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    Everyone has his own moment with the Butcher...
    We all remomeber him - becouse this very first level was a mess of flesh and bones al around him.
    This is true Diablo atmosphere , and if they succeed to rebuild scary atmosphere of "no escape" and "you are all alone there" - D3 will become great succeeder to Diablo series.

    hmm ... I shall start it again tommorow, to see - if i still love it ... or the feeling is gone.
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    Well I was prepared for Butcher the first time i fhought him, carrying a large axe, leather armor and full potions to aid me, i also had high dex in order to be accurate, so i managed to knock him back after 10-15 blows with my axe.
    The axe he drops is decent for a few levels but its underwhelmed by the durability
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    For me it was the first barrel that I opened as I endered the first level and out came a unique ring. I think it was called the 'constricting ring' or some such, max resist but constantly loses life, and me thinking 'what?, what the hell is the point of that???' oh, and realising you can kill the butcher by hiding on the other side of a barred wall and shooting arrows at him for twenty minutes.

    Best bit for me was spamming 'I sense a soul in search of answers' to irratate my friends. I was very annoying in my youth!
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    It's definately the Butcher. Mind you I was about 9 years old back in 96-97. I bought the game after seeing an add in the Wc2 jewel case, thinking it was an RTS with undead and stuff! Scared the crap out of me that I had to wander all alone deeper and deeper into hell.

    Also - the soundtrack!
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    The Butcher is probably the second most famous boss in the series, being beaten out only by Diablo because his names the bloody title.
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    Music was amazing. Traveling down level after level till having to deal with all those lazarus cronies to open switches.
    Getting to Diablo in D2 felt a lot simpler and easier than the first.

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    I started playing diablo (1) at a local internet café here in Malmö (sweden) when I was about 11 years old. The owners of the internet café showed me this awesome new game. I remember seeing one of them play in caves spamming guardians and stuff. Complete chaos but still creepy. I created my first warrior named Warlord (I think) after one of the songs from the first Command & Conquer. Anyway, I soon bought the game, and was hooked!

    I remember having to upgrade from 8mb Ram to 32mb ram in order to play diablo 1 on b.net :)
    I also remember my brother terrorizing me for staying indoors playing diablo all day long, but that's a whole other story :P
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    oh geez
    it was about 2 weeks after D1 launched. My cousin had it and I stayed up 45 hours stright playing it non stop. wow that was the first time I played a game that long . crazy but god it was a blast!!! after that I had to get a computer and the game
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    my first game was Redneck Rampage on my very own PC .... :D
    I play D1 just before D2 is released ...
    my neighborhood has D1 send from his uncle from Canada, but at the time when i played Redneck Rampage - i found D1 for stuped game ...
    differnet times, differnt thinking
    A knight is sworn to valor.
    His heart knows only virtue.
    His blade defends the helpless.
    His might upholds the weak.
    His word speaks only truth.
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    Most memorable...

    Mine would be the subtle differences between the (I think) apha version and the release.

    During the mid 90s, I purchased a magazine for the sole fact that it had a demo disc with an early version of Diablo on it. I played the absolute buggary about of that demo...

    Anyway, by the time the release was made I was so adjusted to the aspects/characteristics of the demo game I had previously played so vigorously. I noticed little differences between the 2. Firstily, the voice of Griswold in the demo sounds like a demon (anyone who has heard this will verify it). In the release, this voice was replaced with the light hearted "Wow, what can I do for ya?" attitude.
    Secondly, a few of the graphics on the weapons was changed - like the Falchion. I think the graphic for the Falchion used in the apha, returns as a unique in the relase.
    Thirdly, I'm pretty certain that there was a Identify spellbook in the alpha version.
    There are other differences but I cant remember any more at the moment.

    Not really related to the gameplay, but that is memorable to me.

