Favorite Diablo 1 Spells =3

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    Obviously chain lightning is one of the best spells. But it can easily become useless when you're in Hell. Almost everything there is either immune to fire or lighting. So you need to have a nice alternative spell to chain lightning eventually.

    Guardian is really cool. I think it looks better in D1 than in D2. It's more photo realistic. This spell isn't very effective though unless you get it as highly upgraded as possible. But having a shitload of them firing all over the place can totally mop up some monsters.

    I like Elemental, even though it was practically useless. It simply looked really cool. Golem was a fun spell, even though the programming of those guys made them pretty frustrating to control.

    Detect Traps was by far the best spell in all the game. Just kidding. That spell sucked ass.

    Aye even is the catacombs there are things heavily resistant to lightning. But for things that aren't immune to it it's great.

    Agree about guardian. Helps for shooting things round corners too!

    And detect traps was a passive rogue skill, dissarm traps was the actual rogue skill. being able to detact traps is pretty handy really. before I got mana shield my mage died twice to nova traps >.
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    My fav are defenitly Infravision and Blood Star, it's pretty cool when you can see the horde of monsters that's behid the door you're about to open.
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    I always wondered if the D1 spells that had red in the icon like Bone Spirit and Blood Star had some kind of special properties.
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    Quote from "Siaynoq" »
    In more ways than not it is better. And many younger members of the forums have yet to actually play D1. Many that do usually just complain about how you can't run. But I digress.

    Well, I played Diablo 1 back in the day and I still fondly remember how much harder it was than Diablo 2, but even I complain about how you can't run. So then I have to get hellfire to run in town, but that expansion just sucks ass, so everytime I try to get back into the game the not running annoys the fuck outta me :(
    But then once I'm into the game, like at the Caves level again, I don't even notice anymore.
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    Quote from "Siaynoq" »
    I always wondered if the D1 spells that had red in the icon like Bone Spirit and Blood Star had some kind of special properties.

    That's cause they cost you some life as well as mana.
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    d1 bonespirit sucks, tooltip says 1/3 of target life, yet there are dudes that resist magic and without being able to check their current hp, u can never tell, maybe uve only done 1/10th of their total hp and u wont know =/, worst thing is that it wont work on diablo (like stonecurse)

    favourite spell is probably golem + stonecurse, turn them into stone and watch ur mud buddy smash them into pebbles
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    Apoc :P


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    Well IT doesnet matter if you cant run the gam e was fast paced anyway so you really didnt notice it unless you were exploring an almost cleared level. (I really never cared its totally awesome) but to be on topic my favorite spells were infravision. I loved finding those scrolls. I also loved Chain lightning it comes in handy when your surrounded and just shoots streaks of lightning from all around you that was awesome! Fire wall was a nice spell as well in case you were in a tight situation. Man I love Diablo1>Diablo2 o_O lol
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    fire ball, chain lightning, mana shield (can't be a sorcerer without it:))
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    Stone Curse.

    And really D1>D2 by far.
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    Flame Wave, FTW
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    My favourite spell is fire wall. This cast makes so much fun and it is very strong in my oppinion. Chain Lightning is a nice spell too.
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    I really like Mana Shield, for I don't like dieing. Chain Lightning feels the most powerful spell, I was pretty sad to see that compared to my previous warrior. And then, for coolness, I have to vote Elemental. It's hilarious to watch those little fire dudes run havoc all over the place and hear them score kills when you consider them long gone :)
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    Lol, nice necro. Anyways - Stone Curse and Golem + my lovely stick = pwnage over double immunes
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    Guardian was the most useful fire spell. The graphics were more realistic in D1 than D2, and the spell was just more powerful than Hydra in D2. You could easily unleash a slew of level 15 guardians to take out the hardest enemies in hell (non fire-immune that is). But your Hydra in D2 would need tons of extra enhancements if it was going to do any realistic amount of damage.

    Of course with the immunities, you could not just rely on a fire spell. Chain lightning was possibly the no brainer pick of the lightning spells. In Diablo 1, you may recall the enemies called "hidden" or "unseen". They were invisible much of the time and impossible to see coming, but chain lightning could find them regardless. Unleashing chain lightning in a room full of mobs was a quick way to clear it.

    Come to think of it, I dont know why I always played as the warrior, because he could never clear enemies nearly as quickly.
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    I usually used Fireball which indeed owned all mobs which are not Fire Immune. Can't say much about Guardian for efficiency as to Fireball ( I remember I wasn't really fond of it but who knows it was some time ago ). Chain Light was really imba aswell, the whole Mage class was too easy at mid-late point. Mana Shield making you immortal, teleporting where you please and clearing everything with a couple of clicks, ouch. Then, there was the Rogue and finally the Warrior which was getting kinda pwned on Hell mode. : (
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