Got the TL2 beta, anyone else want to play?

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    To hold me over until D3, I want to play TL2 beta. It's a bit boring after a full playthrough, unlike D3. If I had someone to play with I could probably have fun though.
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    I watched a bunch of TL2 streams of the beta - I'll be honest and say - this may be the Diablo 3 Fanboy in me - however:

    I was shocked how underwhelmed I was. I loved TL - and I've been looking forward to TL2 (though with D3 out, I'm not sure when I'll get around to buying it.. never? Sometime? When Bnet is down I guess) but it just felt off.

    Somthing about the camera.. or the coloring..

    Any way, still very excited for Torchlight - you can't complain for $20 and I'm sure it will be amazing in its own way.. Its just.. yaaa Diablo 3.. 1 Day away.. 1!
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    It's not that bad tbh, it's priced accordingly. You get about 1/3 the game of d3, you pay 1/3 the price.
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