    Although, with regard to the actual game itself, my most memorable moments:
    * punching the Butcher to death after restarting the game on normal after finishing it - which I think, was very much justified after he handed my ass to me many times the first time round.
    * getting that 3rd tier armour with a warrior, then wielding an axe.
    * Firewall/Flamewave in the Chamber of Bone.
    * The fact that not all quests would be available each time you played.
    * Thinking my character was tougher than his/her stats indicated and skipping levels - usually resulting in my demise.
    * Walking 500 miles to get a mana potion.
    * Going back through the TP before checking the inventory for another one.

    Best.Game.Ever (subjective up wazoo I know, but I would rather play Diablo that 90% of the newer games on the market now)

    Diablo ftw!
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    My favorite part about D1 was getting so deep into the game, the rest of the world seem to fade away. I was digging through the dugeons searching this cursed pit for loot and experiance... I think between this and D2 is the most I've ever got involved in a game.
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    Definitely when the warrior says "I gotta get rid of some of this crap!" Oh wonderful loot overload :)
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    the hobo in tristrum!
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    I remeber my brother trying to make the butcher follow you into a small prison cell thing and when he was inside we would go out and close the door. He was inside and we were outside shooting him with a bow through the wall. Fun times....

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    Hearing that opening guitar strum. Just reminds me of easier times (I was like 12ish) when the friend who got me hooked on Diablo was still a good guy. I hear that chord and its almost like time travel..... And the butcher :P
    Good thing Hell doesn't know when to give up..... I was getting bored!!!
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    Definitely Wirt.

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    When i first realized the entire game was in the church made me happy for some reason. The town drunk was awsome too.

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    I'm having a gigantic smile reading all these posts and I agree with most of them. I think these are the memories that stand out most to me:

    - Entering the church for the very first time and getting creeped out by the zombies.
    - Discovering Wirt only after having played through the Church and the Catacombs.
    - Having a dream about Diablo where monsters invaded the town... Only to, years later, discover this dream came true in D2.
    - Opening the door of the Butcher for the very first time: *ssss..creeeeeeeeaaaaa* "AH! FRESH MEAT!", and subsequently getting killed in seconds.
    - Being more and more scared and fucking loving it the closer I came to Diablo.
    - Killing Beastmen (Minotaurs, were they called?), Dark Knights, Vipers,..And whatever else had that incredibly perfect gruesome death animation and sound.

    ... I could go on and on, but these are the most important from what I can think of now.
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    honostly i played d2, beat d2, and started the expansion before i even touched d1. coulnt handle it. friends thought it was great. i couldnt take walking every where :( it was horrible
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    Quote from "Jas" »
    Most memorable...

    * Walking 500 miles to get a mana potion.
    * Going back through the TP before checking the inventory for another one.

    Best.Game.Ever (subjective up wazoo I know, but I would rather play Diablo that 90% of the newer games on the market now)

    Diablo ftw!

    lol that's so true!

    This was the first pc game i played when i first got my computer on the internet. My first experience wasn't that satisfying because i had AOL :(.
    So, later when I got DSL, the MOST memorable thing was when i was in the caves hearing the music. The part in the song when the girl screamed scared the shit out of me! I TP'd outa there IMMEDIATELY!
    Also, I remember when i entered a tp into level 16 that someone else opened. Diablo was behind that portal. I was awe struck with how scary and strong diablo was. I haven't even beaten catacombs yet.

    I also remember how i defeated that one quest with the demons that stole the tavern sign. I had a scroll of lightning and scroll of flash and i thought"Oh yeah i could beat them with this!"(although i didn't know what those spell did yet). So when i gave the tavern sign to the little demon, a whole mass of those things came out! I rapidlyy used my 2 scrolls and i wasn't aiming with them so i killed 2. (I used flash when no monsters were near me O_o)
    But then i ran out the door to the other side. To my surprised, only 1 can fit through at a time! So, thats how i figured out the door trick :)

    My favorate character was the rogue. The most memorable moent for that is when i saw another rogue shotting fire arrows! I was like "cooooooool! how'd u do that!" and so she gave me another bow which was... i think fame dart.
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