Diablo's Anniversary, South Korea Rating, Lashing Tail Kick Runed

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    UPDATE: Xago posted a quick video showing a few seconds of new cinematic from the anniversary video.
    UPDATE2: It seems the following parts in the video below have now been edited out on the live page.

    Diablo's 15 Year Anniversary Page Up
    "A little fun" page was added to the Diablo 3 website. Here we get a overview of which each diablo game brought us, a timeline of all the diablo events, as well as three videos, enjoy!

    All Hell breaks loose...
    was one of the original advertising slogans for Diablo, and to this day it feels appropriately prophetic. When we unleashed Diablo at the end of 1996, we were proud of the game and eager to share it with anyone willing to delve into the deepest, darkest dungeons on a quest to destroy a legendary evil.

    The series is now 15 years old, and it’s changed and grown in a number of ways, some of which we couldn’t have possibly anticipated when we started work on our first action-RPG. Diablo’s continued legacy is due, first and foremost, to a great community that embraced the series’ unique brand of multiplayer gaming -- a community that continues to find ways to coax more secrets and power out of the world of Sanctuary.

    South Korea Rating and Bashiok on Delay
    Another mark in this hot topic hit today. First it looks like the rating for D3 in South Korea has not been decided and now looks like we will not know until Friday the 6th (www.dualshockers.com). However once again Bashiok has come out and said this means nothing and you really shouldn't care if it gets a rating soon or not, as it will not effect a release date in any shape.

    Official Blizzard Quote:

    This can only end in disappointment. When a final decision is rendered and game still isn't released, finally people will realize the two weren't linked, as stated. But then the game still won't be out, so still no one is happy. I suppose those are just the ups and downs you have to expect when following something so closely.

    If you’re following the endless saga of the rating of Diablo III in South Korea, you were probably expecting a result by today. Or maybe, based on previous experience, you were expecting it not to happen at all.

    In fact it didn’t happen. The decision by the local Game Rating Board about the controversial (at least in Korea) game by Blizzard was postponed, and the next meeting will happen on Friday the 6th, marking the third delay for the official certification of Diablo III in the extremely profitable Asian market.

    Officials of the Game Rating Board commented that at this point the final outcome of this troubled situation is still unknown.

    Considering that the average waiting time for a game’s certification in South Korea is inferior to 15 days and Diablo III’s case has gone way over that timeframe, things seem to be taking a grim turn.

    Will we be able to see a final decision by Friday? I guess all we can do is waiting for the next episode of the saga.

    Monk - Lashing Tail Kick Runed
    Today we have the Monk's DiabloWiki.com - Lashing Tail Kick Lashing Tail Kick spell runed. Please keep in mind that this was made using what is available at this time, and may be missing some effects or graphics. What you see here does not 100% reflect what we may see live. PS: give Dokaroth a big hug, he was a massive help in getting these videos to you guys.

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    TBH I would rather get a new wallpaper.
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    TBH I would rather get a new wallpaper.
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    TBH I would rather get a new wallpaper.
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    We understand, you dont need to post same message 3 times :)
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    Is something wrong with the comments? My comment just got repeated two times and I can't edit/delete them (but this one I can).

    If someone can delete them (and this one as well), please do it.
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    They forgot about the Monk introduction at Blizzcon 2009!
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    That's all I gotta say
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    Ehmmm...Well,if Diablo hasn't a wife (who apparently hasn't) then...Who's the Diablo-like lady in the Retrospective video..? Any clues? ;)
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    The gap in time is too great I tell you. Also did the lashing tail kick runed effects seem kinda meh for the most part?

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    no they seem kinda rocken! the skill is totally changed in over half the runes (3/5 =P) its one of the better.
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    Like watching Lost all over again going OMG WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN, THIS WILL BE BIG and then .. "Meh"
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    Quote from akainu

    The gap in time is too great I tell you. Also did the lashing tail kick runed effects seem kinda meh for the most part?

    Yes. Don't like the tornado coming out of it and don't like that the enemy gets hit before his roundhouse kick is near him..
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    It's nice to see the skill videos. Any chance of doing one for Sweeping Wind?
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    Hahaha I feel you man.Well,tbh I didn't expect to much animation on the kick..It's a kick in the very far end! :P But we can w8 and see if they compensate us with other Monk abilities.
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    So THIS is what was delaying the game all along...
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    There's new awesome D3 cinematic footage towards end of first video...
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    The retrospective -had- new Diablo 3 cinematic footage of a random angel, Tyrael and Diablo! But when I went back to watch it again about 5 minutes later to take screenshots the clips are gone! It looks like Blizzard made a mistake and replaced the video! NOO.

    Did anyone get screenshots of the new CG? I'm sad now :/
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    yes another user posted 1 sec PS: Thats not "some random angel =/

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    Just watched the retrospective and now I am screaming, "I can haz game now?" Seeing a few frames from other cinematics including Imperius and female-looking Diablo makes me want to go to California and bang on Blizzard's front door for the game.
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