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    posted a message on Which Macbook to choose for D3?
    Has anyone been able to play the beta with a Macbook on the highest settings with a good frame rate (40-60fps)? If so which model/specs are you using?

    Also, not looking for a MAC vs PC thread or laptop vs desktop.
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    posted a message on Do you want some sort of rank for your pvp?
    I've actually thought of creating a PvP league website. But before I start anything I want to wait and see whats the general direction Blizzard takes with PvP. When WoW came out PvP was not as important. Now look at what they have done with it. When WoW first came out they would have said stuff like this isn't an e-sport... I don't want to spend a ton of time and have them implement the same thing or something better.

    But anyway, simple idea would be to allow users to register teams. You could set your status to "Looking for match" it would match 2 comparable teams based on a rating system and both teams would PvP. After the fight both teams would respond back to the site to say if they won or loss. The site could also host it's own tournaments.

    Anyone interested?

    If you know how to program using Ruby on Rails, have design experience, or want to help in other ways get in touch with me. I have both programming and design experience so I could essentially do this by myself but I wouldn't mind help. Maybe turning this into an open source project which could be used for other games.
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    posted a message on Spell dps vs weapon dps unbalanced?
    Quote from Kickin_It

    Weapon speed affects casting speed. Read this.

    I understand that weapon speed affects cast speed. That would work on something like magic missiles. I'm questioning channeling spells. Something like Ray of Frost where it says

    "275% weapon damage per second"

    It seems like a spell like Ray of Frost can benefit from weapon speed/cast rate. Same goes for whirlwind for the barbarian.

    "44% weapon damage every 0.40 seconds"

    Weapon speed cannot benefit a skill like this. For skills like these, you need to grab the heaviest hitter you can find.
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    posted a message on Spell dps vs weapon dps unbalanced?
    So I guess Barbarian is looking to be faster dps 1 target and Wizard would be better AoE.
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    posted a message on Spell dps vs weapon dps unbalanced?
    Tell be if I'm wrong but if a Barbarian were to use Bash, it would activate every weapon hit. If you have a 2 attack per second weapon, the barbarian will use Bash every .5 seconds.

    On the other hand the Wizard's most damaging spells are channelling. Ray of Frost says it only does weapon damage per second.

    So the Barbarian can increase his damage by getting a faster weapon but the Wizard is stuck at a per second rate? Do I understand this? The Wizard seems to be seriously underpowered damage wise. Someone please explain.
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    posted a message on Best farming class on release?
    A team of 4 people. MF doesn't change if you have 4 people, and everyone gets their own drops.
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    posted a message on PvP - LMS or TDM
    Quote from Conax

    With LMS im sure there would be a ranking system and that would add to more exciting PvPing.

    How can you even make that statement. There are many games with respawn that have ranking.

    Also, did you ever PvP in Diablo 2. TDM is pretty much the exact same thing. You would die in D2, respawn immediately, collect your body and start fighting. Collecting your body in Diablo 2 could be comparable to the few second respawn timer in Diablo 3.
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    posted a message on Quite a few new members.
    Quote from ScyberDragon

    Considering we are a fansite for a game that isn't out yet, the closer we get and then release, we will see more and more new members.

    Some people around here still consider me a "new" member. Especially those members who were a part of this site before announcement and before the name change b

    you must be new here.
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    posted a message on How do you feel about only 4 people in party?
    I think its a good number. If it was 5 people would be like, alright 1 of each class. With 4 you have to make harder decisions.
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    posted a message on Quadcore optimization...a dream?
    That would be resources poorly spent. Although quad core is starting to become main stream, it's only really entering the market with a small percentile. Dual core still has the greatest market share and I believe it will stay that way for a few more years.

    Also, no need to show 50 monsters on screen at once.
    Also, games can be optimized for dual core to show 50 monsters.
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    posted a message on What will it take to get blizzard to add more options for PVP?
    WoW is pay to play, which warrants regular updates.
    Diablo 3 isn't. I'm wondering how this will determine their update schedule. Are they going to add stuff after launch or will all the new stuff only be in an expansion a year later.
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    posted a message on Why should it be easy to get the lvl 7 rune you want?
    It would be interesting if everytime you got a rune wiped, you lost a lvl. Got a lvl 6 rune that was stupid? Wipe it, try again and now its a lvl 5.
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    posted a message on There IS a PvP Rating Matchmaking System in D3
    Quote from TitanREW

    "over my dead body" jay Wilson.

    jay just sucks at pvp and doesn't want to show the world how bad he is.

    also, i lol'd at you sig.
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    posted a message on The August 1st Reveal
    The goggles, they do nothing.

    Font colors are painful, but good job putting this together.
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    posted a message on PvP vs Real money for virtual goods.
    Quote from Seluhir

    Quote from ShadowGoat

    Quote from proletaria

    I've bought currency (and sold it later for a net profit) in several games. It's never made me rich, but it has enhanced my gaming experience more so that WoW pvp ever did.

    Titles that legitimize this process create a market nuiance for the game that's both fun and actually promotes the healthy growth of the game economy (without illicit outside companies holding all the chips).

    Broad sweeps of pvp development aren't in the cards, nor are they related to the RMAH, but you probably knew that already (at least I really hope so) and posted this to stir the pot. Consider the troll-bait taken.

    I'm not trying to troll. It's a waste of everyones time.

    My only point in how the RMAH and PvP is related is that they are developed from the same resource. The Diablo 3 development team. My point in the linked post is saying that Blizzard is spending their development resources on a smaller niche (people who pay real money for items). Some counter arguments were that the PvP community is smaller than people who pay real money for virtual goods.

    This poll is only to judge which group was larger.

    A question I have for you... would you want the same programmers and development minds going towards pvp that work on systems like an auction house???

    I don't think you would. They'd be handled by completely different parts of the team. It's like the people in WoW who complain that there aren't more pvp balance changes when they see a bunch of art fixes go in... they're NOT THE SAME PEOPLE who would be working on it. Got it? NOT AT ALL THE SAME PEOPLE.

    Completely invalid poll here... such a silly poll. In fact it's SUCH a silly poll that I'm tempted to vote for the RMAH just to tilt it AWAY From pvp since it's pretty obvious you only care about pvp and the point of this is to somehow prove that pvp is more desired than an RMAH through the most reliable of sources: the internet poll.

    Really, thats your response... I guess I'll just disregard your vote because you confessed yours will be bogus.

    Speaking as a developer... a lot of developers don't begin a project knowing exactly what to do. It's called brainstorming and teamwork. Blizzard would have assigned a few people to PvP telling them to spend all of their brain cycles on this topic. Make sure you find flaws and ways to improve the game. The would have also done this with the team that developed the auction house.

    People don't get hired with a resume that says "10 years of professional experience developing virtual auction houses".

    I feel like a broken record repeating my point every time someone responds like this...
    ALL I AM TRYING TO SAY IS.... There is a bigger community that doesn't want Blizzard to make the Diablo 3 PvP casual. There is a bigger community that wants Blizzard to keep the Diablo 3 PvP open. IM NOT TALKING ABOUT BLIZZARD MAKING ANOTHER ESPORT. Why FORCE casual PvP just so, and I quote, "people aren't confused about what type of game Diablo 3 is". Why are they denying this bigger community want they want while giving a smaller community a means to buy virtual items with real currency. Again, I'm not against the RM AH. I repeat I AM NOT AGAINST THE RM AH. All I am saying is there are better places to spend development resources. I.E. Why not finish the rune system an release the RM AH after launch.
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