reason I did not obtain Betamax was because once I found out it would not carry over, I knew it would have been a waste of time.

    Besides, there will be way cooler banners attainable in the game. This is a gimmick to appease some of the people who wanted something to carry over. Not a big deal either way.
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    It's funny how many people are pissed about this. I'm positive there will be plenty more feats of strength based purely off luck.
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    Happy :D
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    Quote from Ryude

    Yay for elitism!

    More like yay for retarded luck and selective beta invites.

    Really fuck off man. This is beyond lame.
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    achivements given for participating is shit. Call it a feat of strength but this is kinda stupid (I had beta acces) and when I played wow I only really cared for server first achivmemts so all this really does is maybe annoy a few people they couldn't get it and the people in beta prob didn't care
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    A lot of people won their keys in competitions? Sure, a lot of winning them is down to luck but you still have to participate. I'm glad that we're receiving an extra reward.

    I don't know why people are so hot and bothered about it, there will be LOADS more feats of strength and probably another sigil to go with each one.
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    Oh my with all the class sigils, the beta sigil and the CE stuff. Theres sure going to be elitists around :D
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    i did get the max out of the beta..all chars at lvl 13 and all the other achivments in the beta :) cheer for the feat of strength !! :P
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    NICE! too bad they don't have a image of the sigil. Wondering what it looks like! :)
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    cool :)
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