D3 Setback Opens Door for TL2

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    Regardless of whether you think TL2 will suck or not, I think D3's new release date for Q1 of 2012 opens the door for TL2 to really build its community, assuming Torchlight 2 will still be released before the year's end.

    Torchlight 2 has stated already that they're slated for a release before the end of 2011, which until a couple days ago, was in competition with Diablo 3's release. But I think D3's setback will now give TL2 the advantage of more people buying their game and investing time into it. Whereas before, I thought I would buy D3 and then maybe get TL2 on the side to see how it was, I'll have the opportunity to get TL2 first and play it in the meantime before D3's release.

    What do you think? Did Blizzard just inadvertently throw TL2 a bone by pushing back their release date?
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    You are absolutely right about this opening a door for TL2. The game actually stands a chance now wooo. I was originally not going to touch TL2 but with the delay I'm sure I'll play it ... at least until D3 hits ;) I don't think Blizzard was throwing Runic a bone I think they're developing it for consoles. I heard this conspiracy somewhere and it seems completely possible, which pisses me off tbh.

    When does TL2 beta start? :S
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    I totally agree with you...

    I am sure Blizzard will lose some sales due to that...

    Of course Diablo 3 OWNs TL ... BUT... that is my opinion only...
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    I read somewhere that TL2 was due for October 2011, but looking into it a bit more it seems like it's still TBA. TL2 looks very nice though, the first game was fun but the environment and enemies too repetitive, but the sequal seems to remedy that. I hope it wont be too long until it's released, because I need something to keep me going until D3 is released!
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    looks like TL2 has been pushed back to 2012 officially now. So much for getting the jump on D3. I know for me, if D3 is out first, TL2 will take a back seat to D3 for quite some time. I'll probably end up getting TL2 same way i got TL 1, via a steam sale for about 5 bucks or less whenever that happens. Shame, since if it came out first i would have gladly payed full price, but i can't see paying full price when D3 will have me (hopefully) entertained for a nice long time.
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